David Axe, the Kearsarge, and the Nicaraguan Post

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I was recently trying to investigate The Nicaraguan Post - wondering

Is this an actual newspaper?  The content on the website seems to be completely syndicated or copied/pasted; there are almost no viewers (you can check the alexa or compete ranks of a website to verify this); the only "print issue" available online seems completely fabricated and copied from other sources with no original content; there are no advertisements.

Has anyone ever seen an actual print copy of this paper?  The domain name was registered Feb 20, 2008 and is owned by Holzinger, Reinhard; Ave Bodan #105; Granada, NA 90210 NI; 505-552-3053; waves.magazine@yahoo.com - which matches the phone number on the website.


In the process of some online investigation, I ran across some interesting articles by David Axe when he was reporting on the US ship Kearsarge's visit to Nicaragua.  (See his original article on Kearsarge's visit to Nicaragua and his followup articles on the Kearsarge's Nicaraguan visit.)

Then I found Axe's piece on the Nicaraguan Post's use/misuse of his articles where I read Tacked onto the end of my story was this delightfulness,courtesy of NicPo's hacks: "Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago are the other nations that will soon feel intimidated by the warship before it returns to its base in Virginia."

It sounds like there is more behind the Nicaraguan Post than just syndicated cut and paste.  What is it?

I'll give them a ring and let you know.


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