Confrontation in León, Nicaragua

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Hey everybody!

This is my first post here. I made this video on the confrontation in León last week. Apparently some people got angry with me making the video -- I really don't quite know why. But judge for yourself if I'm too one-sided.

Please comment on it, but if you criticize, it would likely be a good idea to give reasons and not just trash me. That way I can learn and be better next time, remember! :)



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Suggestion for Next Research Project

Hi Johnannes, I've run across an article that seemed to me a perfect opportunity for you to delve into the reality of the FSLN.

You are proud that you interviewed both the PLC and FSLN candidates in your videos, and you deserve to be.  However, now it's time to dig deeper than the smooth-talkers in the public light.  It is time to do some undercover work.

To prepare yourself for the undercover work, I suggest that you informally (but honestly) interview the author of the article I mentioned above.  Ask him to teach you how to verify his claims from his article.

Then go and get to know some of those people who he suggests to you.

What do you think of my suggestion?  I may have some more later, but this one strikes me as the right one now.


welcome... nice videos

Thanks for posting the links to your blog and video.   I look forward to following your progress in Nicarauga.  I was shocked in 2004 when I was studying Nicaragua to see how little had been written about it post-1990.  Nicaragua and interested persons are lucky to have someone like you investigating there.  While it does sound like your political tendencies are more forgiving of dictatorships in the name of the poor, than my political tendencies would be, nevertheless I admire your courage, good will, faith, and intelligence to tackle a project like yours.  Indeed, I think part of the reason so little has been written about Nicaragua is that it is so difficult to understand.  Ever since the first engagements of the "West" with Diriangen, and evident in El Gueguense, the Nicaraguan culture maintains something fiercely independent, fiercely interdependent; charmingly inviting and viciously vengeful.  It's very hard to learn anything about Nicaragua without becoming involved; yet, once involved, you become part of the drama.  It's like Margaret Meade's disaster in the Pacific on steroids, because the Nicaraguans already have hundreds of years of interacting with people like you and I, and we are relatively new to the game.

Your time in Nicaragua it seems has not been boring so far, and it's unlikely it will be boring for you anytime soon.  Keep up the good work!



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