A Few Words From A Nicaraguan

gueguense's picture

 You may speak any way you wish, but you'll never control my tongue.

Any Nicaraguan who does not use jueputa, pendejo, cochon, etc needs to be checked out.

FOREIGNERS who do not understand our sense of humor, nor understand our culture, FOREIGNERS who have been brainwashed by political correctness and who do not understand that nicas NO TIENEN PELOS EN LA LENGUA, are not going to figure things out as to how we gueguenses (nicaraguans) play around and make fun of each other.

We have a saying in Nicaragua, EL QUE SE ARRECHA PIERDE. The one who gets pissed off loses. Meaning, if you cant take the heat, you should not dish it out!.

Maybe all posts should be in Spanish only. That way the FOREIGNERS are FORCED TO UNDERSTAND how we think. VIVA EL GUARO JODIDO!!!


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