Church With Costa Rica's Media Dozena

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Here's another video from the Media Dozena, the Costa Rican comedy group.  It reminded me of one time in Nicaragua when I was talking with a local farmer.  He explained to me that he was a dyed-in-the-wool Christian, but refused to go to any church....  

We talked about Eccelesiastes...

I remember that was when I learned the word "añadir" which means to add to something.  I don't remember the verse in which that was used.  As I try to remember it, I find myself just coming up with Buddhist versions of the idea - that there is the suffering that cannot be avoided; and then there is the suffering we choose, in trying to avoid the unavoidable suffering.

That farmer told me about his conviction that all the churches in Nicaragua were actually businesses with net cash flow out of Nicaragua, enriching the associated churches in the U.S.  I wonder what he would of thought of this comedy video.


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