I am proud to announce Siren Press is publishing my novella, Anastasia and the Cuban

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I am happy to announce that Siren Press and I have reached an agreement to publish Anastasia and the Cuban!

Due to this, Anastasia and the Cuban has been taken down from Kindle and Amazon, as Siren Press and I have signed a publishing contract.

We are in the process of working through a production schedule and the first release should be in eBook form around November, 2010. There will be a new cover and new art for this book.

So you will no longer be able to purchase this book until it is re-released. After, it should be available again on Kindle, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and on Siren's personal site.

Thank you,
Jennifer Lawson Zepeda


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Thanks Nicaz

Anastasia won't be out for another five months though. But I appreciate your sentiment.


I look forward to reading your new books.


This is what has been keeping me busy

I actually had two publishers looking at this book. I liked the policies of this one, plus the advertising they use. They take a full page ad out for many books and announce them, plus they send copies of the books to various reviewers to glean advertising blubs. Many of their books become best sellers because of their intensive marketing campaign, so I thought this was a good place to sign ths book.

There is a story bahind his book that I'll share later. IT began in the most unuaual way and was never intended for publishing. It was more an expriement with style, but it seemed to take root in my heart and I thought it was a great story.

I'm very proud to have placed it here. And my other book is selling in Japan and a few other areas now, although sales in the U.S. haven't been big. I've mostly sold to distributors and book sellers, but I'm thinking with the publishing of Anastasia and the Cuban, interest might change here too.

I'm wrapping up two more novels now and preparing to send them out. So, I've been extremely busy. How have you been?

congradulations again

That is fabulous news.

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