Finding a House-sitter or Caretaker Opportunity in Central America

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There are two kinds of caretakers that seem common here in Central America: watch some land, and watch the house.  Typically, it's common to see locals employed in watching the land and/or foreigners house-sitting watching the house. I'm writing in this message about the kind of caretaker who lives in your house while you are away.  It's often called house sitting, and the person often takes care of animals and the yard as well.

I thought about creating some type of caretaker database for this website, or a database of homes needing caretakers, but when I thought it through, it seems everyone's needs might be better served by simply sharing a few ideas for how to go about it.

Certainly, if you are are wanting to house-sit or wanting to find a house-sitter, you should let the people know in your local neighborhood. You should also post an announcement in a variety of places - country-specific email lists like those found in our list of online resources for Central America.  Also please post an announcement here on the Central America Forum, either as a Forum Topic or a Blog entry.

Finally, there are a few resources you have available for longer-term caretakers: check out The Caretaker Gazette, and Caretaker Jobs.  Of course, those organizations are global, not limiting themselves to the reach of a country-specific website or just the countries of Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize.

Typical arrangements I've heard of tend to leave a few expenses (like electricity) with the house-sitter, but in some situations also there are no expenses left to the house-sitter. 

Of course, you should always call at least two or three references for a person you have not met, and assume that they are choosing their best references.  And be clear on your expectations for each other.  It's important to be able to communicate effectively with your potential house-sitter / owner.


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married couple looking to house-sit

My husband and I are looking to house-sit in Central America in 2013 (short or long term). We are willing to care for animals and plants as well. We have a lot of house and pet-sitting experience in the US and can share any reference and background check information as needed. I speak both English and Spanish. Together we have a wide variety of skills and would love to help care for your home.

House Sitters available

Hi, We are a couple currently living in Roatan. We saw your ad and wanted to let you know that we are very interested on house sitting for the mutual benefit it would bring to both you and us. We have not house sat before but we can assure you we would be taking care of your house just as if it were ours. We will tell you a little about us. Angela is an Interior Designer and recently got a steady job in the island. With her professional knowledge on residential design and related experience she would definitely be an advantage to the caring of your house. I am a Software engineer and manage my business from home which gives me the advantage of being well aware of what goes on around the house Please let us know if you are interested via e-mail to give you our full contact information. Best Regards Richard and Angela


I will be more than happy to go home sit for you for the next six motnhs please let me know

Hi, my name's Kathy, I am a

Hi, my name's Kathy, I am a photographer looking to travel to central or south america with my 12 year old son. I home school my son so we are not tied to term times. I am ideally looking for something fairly long term, by the coast of near jungle, somewhere beautiful. I have students in my home all the time so am used to be being very clean and tidy. We are both passionate animal lovers, gardeners and very interested in holistic healing. I speak reasonable Spanish and am teaching my son. I have only done house sitting here in the uk, but can provide excellent references from these. Would welcome any opportunities. Please contact me on


Hello, my husband and I are going back to US, and would like to have a couple looking after the house for maybe 6 months, hoping it sells in that time. We are in Panama, Las Cumbres, very green area, peaceful, just minutes from the city and 1 hr. to beach. Our plans are to move on September 2012, Our dog will be coming with us. I could send pictures of the house, area, also you could find the house, that is for sale in encuentra24 ad 1463763 for more info on the house. Thank you

Hi Kelly, MY DH and I are available April 14th ( flexible).

My DH and I are exploring the 5 countries we have picked for retirement and CR is one of them. We've registered with house sitter organizations with an expressed interest to housesit while offering us a chance to " rent" before we buy. We're from the US but currently living in Dubai as expats. He's an airline pilot, I'm a real estate agent and Paramedic. Our schedules are very flexible as long as there is an airport nearby. We're also huge animal lovers ( have a few of our own) and while we're traveling, we will have house sitters in our villa taking care of ours. Feel free to find us on FB under Mike or Melanie Lefebve

Long Term House Sitting Belize or Costa RIca

My husband and I are Canadians and have been traveling for the last 3 years. We would love to find a long term assignment as we have no time limitations as far as how long we can stay in one place. We have house sat before, have references and can provide you with anything else you might need. Please email us if you are interested in starting a conversation.


yes; where are you and what are you looking for? We are still here at lake atitlan, guat. feel free to email me at p s o r e n s e n 6 9 @ m s n . c o m

House sitter for CR?

