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Going to Nicaragua Solo

ORIGINALLY I had NEVER wanted to go to Nicaragua for my visa runs (or any reason) because I bought into the fear of Nicaragua as well as the LONG lines at the border MANY shared. When we first did it (it was ONLY because the Panama Sixiola Bridge was closed because of flooding - 3 years ago this TODAY actually!!) - we were 5 & it was nice to have everyone there.

We took the Deldu bus that dropped us off at the Costa Rica border, walked right up to the window (NO ONE else was in line), walked right over & did the Nicaraguan check in & we entered the Frontera in 30 MINUTES!!

What day (I've found Tues. & Wed. are the BEST every time I've done it) & the time of year (stay AWAY from around Dec. 16-Jan 6 this year as well as Mother's Day & Independence Day & Christmas-Easter [when all the snowbirds are visiting] - especially February [the busiest month]) you cross the border makes a BIG difference with your experience.

The Bus has ALWAYS been a BREEZE. TransNica & TicaBus & one other (my mind is blanking) take you across the boarder & even take care of everything on the Nicaraguan side so it's easier if it's your first time - BUT - it can take an hour longer (since everyone on the bus needs to clear before you can go.

I feel SAFER in NICARAGUA than I do in MANY areas in CR!!!

English is not as common in more rural areas but I get by fine!!

I LOVE traveling by myself!!! I've been doing it for over 30 years with NO negative experiences!!! Some BIG +s of traveling solo is because you don't really know a person till ya travel with them!! Even your best friend or spouse can become TOTALLY different people when traveling (which their "go with the flow" side comes out [or doesn't]!!) BUT - ESPECIALLY because, based on MY experience, when I'm with another person/others, new people RARELY will approach me as they don't want to interfere. What missed opportunities!!

MY experience is what we fear we attract/create often & for me, the world IS a SAFE space - IF you choose to TRULY believe it!!!

I LOVE spending time with myself & knowing I have a CHOICE when I want to be social & I find traveling solo is WAYYYY MORE conducive to meeting new people & to ME - that's part of the FUNNNNN of traveling - meeting/experiencing new people/cultures/stories!!!

Vicki in Escazu


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