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Your few reasons apparently ran out at two............having said that, I gotta ask: where, exactly are you writing from? Because it is hard to believe that you might actually be here in Costa Rica, because you don't appear to have an accurate picture of what is going on down here.

Yes, the government did pass a luxury home tax, designed to provide money to build housing for the poor. No, it is not aimed directly at Gringos, because a number of Ticos got caught up in this, as well. As for actual taxes collected, they started very low, and have gone down from there. There has been at least one news report that some housing has been created for the poor, out of this tax. The reality is that this tax really affects a very few people, because few of us can afford to build or own houses as expensive as the ones for which the tax was designed.

Yes, traffic fines are exorbitant, but if this is a worry for one, then all one has to do is obey the posted speed limits.....and, yes, they have just this past week instituted the use of traffic cameras, and they report that they have already added up millions of Colones in potential fines.........but, they have yet to collect one single Colon..........who knows what will happen when the tickets start to go out in the mail..............

You seem to be unaware that one of the major problems in this country is that nobody pays taxes...........
There is a lot wrong here, but you have chosen to talk about two rather insignificant problems, and are ignoring the real ones............too bad.


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