Daniel's Men to Catholic Church: Keep Your Toes On The Line

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Ortega's Rove-like 2006 "election" featuring alliances and deals such as the big one with the Catholic Church (see http://upsidedownworld.org/main/content/view/472/1/ for instance) are falling apart.  The article of a 2006 article noting the convenience of the Catholic-Daniel alliance (http://www.thepanamanews.com/pn/v_12/issue_22/opinion_04.html) might have seen something coming.  Some others might have seen something coming as well, and some of those are very quiet (dead) now.  What we're seeing is that the Nicaraguan Church has realized its pact wasn't as good a deal as it had hoped.  And any tension in Nicaragua that becomes public, escalates.  Now after expressing displeasure about some Danlielista protests, the Nicaraguan Church has been getting death threats.  What is that story about selling one's soul to the devil?


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