Former Bluefieds, Nicaragua Mayor Moisés Arana

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Manfred recently sent along the link through nicaraguaforum to an interesting interview with former mayor of Bluefields, Nicaragua Moisés Arana (FSLN mayor from 2001-2005).  Everyone will probably have their own factoids from the interview that are most memorable; whether it's the five-year-old prostitutes, the drug-money reverends, or the government corruption.

Here are the links to the interview in English and Spanish: (English) (Spanish)

In case you don't read to the end of the interview, here is the last paragraph:

The reality is that there’s a limited vocation for public service among elected and appointed officials and corruption is tolerated everywhere. I recently met with a hundred municipal employees and a large number of young students from the two universities on the coast, some 90% of whom openly claimed that in public office, “You have to do things, but you also have to steal.” How many generations will have to pass before that way of thinking, that vice of our political culture, changes?

A corrupt mindset among government employees in Nicaragua is of course no surprise to anyone actually familiar with Nicaragua.  But I was struck by how this mayor said such a thing not simply in general, or about the other party, but about his own administation during his administration.

Anyone know the story of this mayor?  Anyone meet him?  What was his history, and what is he doing now?


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