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Hi Mark, you certainly have a lot on your mind today.  I agree that the taxes and fines in Costa Rica can be rather excessive.  As for Ron Paul, I do support his push for transparency of, and probably elimination of, the fed.  However, he seems to make things out to be too black and white. I do admire some things Bachmann has said also; she has accurately identified the government as crony capitalism, "gangster" government and I was glad to hear in the recent debate when she raised the point that some parents she had talked to asked her to stop the government from giving money to their kids (food stamps I think was the specific program she mentioned but maybe assistance in general).  I am impressed with Huntsman and Cain also.  While I would obviously support any one of them over the status quo, I'm more queezy with Romney and Perry as they seem to be overconfident.  In any case, my sense is that there is still another candidate who will emerge later.


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