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Apparently, I've pissed off a raging xenophobe and homophobe with a Stepford wife in the Nica Living forums - KeyWestPirate, or something vacuous like that. Enough so that he is watching everything I write, as was brought to my attention. Even my husband had to laugh at that one (and he rarely finds these forums entertaining or amusing).

So....for the record, Sr. Pirate in Key West, you asked what happened and I'm proud to share this with you.

During my husband's application for asylum in Nicaragua, he was imprisoned for supposedly "illegally being in the country" even with evidence of a stamp, and held incommunicado for 9 days in DGME along with a few Americans, 2 Mexican nationals, 2 Venezuelans, a group of Somalians and about 15 Ethiopians, a Peruvian, and several others. And during my efforts to have him released when Roger "Pablo" Morales, the Director of DGME in Managua, illegally arrested him like the others, we contacted UNHCR, ACNUR, the Salvadoran Embassy. Sr. Morales and his practice of holding immigrants for bribes was revealed. Since he was demanding $1500 from each of the Ethiopians and Somalians (who he knew could not afford it), and most likely planning to demand $3000 to $5000 from me and over $120,000 from two there, we ensured his entire staff was investigated.

At least one human rights organization entered the facility and took photos of the conditions where women and men were held in the same cells, others like my husband were held in cells completely darkened for 9 days (breaking several human rights laws), and ACNUR observed the one telephone that a few were allowed to use for local calls only for $10.00 per call. So Roger Morales's bribery efforts were exposed. Because of my husband's case, most of the people were released and offered asylum. Very few chose to accept it after being held illegally and continued on to better places and my husband was released. The two Venezuelans (a physician and a prominent attorney) went home to report this. The Peruvian Embassy looked into it after I notified them, and this most likely will be announced in the upcoming April U.S. State Department review of Nicaragua....not exactly GOOD for Ortega's Human Rights propaganda, but great for truth telling, unless it is too late to make the press. You see, I contacted the State Department and they were VERY interested that the Americans were held and quite a few countries were thrilled that we exposed this. I'm not sure we are on the DGME Director's list of favorite people, or the Sandinista's list of people they love to know, but I'm damned proud to have exposed these people as is my husband for gaining their release. here's the good part, so tell your buddy who schlepps coffee in SJDS is going in my book as the last chapter of our ongoing saga.

In the meantime we learned that my husband's country of origin had dealt with the individuals who would have placed his life at risk, so we were pleasantly surprised to learn from the consul that he could enter quite safely and live in a developed country instead of settling for an undeveloped country where so many white Americans came to practice pedophilia and dodge taxes, paying of the Sandinistas to do so. So he is in his country and I will be joining him next week.

Your compadres know very little of how "common law marriages" are dealt with in Latin America, because they are considered nearly the same for immigration purposes as legal marriages. As a matter of fact, if you idiots understood Latin culture at all, you would know that common law wives are looked upon pretty much the same as regular legal wives in many cases these days. In Latin America, a common law marriage holds nearly all the same benefits, but again, coming from a bunch of xenophobes who can't even learn the Spanish language, much less have the confidence to enter the culture without the hand holding of other silly little twits from North America, I'm not surprised to see that your dullard pals don't realize this.

Now on to Key West Pirate's xenophobia. Sr. KeyWestPirate, who fears the very immigrants his Stepford wife is supposed to be saving as a nurse, feels that our immigration system should keep out the people whose country he parades around in. Admittedly while attending poetry readings in a language he doesn't understand (one assumes to demonstrate he is fooling Nicaraguans into believing he is not the typical redneck racist and homophobe that he posts as) and announcing his silliness. His posts have demonstrated his disrespect and antipathy for Latin people in general as he insists that "we" (he means U.S. citizens) should keep any further Latin people from entering our sanctimonious borders. Though, I have already demonstrated that border patrol are being paid for by cartels to look the other way, but apparently this "pirate" who thinks he's conquering a new frontier by going to Nicaragua feels he is the voice of the U.S. as many aging xenophobes do. I think this old fart has probably aged out of reason, possibly reaching the declining years of senility. He seems to forget what he writes and then becomes incensed that one calls him on it. And for some reason, this homophobic xenophobe feels that calling him what he is is offensive.

So I say to you, Sr. "KeyWestpirate" be proud of who you are! If you are a Floridian with homophobic and racist hate speech, then by God, stand up and admit to it! Don't try to hide behind your Stepford wife's skirts, but come out and be all you can be! After ARE typical of the aging morons that come to Nicaragua with questions like, "Can I bring my yacht to Nicaragua tax free without the Sandinistas taking it from me? And will I have to pay importation taxes on it if I am a resident?" or one that was even more hilarious, "Isn't my $100,000 condo considered employer's assets, because after all, I hire a maid here and there to clean it, so I MUST be an employer."

One wonders if these mental featherweights even know the difference between passive and active income with this type of "understanding" of importation. Maybe KeyWest can enlighten us as a self proclaimed financial whiz kid with his "brilliant" buddies and questions like that. I thought xenophobes and homophobes were supposed to have their thumb on the pulse of all things. ROFL

I'm reminded of this song when he posts:

Sing along KeyWestPIrate:

I'm a simple man with a simple name
From this soil my people came
In this soil remain oh yeah oh yeah
He made us our shoes
And we trod soft on the land
But the immigrant built roads
On our blood and sand oh yeah

White man White man
Don't you see the light behind your blackened skies
White man White man
You took away the sight to blind my simple eyes
White man White man
Where you gonna hide from the hell you've made

Oh the red man knows wars
With his hands and his knives
On the Bible you swore
Fought your battle with lies oh yeah
Leave my body in shame
Leave my soul in disgrace
But by ev'ry god's name
Say a prayer for your race oh yeah

White man White man
Our country was green and all our rivers wide
White man White man
You came with a gun and soon our children died
White man White man
Don't you give a light for the blood you've shed?

White man White man
White man
White man White man
For you battled with lies
White man White man
Still lies
White man White man
Say you look around every skin and bone again

What is left of your dream?
Just the words on your stone
A man who learned how to teach
Then forgot how to learn
Oh yeah


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