The buzzards and dullards at Nicaliving have proven idiocy is alive and well again!

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Poor RSJGringita...wandering through life with a hilarious level of social naivety! She had the gall to bring up an immigration case similar to ours, involving a woman from New Zealand who had a less than favorable opinion of Homeland Security. And not being the brightest light bulb in the pack, she was naive enough to compare my past opinions about Homeland Security to this woman's shared views, not realizing the rope faced buzzards at Nicaliving would immediately try to invalidate the woman for sharing my opinion. (Of couse, these are men in their 50s and 60s on a quest to find youthful, obedient wives in Central America, spending most waking hours romancing poverty stricken school girls, still wearing Dora the Explorer panties and playing hopscotch, so go figure!)

As usual, in RSJGringita's own xenophobic fashion she qualifies this woman's opinion by highlighting she is "white, English speaking, from a developed country (New Zealand)." Apparently, in RSJGringrita's mind, being "white and English speaking" entitles a person to be taken more seriously when rendering an opinion. Shame on her for being so racist!

In a nutshell, this woman from New Zealand found Homeland Security to be as unethical as nearly anyone else forced to tolerate their corrupt, immigration law breaking methods. She was housed in an immigrant detention center after legally entering the U.S. on a business visa granted by the U.S. and found the her treatment disgusting; and in her objectivity she found the treatment of Latinas even MORE deplorable. The New Zealander recounts an accurate vision of how immigrants and immigrant relatives of U.S. citizens are treated these days, questioning the ethical and moral nature of it. You can read the post here:

What I find amazing, is the level of bullshit in the responses to Gringrita's post. It's as if these buzzards seem to have bought and paid for the old proverb, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."

Calling this woman's account everything from lies to fabrications, without having ever met this woman or knowing a damned thing about her case. It's the typical slanderous efforts of malcontents who want the world to believe nothing is wrong with the U.S. today, but who move FROM the U.S. to seek daddy/daughter marital relationships. The same, "shhhh, don't tell" mentality pedophiles use to molest those under-aged girls they hope to marry. Sure! The U.S. is waterboarding, drugging asylum applicants, illegally detaining tourists, but "shhhhhh, that's our dirty little secret, so don't tell the world." F THAT! TELL damn it! Tell the world and let the world know that its time for the U.N. to look into the corrupt practices of Homeland Security, the same way they investigate other countries, like Nicaragua, Honduras, and China! What makes the U.S. too special to undergo a deep inspection of inhumane treatment of immigrants?

Anyone with any experience with Homeland Security KNOWS this woman is telling the truth, even her mission to tell her story indicates this. It doesn't behoove a woman whose significant other lives in the U.S., and who has been denied entry to make up a story to downplay Homeland Security, when she may end up applying for re-entry one day! No human being but a victim is going to tell such a story and demonstrate the level of anger she has in every detail. This woman should be applauded for telling her story, and more people should be encouraged to tell theirs. When women from Honduras are raped by corrections officers in front of the their children while housed in CCA, their stories are hidden, and they are quickly deported home to cover. "Houston, we have a problem!" Let's clean up this mess, hire people with professionalism, and remove the trash to the unemployment lines!

Do these social nitwits at Nicaliving, who have fouled up their own lives enough to leave the states and live in a Socialist country, where they completely disagree with the political climate really believe that this type of stuff never surfaces? READ HISTORY, you morons! As I told my husband when he was dealing with Homeland Security..."Time uncovers the truth always. Time is our best friend!!" And you will see more and more stories like this surface. As a U.S. citizen, you should be disgusted this happens. We should demand more of our countrymen than a denial of human rights to others.

MJT's hilarious and ridiculous downplay of the woman's story is about the most laughable lesson in a simple attempt to change the events. He interprets the woman's relationship with her fiance, as if he knows the woman. He comments that her visa is not a B1 visa; but a B2 - proving he can't even read. She clearly states it was a B1/B2 visa, which if this moron knew anything about visas, he would realize they are issued together, jointly, as a business visa which relates to her boyfriend's situation of working in the U.S. Also, it clearly states under this visa that:

"Those entering on visitor visas will generally be granted 6 months leave to remain (the maximum allowable is one year) on entry. It may be possible to obtain a six-month extension to the visit visa as long as the candidate will be maintaining visitor status, and there are good reasons to do so. It is sometimes possible to change status to another longer-term visa whilst in the US as a visitor, as long as the candidate advised the relevant US Embassy or Consulate of this possibility beforehand, or there was no pre-conceived intent to do so."

