"Go" clubs in Costa Rica

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My wife and I are fans of the game of go. (See http://senseis.xmp.net/?WhatIsGo for a description of the game.)

We have been to the weekly Saturday go club meetings in San Jose, at the brewery just a few times. We live pretty far from San Jose.

The Costa Rica go club has a website: http://www.go-tico.org/

Here is the announcement they have about their meetings:

Las reuniones de nuestra Asociación se realizan todos los Sábados de 2:00pm a 6:30pm en el Centro Nacional de Cultura ( CENAC ), diagonal al INS en San Jose.

In English, that means that meetings are every Saturday at 2pm at the National Cultural Center, across from the INS (Insurance Building) in San Jose.  The taxi will know all those landmarks.

They do welcome English-speakers and beginners.

My wife and I are also considering starting a go club in the Southern Pacific Coast area - anyone else play, or want to learn?

Peter and Milyn


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