America The Monster

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"America has become a monster and you are its next meal…

There was an old (now) song by Steppenwolfe of this name, i.e.,
“America the Monster” and as I began to consider the nature of this
country’s government …well, it seemed appropriate.

That said, America has become a monster. Like Goya’s mythical portrait
it devours its own children, 1 in 100 are convicts, education becomes
more and more expensive and thus exclusive, employment becomes scarcer
and less well paid, ”social safety net programs” expand, without
solving the problems, and it feels free to lay waste whatever sections
of the world it desires to . Been in Iraq for almost a decade and show
no signs of leaving Afghanistan. Not to mention the “bill” for all

Ah, the “bill”. Well, the Government doesn’t have to worry about that,
does it? After all that part of the fun and games will be delivered to
us, you and me…and our great grandchildren. And such a bill! No one
can even guess what it will come to – no one. But some of us will pay
it. Of course, it won’t be called “the bill”. Oh no. It will be called
Taxes. Increased taxes? Devalued currency? The joys of having an
unaccountable monster in charge of our futures!

Some will say that it cannot happen – not here. To them I would say,
just wait a bit. Remember that income taxes were supposed to be only
temporary and never to exceed 2% of income. Yes, and your check is in
the mail. But, I hear them say, the Law forbids such. I would say to
them: The Law forbids nothing – if it is re-written (as it has been
before) and if it is re-interpreted (as it has been before) to
permit…even mandate such (as has been done before). Ah, what of a Law
that has become only a way for those who desire to re-distribute
wealth to do so “legally”?

So, we come to a point of decision: Do we allow all that we have to be
devoured by this monster? Or do we try to save some bit of it for our
own use? You know, retirement and the need, even then, to eat and have
a roof over our heads? Are we to be, as so many ‘round the world are,
looking for a safe currency that will retain some of its value in
years to come? And a safe haven for our bit of fortune, as well as
ourselves? These would seem to our choices from all that the news from
Congress and the world financial markets would have us believe.

Ah well, perhaps if we just “close our eyes and click our heels
together three times, while repeating…” no, that’s to get back to
Kansas, isn’t it? Well, we left Kansas a long time ago I’m afraid.

However, we can get to somewhere much better than Kansas – if we try.
It does take planning and forethought but that is why there is Escape
from America. As you are reading this world class E-zine it would seem
you are concerned, rightly so, about this monster. But, will you do
something or just keep clicking your heels and wondering where Toto
is? Choice is yours – I have made mine, some time back.

It is up to us to decide that it is time to go. Time to go before we,
like so many before us in other nations, have to go with what we are
allowed to carry. The plight of the Jews of Germany and Eastern
Europe, after WWI and in the 1930’s The Cubans after Castro. The
Chinese and Mao? Hmmm, the list could go on. Will it include you,
along with the Armenians? Shall we be reduced to “portable wealth”?

Read that as diamonds we can carry in our rectums or sew into our
children’s clothing or dolls. Is that to be our future? Remember, no
one wanted to accept those refugees of the 1930’s – what makes us
think anyone will be more willing to accept us? Do you recall the
warnings of the Euro-countries, during the talked of exodus of
Americans, during Iraq-2? No one wanted to accept “us” then. Not even
Canada. Do you believe they would be any more willing if times became
such as to necessitate real expatriation?

Consider the differing circumstances of the “average” Czarist
Aristocrat of 1920 and those of Crown Prince Yusapov. Yusapov had been
exiled, by the Czar, and allowed to keep that part of his fortune he
had previously moved to France and Switzerland. Keep in mind that
delightful word previously. What about the others? Well, for the most
part they drove taxis, waited tables and became … “Ladies of certain
virtue”. Shanghi was replete with its “houses of former Aristos”, what
a future to contemplate …as our own?

Now it doesn’t have to be quite like the above. Weren’t there lots of
Cuban Attorney’s who came to USA and did quite well – as shoe
salesmen? Hmmm? Yes, quite so.

Here comes that nasty but needful concept: Planning and (here it is)
previously deposited funds. However, these funds must be such and in
such form as to assure that the sticky fingers of government cannot
reach out and confiscate them. As the Nazi’s , Russian Soviets and
Chinese Communists did with accounts and holdings they could identify.
Are there ways to secure our fortunes and thus our futures from
government as well as others? Yes. Are they legal? Yes, as of now. But
those ways are going to close and then…, ah then, then any who attempt
such will have “committed a crime” (the crime of thinking the money
belonged to you?) and they and their assets will be ceased.

For now there are still ways to secure our freedom and our financial
futures. How long this will remain the case only our fearless, because
unaccountable, leaders may say. But it shan’t be long.