"Good reasons to offer an extension?" How about a significant other living in the U.S. and gainfully employed, who is ready to sponsor her? MJT claims the woman lacks "a relational connection to her financial support," but does this moron MJT realize that this is not a requirement for sponsorship in the U.S? A simple glance at history should tell this nitwit that people coming from Vietnam, Bosnia, and other countries often had no relational connection with their financial support, but they were granted visas in spite of that. Stop the bullshit MJT, you suck at it! Your interpretation of her story is pathetic and demonstrates a complete lack of assimilating what you read. Go back and read it again!

She states she was asked, "Are you living in the United States?"

She responded, "I suppose so. But - " and wanted a chance to clarify that statement, but the moronic immigration officer was so concerned about stuffing his face, he couldn't even wait to hear the last part of the sentence. Newsflash, MJT! Living in the states can be as simple as staying for two months, you moron, you are breaking this down to rhetoric to change her case! She could have easily set that straight, but a power play interrupted that and created a huge tax payer expense for no reason, housing this woman when it was completely unnecessary.

Every American alive should be demanding this customs officer's termination for wasting our tax dollars this way! We shouldn't be paying additional expenses to house people who enter the country LEGALLY! On top of that, the immigration officer demands her to turn off her cell phone to ensure she is hidden from anyone outside, waiting for her. Why? IF she is not being held for a crime, she has every legal civil right to use her cell phone to notify someone she's being detained. I would have told him to stuff it!

Detaining a person is different than an arrest...even the government insists this, so the rules don't change to afford immigration officers the rights of arrest, when they are "detaining" a person. Detaining is done for questioning and processing information, not to punish, and the person's civil rights do not dissolve during this process. MJT, never enter law school, you moron! Because the next argument is completely laughable! The immigration officer gets his panties in a bind over a pain killer that is an over the counter drug in New Zealand. Good lord, SHOOT the woman for bringing that, right?

And then this idiot questions the fact that a Latina who "is being deported after 31 years of successful green-card living" is a rare thing. Either this moron has never reviewed one case at any of these facilities, where this is as common as grass since 911, or he's diffusing the argument. I've met fifteen with green cards, who were legally in the states and targeted by overzealous I.C.E. agents. Ever hear of the U.S. citizen who was deported, moron? Here's the story!
here is another case, genius!

Its mental midgets like this who make me realize why jobs are being sent away from American shores. If MJT is our best attempt at unbiased analysis, God HELP America!


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And BTW, I AM for real

and it felt DAMN good to watch your pals at Nica Living make asses out of themselves, assuming I had to be Peter. Because by God, nobody could see through those horse's asses over there and their idiotic 23 cent donkey show, trying to destroy a decent young man's reputation out of pure envy, right? I don't think I've ever laughed so hard as reading the assumptions of me posted there. ROFL

When you have a few more years, you will see clowns like that for what they are sooner. I've been in the Feminist world a bit longer than you, long I left it behind, in fact. And your pals at Nica Living are childs play compared to the sexist pigs I've seen out there. Most of them are the same crap that moved to Mexico, with assorted alcohol problems, dodging taxes, seeking underaged girls, you name it. These aren't upstanding and balanced people. They are society's losers! Why do you think I left that site?

Misrepresent you? HARDLY!

Gringita, your focus on Nicaliving has always demonstrated a xenophobic brushstroke, which is why I find you ridiculous, even when I agree with you that the old stodgy men at Nicaliving pick on you because you are a woman. And that they lack the balls to address you as an equal, so they need to group up with atta boys for each other to make a singular point.

And THAT I will agree with you on, because they are some of the most sexist, right winged nutcases I've seen on the internet. Even lying to make a point. But what on earth did you expect from pedophiles?

