Adventure at age fifty! Here's my experience.

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     Adventure at age fifty? I was not yet ready to get old. Nor was I willing to keep working for the far off dream of retirement only be too tired, sick or dead to enjoy it. With little means and lots of determination, I set out to live a life of my own creative design.
     Vida Nueva Aventura (New Life Adventure) is my online travel journal
where you’ll find my personal account of the pursuit of an extraordinary life in Costa Rica. Check it out and let me know what you think.
(There is no advertising on my site and it is free. I just want people to see it.)


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SIngle People Making a difference - I want you to write a column

I am going ot be doing an online mag about the Good,Bad and Ugly of Costa Rica. each monthly magazine will alot of real ggod information for alot of different agenda. [...] will be the promoter of [webspam links stripped by moderator - your sites violate internet quality guidelines]

each month

1. a FULL description of one small town in Costa Rica, text, photo, video, I mean everything about the town.   

2. a full story about one famous Costa Rican, past and resent. and could be a locally famous person.

3. Will spupprt our red door kitcehns that  will open the feed th hunger children inLatin America.

4. Will pay $500 for the cover photo

and $300 each month for the best photo, on animal, bird, insect, sunset, tour, overall nature, party scene, beach, ALL photographers must not be professionals. May make it to Costa Ricans only, nit sure.

5. Medical information section

6, Dental information sections

7. Retires.

8. investing 

9. Culture stories.

10 Hot tip. Best hidden treasure. Rest5aurant?hotl,tour etc.

11 All advertisers will be recommended businesses. I we ca not recommend them they will not be in our  Magazine.

12. various Column written by people that love Costa Rica , but also see the truth and the problems . depending on the column of course. I mean a dear abby type column, wow gave my age awa there, would not be focused on crime.

much more and open to ideas and suggestions. 

You are in mnd the perfect type person for a column of your choice. 

The Miss Funrunners Costa RIca Contest and beach concert is coming and going to launch everything, We are looking for the Classiest Single Lady in Costa Rica, is just getting up, but Funrunners are invited, they can pledge but must be approved. Single People making a difference.

many changes going on.

I am one man, I work, I am doing as I can 


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