Crime Wave Alert for Costa Rica And Conficker Computer Virus Alert

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Sorry for this bit of sobering news.  In the past few days, I've become aware of several disturbing crimes that reportedly took place on the Pacific coast in Costa Rica this past week.  

Samara:  Saturday, three armed robbers seized the work and home-base collective house by gun-point; tied up one person; and took thousands of dollars worth of electronics--mainly laptops, cell phones, etc.

Quepos:  A German volunteer on an organic farm in Londres, went to Quepos to do some grocery shopping for the farm, when a van pulled up as she was walking. The people in the van tried to pull her into the van.  Luckily, two American tourists near-by intervened.

Uvita: A girl from cascadaverde was forced to give her bag to a guy who took it and stole money, passport, camera.

Nearby Uvita: In the last two week Cristal Ballena (5 star hotel),  Cabinas Bavaria and Hotel Adelante got robbed by 3-5 guys with a ak47

 I believe this is not an April fools hoax but admittedly my sources are second-hand.


In somewhat unrelated news, my wife's laptop was sabotaged by a serious virus four hours ago.  Our passwords may have been compromised (the virus included several sub-viruses including reader_s.exe, RUN32dll.exe which captures passwords, and csrcs.exe, and just connected to the internet ("" among other places) - when I noticed it, it was too late, the virus had already infected dozens of system files on my computer, disabled antivirus software, and possibly sent our passwords to other computers.  Please make sure your firewall is on, and that all security is on its highest setting this week.  Run full system scans with antivirus software, and verify that all your critical data is backed up.  I believe the virus was conficker or related to it, and made a trojan entry then downloaded other viruses.  I noticed it because the computer got very slow, then opened a prompt with and typed netstat - which showed the computer connecting first to, then many other sites on the internet - at which point I immediately disconnected the computer and tried to remove the thousands of copies of viruses it had just created on the computer.




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destroyed the computer

My wife's system was completely destroyed.  The virus processes had already infected so many parts of the machine by the time I was onto them, that I could not catch them all.  I tried all the antivirus products; well, clamwin, norton, and kaspersky - finally with the third one, the computer was so tired that it no longer even allowed me to log on.  Luckily, I had a backup of all the data and the operating system.  So it cost me two days of work but now the system is almost back to where it once was.

Go here to stop the conficker

Go here to stop the conficker virus

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