Full-Time Job for Renewable Energy Expert in Central America

Senior Advisor in Renewable Energy
SNV, Duty Station, Managua, Nicaragua
Main Responsibilities
• Strategic positioning: Identifying and interpreting opportunities and/or barriers and threats of advisory practices and ensuring information transfer to the team; Ensuring up to date contextual analysis and interpretation regarding tourism sector.
• Network development: developing, expanding and maintaining effective and efficient local and regional networks with relevant stakeholders; identifying possible new clients; functions as the interface between SNV and the client;
• Engagement and strategic scoping; initiating multi-actor assignments at sub national or national level; preparing proposal / strategies and ensuring approval on contracts; composing teams for assignments and establishing contacts and agreements;
• Advisory Services: leading assignments and being direct responsible for their successful implementation; acting as account manager for specific assignments and / or clients; determining whether or not and when other disciplines should be involved; managing and monitoring progress and resources allocation and deployment; being responsible for contracting process, monitoring quality of services delivered by involved organizations and local capacity builders within assignments; identifying potential conflicting interests and initiating appropriate actions; ensuring clients satisfaction on quality of services and processes during the assignment.
• Review and Evaluation of Advisory Services: contributing to feedback process, coaching and evaluation of achieved results for clients and SNV; leading the collective learning; being responsible for timely and high quality evaluation processes, coordinating the evaluation process and monitoring with clients; proposing corrective measures and lessons learned based on evaluations; ensures identification of follow up assignments, ensuring planning and coordination of actions.
• Coaching advising other team members, both professionally as operationally; coaching associated partners on quality within context of assignments.
• Knowledge development: contributing to internal and external knowledge development; participating in knowledge development / expertise groups and in external and internal networks; ensuring lessons learned being shared and applied in daily practice; possibly being appointed as national or sub regional focal point of an expertise network.
Academic Requirements
Academic level of Masters Degree in Renewable Energy, Environmental field or any related areas.
Professional Experience
• Professional Background: Minimum 8 years professional work experience, including at least 5 years of international experience as consultant / advisory position, private or development organization. Knowledge of the international development or international business field preferred;
• Language: A proven track record working in a multi-cultural and diverse environment. Experience working in a bilingual (English & Spanish) environment with sufficient proficiency required.
• Culture: Proven track record in working in diverse and decentralized teams of professionals in an innovative setting; able to lead, stimulate, inspire and coach professionals in a dynamic work environment. Committed to strengthening an innovative, inspiring and dynamic work-place environment united by conviction to pursue development beyond convention.
Required competencies
• Knowledge of key actors (organizations, networks and decision makers) in the Renewable Energy (RE) sector within Central America.
• Proven experience in project design focused on Renewable Energy alternatives.
• Experience in Renewable Energy Technologies and related program implementation
• Strong knowledge of the legal, organizational and political framework, technical standards and development prospects in Central America related to RE
• Knowledge and proven experiences in Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) methodologies, CER markets and methane markets.
• Experience in marketing and promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies and in using market-based approaches for the expansion of the RE sector.
• Experience in successfully use of business approach within the renewable energy sector contemplating social inclusion strategies.
• Experience in resource mobilization techniques
SNV offers an attractive compensation package according to the candidate’s experience.
Contract Duration
starting a.s.a.p. for 3 years and renewable based on performance
Contact Information
Send your application letter and CV (in English) to snv@ibw.com.ni by 25 November 2008. Applications will be reviewed immediately upon receipt. Further information regarding SNV Latin America, please visit our website at www.snvla.org and www.inclusivebusiness.org For corporate information, please visit us at www.snvworld.org.


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