Central America - Costa Rica - Panama Tsunami Non-Event

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Your not nuts I've been

Your not nuts I've been trying to tell the world this fact for my Whole life & I'm only 27. All oil and gas in the ground is necessary so that while the earth spins and the plates shift the oil acts as a lubricant allowing for a smooth transition. If you remove it there is bound to be problems, oil drilling in the ocean will cause an enormous bubble once the momentum of the eath's spinning has come to a climax, which creates a tsunami. The same thing goes for oil drilling on land except it's massive land caving into the fault areas where the oil has been taken from. If you can let your thoughts on this spread like wildfire because heads of nations from around the world want to do more drilling and you could help save billions of lives if we can stop them... All's it takes is common sense and appearently our leaders do not have that.

Call me nuts but I still believe that some of those in Indonesia

were created by Exxon-Mobil oil's extraction of 60-billion-standard-cubic-foot-per-day, of natural gas. The oil drilling has been jogging the natural landscape of these areas for years and some of those Tsunamis have been man made, IMO. I've read few articles on this, but this one shows a graph reflecting the activity growth in correlation to the drilling. I wish I had my old articles, because they went into greater detail.

I know these earthquakes have the same effect, but they don't seem to render the same potential in destruction as the Tsunamis following some of the explosions involved in Exxon-Mobil oil's efforts.

south america

From the time graphs I saw from that previous link, I think that South America will not be affected because the waves have left that part of the Pacific and are thousands of miles away already; indeed, it does appear that this tsunami is overall a non-event everywhere, unlike what happened in Thailand like as in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5NpnMsUW94&NR=1 . 

How about South America?

I know this is a Central American forum, but I have been wondering if Chile will be impacted once again, by the Tsunami. It did hit Hawaii, but with a minor impact so far.


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