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some moderators must enjoy explaining rejections

I just copied this from another board where a member quotes some of his recent censored-message explanations.

'Your message has been declined because Costa Rica considers itself to
be a pacifist nation and many of our members would not appreciate your

"Your message has been declined because you are directing our members
to your external site, away from CRL. This is like coming into a
restaurant and suggesting that the diners there come across the street
to your new restaurant where the dinners are nicer."

"Also, when we send you a message your email is set to send back an
annoying automated message. We are not impressed."

"CRL is a privately owned group and if you cannot get along and abide
by our guidelines you should interact elsewhere ... if you want to
conform, then fine, you are welcome on CRL. If not, perhaps it is
time we part our ways."


I sometimes wonder - Do inconsistent standards of posting amount to censorship? 


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