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Further Context and Curiousity

Following are observations of events of the past 14 days, starting with Nov 3 to present.  I am making no judgement of the events, only stating facts & asking questions regarding the Yahoo user group CostaRicaLiving's reaction to the following event.
On Nov 3, A.M. Costa Rica's front page headline was "New immigration draft would require more income".  This resulted in 33 posts, most of which were from panicked residents & potential residents, but the concensus of opinion was that the new law would not effect existing residents.

(a) Post 81772  "First laws here are not past retroactively so it won't apply, I'm assuming to existing residents.  Second, if anyone is concerned about their status it is unwise to listen to news reports . . . talk to a lawyer skilled in immigration.  I assume we will have some comment from Ryan/ARCR on his view?"

(b) Post 81809  "Yes, once again it appears as if someone in the government hopes you will all spend more money here once again. I will of course be taking the ARCR once again to the legislature and the media to try to prevent these amounts, because
of course it will be the country that is hurt the most, not the Expats who can't move here.  I certainly hope we can again be effective in preventing these changes, and support of any kind is always welcome."

(c) Post 81927  "In short those already here have little to be concerned about normally. The greater effect is for those who are coming in the future, and we will be campaiging in the very near future to amend the proposal."
With this in mind, neither being for or against, only a question,  for those of us already legally here, IF this law were passed as is, would the effect be good or bad.  Would the price of housing go up or down;  would rents go up or down, food, medical care, water or electricity, etc? Would the streets be more or less crowded?
Next, starting Nov 4 thru present, an e-mail protest campaign was started & promoted by organizations who make a living from or partially from bringing new expats to Costa Rica.  As a matter of fact 110+ posts have been submitted under various subject lines concerning the issue of the new immigration draft. 

(d) Post 81886  Let's start an e-mail writing campaign. I'll only will take a couple of minutes.

(e) Post 82351 Many words have been written in this forum against the proposed hanges to CR's Ley de Migracion y Extranjeria. Here is your chance to do something positive about it.  The time is now to influence the legislators to
change the language as to the income requirements, while the bill is still in committee.  We are asking everyone to send the e-mail below to the members of the Comision Permanente de Gobierno y Administracion, where the bill is presently handled.  The e-mal addresses can be copied and pasted from this chain, the text of the emial follows the addresses.
 (f) Post 82436 I think sending Javier's suggested email is CRITICAL. He and I spoke about this idea last week, and he forwarded the draft to us as well. Understand that this law should NOT affect those that already live here with residency, nor those in process under the current law. However these amounts could affect the possibility of others arriving, and would affect the future of the economy negatively.  I am trying to call a Press Conference, and we will be going straight to the legislature to see what can be done. This is the SAME fight we had 4 years ago, and I still have the data we need to try and correct this, BUT WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.
 (g) Ryan Piercy, the manager of ARCR (Association of Residents of Costa Rica) wrote on November 14th on the ARCR Forums, in response to mostly these same concerns which have been flying around:    "Understand that this law should NOT affect those that already live here with residency, nor those in process under the current law. However these amounts could affect the possibility of others arriving, and would affect the future of the economy negatively."  Several CRLers have pointed this out yet it seems to go unnoticed.
And today Mr. Piercy followed up on that up when he wrote:    "... the ARCR is already preparing a media campaign to first get the word out (once again) to the Costa Rican community, to be initiated with a press conference, then a press release to various organizations in Costa Rica, and finally direct-approach to the legislative members once we have a worthy news item."  And to certain persons who complained that some of the emailboxes for those members of the committee that we were
exhorted to write were full, Mr. Piercy wrote:    "The email idea is to start to get across to them the idea that this is an important topic...." 
My question is, if the feeling is that current, legal residents will not be affected, who will benefit from the e-mail campaign & what will the benefit be? Again, I'm not being for or against anything, just asking questions.
Further quotes; 
  (off board answers to my posts)
  "Since when would an association of clueless foreigners be ALLOWED to participate in any democracy?  Think of it the other way around . . .  as if ARCR was in the US representing illegal aliens on crime problems asking George Bush to reduce crime in Durango!  Ha!"
  "I am just opining on the way I see your posts which were once interesting and now have become some kind of campaign . . . this just doesn't work on THIS public message board IMHO . . . "
  "I am NOT talking about crime threads . . . I am talking about your single track campaign to somehow change the world through a medium that is not set up to do so and an association who can't . . . do you think the average get together of CRLers represents the future of Costa Rica is some way?  Perhaps it is me who is confused."

  ( my suggestion)  "Next, publish all findings, statistics & poll results etc. Then generate a petition available to the membership for signing & forward it to wherever it would do the most good."           (Answer to my suggestion)  
>>>signed by a bunch of foreigners?????  a bunch of drunks from the fishing towns???? a bunch of defrocked realtors from Florida???
   ">>>this is not an ARCR issue, it is a country/sovereign state issue"  (argument against ARCR's ability to bring the concern about crime to the attention of the proper people"
    (reason for moderating my post)  "We don't need a rule to stop repetitive crime thread posts.  When we reach a point, the moderators shut the thread down to give it a rest.  Once such threads -and that is not limited to crime topics-do become repetitive, as most invariably do, it no longer serves anyone's purpose to string out that thread ad nauseum when nothing new is being resented that would advance the thread.  If we leave such threads open they become basically just a long sequence of 'What's My Woe" postings."
   (reason for moderating my post) "This message should be directed to Tom and Frank off-group, seen as the subject and its content appear to be as such and also has been documented "ad nauseam" on CRL in the past."    Moderator
My next question would be why is the crime problem not given the amount of attention that this new law, which won't affect current residents & probably won't get passed anyway, is privledged to?  Surely, if our voices would be heard regarding immigration law our voices would be heard regarding our concern for the rising crime situation?
Is it possible that a public service, unmoderated group may have a bias?  Why after over 110 posts on the subject, which are getting repetitive, hasen't the thread been shut down?  Again, I have no opinion either way, I'm just curious.


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