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Different bad smells...

It's too bad we can't post a smell on the internet.  So much easier to post a picture or a few sentences of text... Because, it's hard to tell whether I would consider it a bad smell.  How long did it sit?  If just 1-3 days probably it is ok.  If you had it sitting for 1-3 weeks, then maybe it's nasty by now.  Also, usually when the oil separates properly, then you should definitely separate it out before making any judgment.  Take the separated oil after you've removed all the top and bottom scums, and after all those top and bottom scums are out of your memory, then maybe the oil itself will not seem bad at all.  The only time I felt I had a bad batch, there wasn't much separation at all, so I think when there is separation of the oil within a few days, it's probably good oil.


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