Grupo Fenix in Managua, Nicaragua Hosts Regular Solar Lectures

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When I lived in Nicaragua, I sometimes attended the Grupo Fenix's lectures about renewable energy.  They are held some Saturdays in Managua, not far from the UCA.  If you are in Nicaragua and interested in renewable energy, you should visit at least a few of their lectures.  Warning:  It's all in Spanish  --  at least it was 3 years ago!

Their website: (English!!)

Their email: (Email them to get on their announcement mailing list)


Their next lecture is December 6th:


El tema a tratar es. Proyectos más relevantes de Grupo Fénix
Conferencista: Miembros de Grupo Fénix
Mujeres Solares de Totogalpa
Programa Fuentes Alternas de Energía
Empresa Suni Solar S.A

Fecha 6 de Diciembre del 2008

Lugar: Aula Audiovisual de Computación Frente al comedor del Recinto
Universitario Simón Bolívar de la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería



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