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Yes I explained this would happen

On October 1st of last year I explained part of this, on another website; in any case, for the record, here was my prediction.


The people are buzzing with the expectation that there will be huge fraud perpetrated by the FSLN during the November 9th municipal elections.

The first inkling of this is the sandinistas steadfast opposition to having international electoral monitors. They are currently harassing Nicaraguan electoral activist NGO's that receive funding from abroad.

There are reports of fake voter Id (cedulas) being given out to underage kids who are presumably sandinista sympathizers while denying cedulas to people that do not have the proper "sponsorships". During my stay I accompanied a friend who had applied for his cedula back in 2007. His Cedula is still not ready. The CSE offices are jam packed with throngs of people while the offices are closed and deliberately understaffed.

How long does it take you to get a driver's license or voter registration card in the USA? 90% chance it can be done the same day. Not so in Nicaragua.


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