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General Guidelines

Our general guidelines are to have open content for all to read.  We also have open participation to post for any who behave in a civil manner.  You are welcome to view our site without joining.  However, to view or use the chatroom, to post content without moderation, or to contact other members, you must join.  If you do join, there is no requirement to post. However, if you would like to, please feel free to participate.  Post some photos. Introduce yourself via Private Messages to folks on the site. Or introduce yourself with a Blog entry.  You can do this by clicking on "Create Content" in the left menu and selecting Blog Entry.  You can post a new forum topic or blog entry once you have signed up.


Forums (Discussions / Requests for Information / Informational Announcements)

The forums are generally for questions and discussion. These are contributions you are making to the site.  The moderators may make changes to the title or content (if for instance a forum is mistitled, or contains a personal attack) but normally the post will not be changed in any way by a moderator.

Forums usually last forever: once they are created, they are ordinarily not deleted.  They are therefore categorized at the time of creating the forum, to make it easy to look for information later. 


Site Problems?

e-mail to contact@central-america-forum.com.


Logins - How to Create a Login Name, and Some Details of Signing Up

Anyone can create a login. It is free to sign up and contribute. A login is required to contribute to the site normally.  Anonymous comments are allowed on some posts but do not appear immediately (they must be approved by a site moderator first and must conform to a basic standard of civility in order to be approved).

To create a login, click on the Create New Account link. Fill in as much as you would like of the requested information and click on the Create button.

If you forget your password, click on the Request new password link. You can fill in either your user name or email address. Your password will be emailed to you


Why this new site?

The web forums I have found about Central America tend to share these characteristics (not necessarly bad, but definitely different from my goals here):

  • Censorship based on content (often by moderators with personal financial interest)
  • Lack of civility, manifested as defamation, swearing, personal name-calling
  • Lack of focus on topics, in which discussions become side-tracked
  • Single-country focus
  • Too much chatter about subjects not related to Central America mixed in important topics

This site, central-america-living.com, primarily addresses the needs of those living in Central America or considering moving to Central America. It aims to do so by making true information available to one another in the spirit of cooperation.

Secondarily, it is also aims to be useful to travelers and those with a purely academic or family interest in Central America.


Moderation and Site Civility Guidelines 

Members and moderators are responsible for making sure content stays on track and civil.  Currently peterchristopher is the only moderator.  Any other person wishing to be moderator, please contact peterchristopher.

While there is no censorship per se of content, there are several reasons why content may be deleted or modified:

  • It is illegal (copyright violation, libel, threats).
  • It is a personal attack.
  • It is far off-topic. (Chatter or bickering is ok in Blogs or Guestbooks, but please keep Forums on topic.)
  • It is vulgar. (Please avoid foul language; if you absolutely must use a foul word on some occasion, please replace the letters, ie "s***" - we don't guarantee to allow it but will not be as quick to change it, as if the vulgarity itself is used.)



This site does not sell editorial advertisements and will not due so.  However, it is a community site and advertisements of participants are welcomed.  If you wish to place an announcement for any type of product for sale, you may do so according to the following guidelines:

Users are permitted one advertisement announcement post per month.  That post can, however, contain multiple advertisements.  If you wish to post any link to your own site, you can do so in your user profile, and/or you can do so in your monthly advertising post.  However, we reserve the right to modify any links in any post to be "nofollow" type.  (If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it, it is webmaster jargon, the link will still work fine.)

We do allow signature lines in your posts.  Please keep it short, however: just a line or two.