Humor: How to Call The Police in Honduras

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republished from HondurasLiving Yahoo Group - it is funny, but also touches on some themes that are not entirely without poignancy.

I sleep very lightly , and one of those nights I noticed that someone was quietly walking through the garden of my house. I got up and I was listening silently in the footsteps coming from outside, until you see a silhouette through the window of the bathroom.As my house is very safe, with bars on the windows, there are Trancas internal doors, I do not worry too much, but it was clear that was not going to let the thief there, envisaging quietly, then called the 199, the police, and reported the situation and gave my address.

They asked me if the robber was armed, what caliber of the weapon was, if I was alone, how was I physically, and if he was inside the house, and so on. And so on. I Explained that no, and that the characteristics of the weapon I knew nothing. Then they told me that there was no patrol nearby to help, but they were going to send someone at the time it was possible. That if something more serious happening again call.

A few minutes later I called again and said with a calm voice: "Hi, I called a while ago because there was someone in my garden, and there is no need to Strive to come because I already killed the guy with an AK-47 firing Caliber of 7.62mm, Which I have saved for these situations. The shot hit him in the head and he blew his brains out, and are now splattered over the whole garden ... ... They had not spent just three minutes when they had in front of my house and inside - 5 patrols of the Metropolitan Police, 8 DGIC players, 10 of the ANTI-KIDNAPPING, 4 of the municipal police, the helicopter HALCON 2 over my house, director of the Institute, on whether the thief was lower, the CHONAS of Visitation Padilla, 5 prosecutors, 1 unit of firefighters, 6 ombudsmen, 2 patrols of the private security of my cologne, a team of reporters led by Edgardo channel 6 Castro, another TCF Welsy Vasquez of Vica Television, 1 attorney and an ombudsman of Public Prosecutions, 2 deputies, 10 candidates for mayor and 4, Ramon Custodio with a group of human rights, 1 correspondent for AP and other Press of France and finally 2 NGO delegates, who were not miss this for anything in the world.

They caught the thief in-flagrante, who was watching the whole face of atortolado.

Maybe he thought it was the home of police chief or a relative of MEL ...! Maybe he thought it was the home of police chief or a relative of MEL ...!

Amid the tumult, an officer approached me and said: "I thought you had said that you had killed the robber." I replied: I thought that I had been told that there was no one available ...!

" Viva HONDURAS my beloved homeland. "


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