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”One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.” Malcom S. Forbes

While working as a guide for individuals interested in Costa Rica, I learned that many people who come here are looking for more than just a vacation. They are looking for a way to renew and revitalize their lives. A change in location – leaving behind the stress of noise, crowds, traffic and pollution – can be a good start. The relaxed, natural setting of Costa Rica provides the ideal alternative.
A better location is a good beginning but remember: wherever you go, there you are. Change begins on the inside, in your own mind. You need to clear your head to create some open space for new thoughts and ideas.
I am happy and proud to announce the launching of my new program: CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN COSTA RICA! It is for individuals only - not couples or groups. It provides the perfect setting for you to take time for yourself. Through healthy diet, exercise, healing therapies, self healing and time in nature for introspection you can revitalize your life with a fresh new perspective.


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