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'los obesos' ... commentary from END

The main Sandinista newspaper in Nicaragua is El Nuevo Diario, and it tends to print things in line with the FSLN party line.  Here is an interesting piece a few days ago, from the opinion pages, in which the relationship between the Catholic Church's leadership, Ortega, and the CSE (the supposedly-independent body of government responsible for elections) is discussed.  While I don't understand all the historical background or references, the summary is that Ortega made an agreement with the church's Obando y Bravo in which (Cardinal) Obando's godson Robert Rivas would be given leadership of the CSE or else sent to "Siberia"; and apparently Obando/Rivas chose the "leadership" of the CSE with an agreement to administer it for the benefit of Ortega.  If I've missed something here or misinterpreted, please point it out.

That is the original article.  You might also benefit from an online translating engine such as this one:

One interesting thing to note, as a footnote only, is this:

Yo no culpo tanto al presidente Ortega porque él, al igual que otros muchos, es un político inescrupuloso que persigue el triunfo a cualquier costo. Los culpables son los obesos que le hacen posible ser presidente con un indecente 35% del voto popular...

Perhaps it was necessary to not reference Ortega negatively in order to be published in END.  Or else it was a statement like the following proverbial joke that comes to mind: in a Democracy, it's always the smartest leaders who are chosen, because no matter how stupid the leaders, the people were even stupider to have elected them.



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