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I recommend anyone with an interest in Costa Rica join the CostaRicaLiving yahoo group - go to and join. I've always had their site listed in the Online Central America Resources page here, and I wouldn't have it if I thought it weren't useful.

Strangely, I was recently accused of having a different perspective on that very same group, in

It's interesting that on this Central America forum, Peter Christopher really
rags on CRL and it moderators and accuses them of censorship to promote their
own agendas. However, his invitation was posted on CRL. Hmmm.

I responded as follows:

Hi Harriet - 

You wrote, "Peter Christopher really rags on CRL and it moderators and accuses them of censorship to promote their own agendas".  

Where does this happen?  I just reread all the posts I could find that are related to censorship, and I did not find anything I would describe this way.  Is it possible you are mixing up my analysis of "nicaliving" and "costaricaliving", or that you are mixing up what I wrote with what someone else wrote?

For the record, like many others I have had some of my messages not accepted for posting here at CostaRicaLiving.  The first couple times I was offended, but after I thought about it some more, considered the complexity of the task of moderation, and corresponded with the moderators, I realized that they do quite a good job.  Some of their policies (like the everything goes day as just one example) are I think highly effective, and I've suggested them on other email yahoo groups trying to deal with similar issues.

Thousands of people have had their experiences in Costa Rica improved by the presence of the CostaRicaLiving yahoo group - its members and its dedicated volunteer moderators.

Peter Christopher

I think sometimes it's easy to misinterpret what another person has written; lilkely, that's all that happened.


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Living in Central America

I'm desperate to get out of the U.S. I'm retired on a small SS check and can maybe squeeze out $1,200 a month to live on. Other living finding a place to sleep on the street, can anyone direct me to a nice, safe, quiet place to live?

car mechanics 4X4, diesel or gas, manual transmission

I am just situated in the Escazu area after travelling back and forth from the U.S. for five years. I need a car, but before I begin to look for one, either import or buy local, I would like to fine a good mechanic who is honest and reliable in the Escazu/Santana/Pavas area and works on SUV's, manual or automatic, diesel or gas, 4X4. Since my work requires me to drive in all road conditions, I need an SUV 4X4. Secondly, does anyone know of a reliable company or individual who imports cars from the US and is honest and will not gouge me and guarantee that the car that I order will arrive as ordered with all parts intact. (I have heard of stories of cars arriving sans various parts.) Gracias, Pura Vida. Roberto

Looking for work, household jobs or all kinds of errands

Electrical Work and Household Jobs Good prices, dependable, honest, mature, courteous, hardworking American with experience available for odd jobs around the house, electrical work and assistance with government and other errands. I have my own car, will travel, I'm fully bilingual and a 19 year resident. Let me help you! 8781 - 1240

Traveling to Costa Rica

Does anyone know if google map direction times for travel are accurate? Our first time driving around and not sure of the roads and congestion. Is there a difference during the rainy season..we will be there this month (October)? For example if driving from San Jose to Uvita - google shows about 2 hours 41 minutes. From Tamarindo to Arenal Volcano about 3 hours. Also, I know there is much to see but does anyone have a "Must see" suggestion? Thanks and have a great day!

some furniture needed asap....

hi, i need the following items.... maybe you have something & don need it!! 2 frames or bases for single beds 3 bedside tables 1 or 2 children´s desks to study am willing to pay a fair price for used things in good condition. and i can pick whatever up, no problem with transport.... thank you diane 8377.0060

need help with school info

Hi there, I have enrolled my 2 children in the local school in Samara for the next 6 weeks. I am very grateful that the school would allow them to attend. (They are in a dual immersion spanish program at home in the U.S.). My daughter will be 8 on June 24th, she just finished 2nd grade in the U.S. and was placed in 3rd grade here. My son just turned 6 on April 1, and just finished Kinder in the U.S. He was placed in 2nd grade here. The problem is there is too much writing for him, and the work is beyond him. He has 8 year olds in his class. When I talked to the school they said it is all done based on age. What I understood her to say is that they have to be 5 years and 9 months or younger on February 15th to be in 1st grade. My son was 5 years and 10.5 months on February 15th. But if I'm understanding her correctly, I don't understand why there would be 8 year olds in the class. Am I understanding her that there are age maximums for the grades? Lastly, here is the other part I don't understand. She said he could go into Kinder here. But not 1st grade. Why would he be allowed to go into Kinder? My spanish is poor, the teachers english was okay. Something is getting lost in translation. Can anyone explain this to me?

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