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don't live there anymore

didn't run out with only two things wrong, have already posted many more reasons not to move there. the post stated a few more reasons. Two new reasons they just passed so that's what I posted.. you state I don't appear to have a accurate picture of whats going on down there. humm funny becasue then you turn around and state that the two things I posted about were TRUE.

LUXURY HOME TAX.. is what it states for luxury homes, so yes if your living in a 80k box it doesn't apply to you, and yes there are a few ticos that live in high end luxury homes, but this law will effect more gringos that are use to living in 250k homes or more. The fact that many people there don't pay their taxes, has no meaning on the fact that you will be charged with those taxes and sooner then later they will start to enforce those laws and make you pay them.

speed fines. you agree are exorbitant, but then you state just don't speed.. I agree with you on that one, don't break the law and you have no problems. of course there you can be sitting at a red light and a cop pull you over and charge you for being gringo. these higher fines, only make them ask for more money to let you go. again you have a fine mailed to you,, if you don't pay it, then that's up to you.

the days of sliding on paying taxes and fines are over, they need the money and they are going to start getting it one way or the other. If they are faced with losing a home or a car they will pony up and pay the fines and taxes.


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