In the pages of EFAM you can find companies who can and will help you
to secure your personal and financial future. Other companies can show
you the way to a better and more pleasant place to retire to. For now
these and second passports remain available – for now. However, who
may say when the monster will become hungrier? Perhaps glance your way
and decide that your financial vehicle would make a toothsome dainty?
All, of course, in the name of “saving”…something or other. But,
devoured nonetheless, America the Monster? Yes. Now, will you stay
around to be, eventually, put on the menu?

The choice is yours…for now;)

Those who are awake are the seers, those who sleepwalk are the
slaves…Stay tuned for Part II of Swiss Uncle Timmie Rudizuli as he
looks to the USA…next week!"


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Reply to P.Christopher comment.

For my own damn reasons, muschuginnah, I liked and agreed with parts of the article, nothing more, nothing less. By the way, pay my own bills like you do, and try not to demonize, mock or make assumptions about a person till we meet face to face, like or dislike, shake hands and part company, which is what Iam doing virtually on line with you right now, When you had your "incident" in Nica at the Farm, then after you either left or lost the Farm, none of my business, I stuck up for you online with Phil H. and Nica Living and Company (Oh, by the way,you are WELCOME, Peter!!!!), see a lot of mocking, snideass remarks and demonizing here as well,opinions are just opinions, life is too short, I am content, so I will not post on this site anymore at all!!!!! Happy??????

by the way my Mom, Uncle and Aunt were immigrants to US and Canadá via El Salvador in 1942, had ancestors here and permanent residency both here in ES and Guatemala, yes I appreciate our freedoms andfought 1965-1968, drafted, against the policies, but served, got PTSD, etc. I am as far from perfect as you can get!!!!!! A tleast I got a sense of humor and can depreciate myself, so f-------- what? Who are you Goody f------ normie 2 shoes.????? From what I saw on line and heard from others a few years ago, you ain't in no position to be giving out "lectures" and if I need a lecture, thank you, gracias, grazie, abrogado, danke, matijox chawee, spaceeba, xie xie, arigato, will go to the goddamn University to pay for one, PS am Libertarian and believe in diversity of opinion yes, I was in combat, yes I am a medic, and yes I volunteered as Medic in conflict zones of ES and Guatemala in 1980s and yes you can call me an idiot, "Ex Pat" , mock me, call names, just don't call me late to dinner, por favor!!!!!!!
I have made every mistake in "book" in my life and consider all learning experiences.
No, I don't sell "real estate"
harharharhar LOL

My ancestors in El Salvador, (who arrived in 1942 with citizenship papers from ConsulGral. El Salvadoren Suiza), mother's side, my Dad born and raised in US, my Mom, Uncle and Aunt immigrants to USA y, au Canadá


"Debemos mencionar igualmente por la importancia que tiene en el desarrollo económico de esta hospitalaria tierra, la fundación y funcionamiento del Banco Occidental por el señor León Emmanuel Dreyfus de Santa Ana, quien posteriormente se traslado a San Salvador con la sucesión de la Familia Bloom. Con relación a esta familia, el ultimo miembro de ella, el señor Benjamín Bloom donó su fortuna de aproximadamente 9 millones de dólares al Supremo Gobierno de El Salvador con el definido mandato de erigir un hospital, el mas completo posible para la atención y cuidado de la NET. Con el tiempo, este hospital fue construido y, a la par que cumple a cabalidad con los fines de su creación y con los deseos del donante, representa un moderno complejo arquitectónico que es signo característico del avance edilicio de la ciudad."

First lived in ES and Guatemala 1970-1971, knew well Rabino Granat from Panama andothers, was finally able to settle first in Guatemala in 1985, then El Salvador in late 1993. Content, get along with Salvadorans, "Ex Pats" Volunteers, travelers and the rest of the world. Shalom. Paz.

No big deal, am content and will be 65 next

Too bad a pasted "article" got you all soupset.. start a thin skinned group!!!!!!!!! saludos.


deleted (by original poster)

moving abroad as a pyramid scheme

I tend to agree that the rant is one-sided; from the end of the article, it sounds like the whole thing is part of a sales pitch to justify the magazine where it was published.  elsalwizard, what is the reason you posted this article here?  While I agree that the society is becoming more of a nanny state, with some freedoms eroding over time, on the other hand, there are other freedoms we still have in excess of most places in the world.

America the Monster

Good on ya Jennifer! It must be Tic Tac (that this guy is drinking). I'm with you; he's obviously deranged! In my travels, it's funny, I've not met ex-pats that I want to hang with. When my wife and I blow to Salvador in Nov/Dec for our GRAND EXPERIMENT, our friends/associates will all be Salvadorans. EVERY country has its pros and cons and I hardly see my homeland as a monster.

i want some

i want some of whatever this guy has been drinking! i have not seen such a meaningless rant in my entire life. BTW yes i do remember the song Monster by Steppenwolf, i believe it was published in the late 60's, almost 50 years ago. guess what? the country is still there!

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