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I own property in Guanacaste.  I have met with four Architects in the past three years, the most recent in March 2909.  I have given them sketches of my ideas and some thoughts of construction materials.  My problem is that they all seem to want "South Florida Prices".  I would like to meet with an Architect/Builder who is more realistic with their pricing.  I have seen so many projects in CR that have been stopped because of the Economic Crisis.  I don't understand why they can't be more realistic.  By the way, all I have met with have been Tico's.

Any recomindations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.





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Thank you for Mr Wong's name.

Thank you for Mr Wong's name.

Miguel Wong. He is very

Miguel Wong. He is very talented. OR Su Casa Desarrollos de Vivienda S.A., quote from the website- "the leading company of the Tu Hogar S.A. Real Estate Group, which literally translates to "Your Home.""

Now what kind of prices are

Now what kind of prices are you talking about?

not sure if you have found

not sure if you have found anybody in regards to your post yet - but - when we decided to open our own design/architecture/construction company here (costa rica) these are the kinds of issues we thought could be handled better. common sense and customer service is something hard to find in this country - having worked on many projects in the states and here in costa rica - we can definitely work with you in regards to your budget and in creating a beautiful project you are 100% satisfied with. Let me know if we can help --

why not try this?


You don’t say where in Guanacaste you want to build, nor did you indicate how big a project you are proposing. FWIW, we are having our retirement cottage built near Lake Arenal, and our experience has been that the architect is NOT the first person to talk to. We have the good fortune to be long-time friends with our builder (about ten years). He showed us some houses that he has built, and we decided that we like one, so he contacted the engineer/architect, who provided the formal plans, and is responsible overall for the construction (btw, the engineer/architect has cost –imho – much too much for the little he has done to date), but the actual building costs are being determined by our requests, and by the builder, rather than the architect. I know that our total cost will be higher than we used to think it should be (for Costa Rica), but still much better than South Florida prices.
I would imagine you can find your builder by looking at construction sites similar to what you want in your general area.

maybe you can try this

I am having a great deal of difficulty getting this dial up connection to work, so I inadvertently posted the same info twice.  please disregard any duplication.

  Thank you for the contact


Thank you for the contact info.




I can highly recommend  Mr. Elias Marin Lara. His firms web site is . His specialty are contemporary. I have worked with him and find him both professional and courteous. Any questions I can be reached at for any further queries...

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