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Costa Rica's Caribbean

Are you in Bluefields or Corn Island? I know people from there who live here because they can make more money. They tell me it is beautiful there. I really want to go visit some time.

Theft is the major crime on Costa Rica's Caribbean side. Where you have poverty you have theft. It happens all over Central America. I always say that if anything - anything - is left vulnerable it will be stolen. Homes must be occupied and fortified so no one can break in. People must be informed. I made and distributed a poster to help keep tourists safe. The locals (business owners, residents, citizens, expats... many people) have a Facebook page where we keep track of crime, report it, make sure denuncias are filed, help the victims and work on crime prevention. If we choose to live here we choose to live with the good and the bad. It is best to do what we can to help solve problems and make things better.

That being said, I still love living here!


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