Democracy But Not Capitalism

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In one of your recent posts LaFoca, you said you want Democracy but not Capitalism.  Is this possible?  Won't a freedom-loving people embracing their right to vote also want the right to choose their own profession, keep most of their savings in the vehicle (bond, cash, real estate, stock, gold, etc) of their choice, buy their own home?  I've been to Russia and talked with Russians about their time under the Soviet regime, and lived in Nicaragua, visited Cambodia, Vietnam, China, as well as many hippy communes/communities and ashrams.  I haven't yet found people who have experienced both Democracy and Dictatorship who want to have increased government regulation of their lives.  They would rather live with a restricted government that does an excellent job with violent crime, enforcing contracts, and road maintenance, than a larger one that tells them where to work, live, and how to save their savings.  I agree that corruption is unfortunate, waste and inefficiency and cronyism are disgusting, but as far as the biology I know, everyone has an anus, and it smells bad near there.  Of course I do believe in transparency and in accountability, and a separate justice and press that together keep the evils of capitalism in check as much as possible.  And I think I'm like most people in that.  The longest they will accept a Communist regime is the length of a political term.  That gives them enough taste of it so that, if the Communist regime actually allows free elections again, they will be shown the door.


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