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home made vco

hi i'm jane
i am very interested in vco home made, we have enough supply of coconut here in the philippines, i tried making home made vco for almost 2 years, we use coconut grater and thats fine. my problem is i can't get the perfect way to separate the pure oil (white in color) so i usually cooked in a pan with the smallest fire as i could(about 30-50 degrees centigrade). i also observed that after 24 hrs of fermenting, there are 3 layers, the first layer is colored brown with a little oil in it so heat it separately in a pan for about 1 hour until i can see the golden brown bis particles. the 2nd layer is the white one which i believe it is the the pure oil which i also heat for atleast 30-45 mins with slow fire. then i put it in a plastic bottle if it is cooled. then i just throw away the first layer(bottom part).
I am now looking for an easier way to make vco. please help me. thanks


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