Traveling With Children in El Salvador?

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I am posting this question for a friend. 

I am having a hard time finding information about what visiting or living in El Salvador is like with school-age children. Most of the information I am finding seems to be geared at wealthy retirees or single executives that have relocation companies assisting them. My search is limited because of my lack of spanish comprehension. Any personal experiences or pointers towards resources would be appreciated.

Speaking of El Salvador, are there any yahoo groups or other expat groups, anyone know?


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Thank you for your help!  It

Thank you for your help!  It is actually for a friend who is leaving Canada and planning on living in San Salvador.  She doesn't know anything of what to expect on so many fronts.  Things like elementary education (free?), secretarial job possiblities (and salary), whether she can get a job with no Spanish (but is very willing to learn), health insurance (ours is free so we have no idea how to research that or even if it is necessary), what the cost of living is etc.  She is on a budget so can't afford much and will have little money when she arrives.

My looking around seemed to indicated that she should budget for around $500 month rent, that bread is about $2 a loaf and gas around $4 so it sounds like the cost of living is relatively high but stated salaries I am coming across seem low.  I am not sure if there are other costs we are not even aware of that she needs to budget for. 

She is much very enthusiastic about living in El Salvador.  Last week we had two feet of snow so she is looking forward to warmer weather!  Salvadorians have a reputation for friendliness and loving children that she admires.  She is concerned about the reports of violence but believes it does not impact the day to day life of most people outside of the gang lifestyle.  Any help you can provide will be much appreciated as we can not seem to find much information that isn't terribly biased against El Salvador.


what exactly would you like to know, just ask me and I will be happy to help you. I live in California but born in El Salvador

 Take care

 Felix Landaverde

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