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My first try at making coconut oil at home

I want to learn how to make coconut oil but the result of my 1st attempt was not what I had expected. But I did get oil that looked great and smelled great. Here's what I did: 1) chopped the kernel into small pieces, blended and squeezed out the milk. 2) put in a corning ware pot and set pot on a hot plate, turned to the lowest setting 3) let it simmer 9 hours, checking every couple of hours - it was okay, not too hot 4) let is cool overnight 5) what's left in the pot is a mixture of clear oil (pale yellow in color) with what looked like melted chocolate, same color 6) scooped the mixture ( oil and the "chocolate" ) and strained it using an ordinary kitchen strainer 7) collect the oil which is thus filtered 8) what's left is the "chocolate" --- if I am patient enough, I can get some more oil out of the "chocolate" but I plan to mix it with oil for frying. I want to try another method described by others - let the coconut cream ferment.


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