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Need advice on growing tomatos in Nicaragua

I have a Nicaraguan friend who has been granted his green card but not yet received it. (His name is Luis Garcia). he is currently waiting for the card.

I mention this only in passing and has nothing to do with this letter.

I knew him when he lived in Houston and think he is really a god man and a very hard honest worker. He went back to Nicaragua many months ago- to wait for his green card- but he invited me to visit.

About 6 months ago I visited his home (10 miles or so north of Estelí). He & his family are, of course, in poverty but he had saved all his money while in USA and bought a piece of property to grow tomatoes. His hope he could employee his whole family and give them all a better life.

I was impressed and decided to help him out financially and will probably keep doing this. Now the problem- The problem is he really needs some help understanding how "best to grow tomatoes"in his area. We planed a test crop of about 10,000 plants they grew and are now producing. However the fruit has that blossom end rout problems (that turns the fruit black on bottom and unsellable). Need less to say he is depressed about this chain of events.

I told him I will help him re-plant and try again financially- but I need to know someone who can advise him so this problem can be minimized.

Can you point me in a direction where we might seek and receive help to successfully grow tomatoes. Hopefully at a very affordable cost.

Thanking you in advance


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