An Efficient Day in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica

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Yesterday we had a good day.  We went to town (Perez Zeledon).  First order of business: finalize the sale of the motorcycle to a friend's worker.  He twice almost overlooked some math errors but in the end we got the price we had agreed and he got the bike and we were all happy.  After that we went to pick up Rosalinda's birth certificate.  I was sure it would not be ready, as we had been promised it would not be ready before the 15th.  But it was ready.  So we picked up 8 copies.  Then we went to the OIJ (Costa Rican FBI) and asked for the paper certifying that Milyn has a clean record here in Costa Rica (we need that when we get back to the Philippines, to give to the Philippines FBI so they can certify in a similar document to the US embassy as part of the spousal visa application...).  This paper also emerged in just a few minutes without a hitch.  Some days work out so well.  I probably shouldn't let it go to my head, as next week we will be doing some office visits in San Jose and I doubt we will be so lucky.


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That's right. Lots of money and lots of waiting to get a spousal visa.  We don't have specific plans for where we'll check out in the states yet.  It'd be nice to meet you of course if we are still here.

 One year for a visa? That's

 One year for a visa? That's a long time. We were very fortunate that my wife's green card only took five and a half months from  start to finish. Will you be returning to the East Coast of the States?

We may run into you before you leave then. We are going to try for Semana Santa. 

our plans

Hi Jimmy, We'd like to experience living in the U.S. together also before we decide where to settle down.  Amazingly enough, it takes almost a year to get a spousal visa (we applied last year and have to get the final interview in the Philippines).  We currently plan to depart Costa Rica sometime in March or April.  Since Milyn's family is all in the Philippines, she wants to spend some time there near them, and we plan to do that.


Will you be settling in the Philippines for awhile? And how soon before you go? Today my wife just received her green card in the States so we'll be visiting soon.

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