Are you still available? Thanks, Kelly

Exchange labor for room and board -- CA

My name is Patricia; currently my partner and I are residing at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, exchanging labor for room and board in a temporary position. We are both able-bodied, middle-aged and speak some spanish and french; our first language is english. We will be available about Feb/Mar for another similar position. I am a landscaper and my partner is a woodworker. Our strengths include: working with plants, custom woodworking, other carpentry, cooking, animals, and mechanics. Ultimately we would like to build our own bed and breakfast on the water. Other interests include boats, alternative power, holistic medicine, archaeology, history, scuba, rafting, and staying fit. We are very responsible, having had our own business for over 10 years. We have been traveling CA for 8 months and LOVE it! Please email me for more information and references at


Farm family,homeschooling christian family from the states ,residing in CR the last 3 yrs looking fort long term position. Livestock,equipment,greenhouse,vegetable production plus many other skills.

House sitting...

I am sure you have found people by now but thought I would send this a long on a chance that you had not!!!!
Living in Vancouver am an Artist arrive Roatan Feb but would be looking to house sit form March 1 to July 31st 2012
Thanks Kindly

house sitting

I arrive in FEB but would be available to house sit from March until the end of July...Many an Artist currently reside in Vancouver Canada..take care and be safe always:):) Carrol Ann thomas

Caretaker in Roatan?

Hi, I noticed you were possibly looking for a housesitting in Roatan, Honduras. If you are still looking, we are very interested. Very clean and responsible couple with lots of experience staying in other peoples homes around the world. We heard Roatan is a beautiful place! Please let me know if you're still looking. Thanks, Chelsea and Brad

honduras roatan

my boyfriend and i have house/pet sat in roatan, and in most of central america for 3 years. are you still looking for a caretaker?

House Sitting In Roatan

From March 2012 to end of July an Artist currently reside in Vancouver....will be volunteering and the Forgotten school use to live in Sandy Bay many many years ago
am reliable/love animals and my home has always been my castle and can provide many, many references to this....thanks for your time

taking care

couple in their 40 offers its services in caring and managing property in any area in Costa Rica. It offers reliability and warranties.

Housesitting on Roatan?

Do you have an e-mail we can discuss this privately?

House sitting in Roatan Island, Honduras

Wondering if you are still looking for a place? Does Roatan Island, Honduras interest you?

Couple Seeks House Sitting In Central America Nov 2011-Mar 2012

Hi. We are a professional couple from the States with lots of references and experience. Can speak Spanish. Looking for a House Sitting Opportunity In Central America. Nov 2011-Mar 2012 Welcome Responsibilities like gardening and house painting. Please e-mail if you'd like to find out more about us. Thanks

Hello evrone whois coming to nicaragua

I like to announce my services as a trnslator or house sitter please call me at 89976030 and also I can help me find a good maid who speaks 35 %english and has a good police record

house sitting or work for a roof over my head

Looking for an opportunity to work for food and roof or house/pet sit in Central America for the month of December 2011. Need a break from my stateside day to day. Am professionally employed, responsible, fun, and in the position to take 4-5 weeks off from my job. I grew up n Panama, speak some Spanish and feel at home in Central American community. I can pay rent if that is an option as well - I just can't pay the tourist rental prices. Thanks

long term caretaker

looking for long term caretaker position in mal pais area, worked in hospitality industry for 25 yrs and wife is a certified nurse practitioner

Housesitting Couple - Belize, Honduras, Panama, Dominican Rep

Couple (one Spanish first language - other English first language) looking to house-sit in Caribbean beach community in Panama, Belize, Dominican Republic or Honduras. I, Michelle, originally from California, moved to FL in 2006. I am a Wellness Coach and some day look to manifest a Spa Retreat in the "right" area. Jorge, my partner, is originally from Puerto Rico now residing in FL. A dentist by trade and wishes to assist in making the Spa Retreat a reality. We are looking to house-sit in various areas to get a taste of the surroundings to determine the right place for our future endeavors.


experienced multi-talented handy-man.. seeking long term employ in corozal and/or caye area.. light framing.. painting.. electrical.. drywall.. plumbing.. light ceramic tile.. profound irrigation,, drainage and low-voltage lighting experience.. currently reside in atlanta,, georgia.. no nonsense.. no drama.. no bs.. no games.. safe.. sane.. serious.. real.. would like to relocate permanently as soon as possible.. posted 10-10-2010..

available to housesit in Belize

Hello. I am a mature female Canadian national with permanet residency in Belize. I'm looking for a long term housesitting position in Belize where I can also do my small internet based web-site design business at - I am reliable & responsible and can provide references. I prefer country or jungle setting and love animals. Please e-mail me if you would like more information. Thanks


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