But you, my dear, have a track record of pointing out that Latinos aren't quite on the level of "white folks" which I've commented on before...I believe it was when you were on the rant that Latin men had more machismo and you couldn't imagine a decent Latin man; even accusing me of being naive for explaining my husband was just such a man...who did dishes, didn't cheat, etc. At which you were sure I must be fooling myself, because after all, we all know all Latin men cheat, right? Why? Because you married some Latin idiot and lived in Nicaragua for five years and assumed all Latin men acted like that. Dear PLEASE!!!

But your own statement, that the woman was "white and spoke English" was too much! Who cares? How does that qualify her opinion over others? Tell me you aren't this vapid! I want to like you, because we really do agree on sexism especially at Nica Living and the way they tend to gang up on any woman like a bunch of cowards, to lambaste her with sexist machismo. You do recall our conversations on machismo, no? Remember when I argued that white males have the same amount of it? It's right there on Nicaliving in tens!

I didn't feel the woman from New Zealand was racist at all. She was terrifically honest and I commend her for it. She pointed out that the Latinas she saw had much worse treatment and that was what any decent person does. They observe and state the truth. She did not validate her argument by saying, "I'm white, speak English, and I'm not from a third world country" therefore what I have to say means something.

Before you go out giving courses on racism, my dear, learn why you feel you can tell a Latina about her own culture after only five years experience living in it. Then figure out how MUCH you need to learn about yourself for feeling that "white privilege" and get back to me. Until then, feel free to post here. On most subjects we probably will agree. I think if you drop the xenophobia, we could get along, but it's your call! I certainly don't feel all white women are xenophobic, so why would I pick on you? Especially, when we seem to agree on so many other things?

Way to totally misrepresent me!!!

...and here I was just starting to wonder if you were for real. Never mind. Pointing out social factors that exist - namely, that Homeland Security agents are racist, and treat white folks better than Latinos - does not make one racist oneself. I mean, really? That's like calling Martin Luther King racist for calling out the racism he observed in the South. Get a clue!! Dude, if you knew the first thing about me (including the fact that I was once married to a Nicaraguan), you'd know "xenophobic" is about the most inaccurate descriptor you could possibly use to describe me. Hell, I just bailed from NL because it got too damn libertarian/right-wing-nut and, yes, racist (not to mention sexist) for this progressive feminist. We agree on much of the substance of this topic, but you are WAAAYYYY the hell off base in your attempt to analyze me, as well as in your understanding of what racism is. Here's a 101 course you, why don't see if you can catch a clue or two: Particularly note #1: White privilege exists. Duh!

MJT isn't as honest as he pretends...

ROFL. When asked about visas, he tells the person to pick the quickest method. Apparently, when it comes to Nicaraguans entering the U.S. under a fiance visa or a spousal visa...MJT's advice? Pick the quickest one! He doesn't insist on honesty here, he says:

"All that said, this doesn't mean every applicant should select the fiance visa, for the reasons someone else already pointed out. If the waits are remotely comparable, personally, I would opt for the spouse visa. Technically, you can file for both and use whatever comes in first, but you double your costs that way. The wait difference is often quite small, as little as 45 days. The most likely cause of a long(er) wait is a paperwork error, especially one with the NVC (it takes, on average, 22 days for them to tell you there is a mistake, which you need to fix which might take weeks waiting on a paer, then it takes them another 22 days to tell you it is fixed and rubber stamp the thing, etc.)."

MJT...the purpose of a fiance visa is "To travel to the United States for marriage." The purpose of a spousal visa is "To "sponsor" your spouse's immigrant visa for entry to the United States, as an immediate relative." You are not supposed to lie and apply for both! Should those who do endure what you insist is correct for the New Zealander? Or is your hypocrisy really THIS profound?

And how many lies did you tell when you got your extensions on YOUR tourist visa for Nicaragua? Hypocrites are the FIRST to judge others! Maybe Nicaragua should go back through your records and put you in DGME for deportation?

Another point

How many gringos have lied their way into an extension for a tourist visa in Nicaragua or Costa Rica? I'm betting quite a few of those commenting about the woman detained. Would their opinions be the same if they were held in an immigration detention facility and endured the same treatment? Nicaragua, maybe you should be following up on a few extensions and following the same procedures.

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