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Roasted cocnut oil

Ok After you have transformed your grated coconut into coconut milk , you have to cover it and let it set, it will be quicker in a cool place but in costs Rica over night will have the same effect , but you will have to bring it indoors before the sun could catch it. The oil will just congelled on the top like solid whipped cream scoop this off and place it into a deep pan, all the white bits of it.Now place the pan on the fire and cook stiring frequently as the remaining sedements from the coconut will stick to the bottom of the pan these sedements is what holds the oil..As the oil is extracted the sedements will begin to shrink. as it shrinks you have to keep stirring so it does not burn.This will then appears to become grainy approx to the size of a match head or slightly bigger and turn a goldern beigey colour.Your oil is now ready remove the pan from the fire and leave to cool.strain into clean bottle while still warm to get the maximum oil. The goldren coconut crumbs can also be eaten when mixed with sugar. It Taste very nice.enjoy and Good luck. This is how I extract my fresh coconut oil which smells soooooo delicious. The cooking time depends on the amount of contents in the pan , start off on a medium heat and adjust accordingly/ takes roughly about 1hr to 1and a half hour hope this is helpful.


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