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Hi Carolyn,
      Nice to hear from you, I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit to Costa Rica. To answer your questions: I have been to quite a few places in Costa Rica but the Caribbean is my favorite and my area of expertise. I have lived in the Puerto Viejo area for over four years. I really love it here. Our weather patterns are different from the rest of the country. Rainy season here usually starts around now but we have still had quite a bit of sun, lately. The Pacific side is coming to the end of their rainy season, yet the rains are still rampant in that part of the country and throughout the Central Valley as well. For that reason my suggestion would be to come to the Caribbean side.
      There have been cases of Dengue in this area but none that I have heard of lately. The last six months have been drier than usual and dengue is carried by mosquitoes, which hatch in standing water. If you stay in a place that has screened windows or mosquito nets on the beds and you use repellant, you should be fine.
      Take a look at my website: All your questions are answered there. I have several good posts on crime in Costa Rica. I also discuss other parts of Costa Rica besides the Caribbean and even several trips I've made to Panama. Pura Vida!


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