30 hectares / 75 acres of Virgin Rainforest and pasture for sale in La Perla, Costa Rica $96,000

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We're selling our 75 acre farm which is some of the calmest and most relaxing land in Costa Rica. It really is one of the best feeling places we have ever been and we are selling it reluctantly. The air and water is as pure as you can get and we would like to see the land go to someone who is committed to maintaining its pristine nature. The water in both rivers is entirely drinkable if you can believe that. It’s that untouched!

30 hectares/approx 75Acres (about 20 hectares of Virgin rainforest and 10 hectares of pasture).....off-grid setting…. Remote feeling but only short distance from Alegria/nearest town…...5 waterfalls, one that’s approx. 75 feet tall.........two rivers with swimming holes and waterfalls......elevation is 2550ft above sea level....3 springs that originate on property, one that flows at 150 gallons/minute........potable water in both rivers....confirmed micro-hydro possibilities in both rivers, especially the Perlita.........the property is connected to, and a part of, the jaguar corridor that runs from South America to Mexico and therefore is ultra important to protect......lots of other flora and fauna, toucans, parrots, peccary, ocelots, hummingbirds everywhere, ect....there is a temporary cabin/shelter with gravity fed water already on the land… great soil for gardening and fruit trees… several great building sites with views of the Caribbean ocean and the Caribbean lowlands…recent Plano, clear title, easy transaction…..

The property is in a very desirable location that’s just starting to be discovered. It’s a great place to be if you really want to interact with Costa Rican people/culture. It’s about 2 kms from La Perla and very close to San Bosco and La Alegria. There are some wonderful eco-tourism projects nearby.
To see the exact location copy and paste these coordinates in a google earth search:
10 04' 45.70''N, 83 38' 50.17''W

$3200/Hectare (which is $1280/Acre)....total $96,000

To see pictures of the property click on this link:

We really are looking for some good people to pass this special place along to. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Call or email to set up a time to see the property.

Adam and Kelly Gilles


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Is it still available?

Please let me know if your property is still available. I would like to come and see it. The property is to be kept in its pristine condition. Thank you.

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