I don't get to say this much...but today, I'm so proud of people in the U.S.!

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To the thousands who got out and marched in the streets, fighting the NAZI Janet Brewer and her domestic terrorist campaign of Latino hate...THANK YOU! You have renewed my pride in my country!

And to the Legislators, Judges, Civil Rights Attorneys, and Congressmen insisting there should be a financial boycott of Arizona? A BIG thumbs up! America is telling those who exist in some archaic form of Latino hate to shove it up their ass in a BIG way, and I couldn't be more proud!


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wow mark

thanks for the verification.  jeesh, that is a lot of work.  400 houses, who knows how many trailers etc, you deserve a rest!

Things in the U.S. getting better?

My neighbor's son is Salvadoran with his Master's degree. He visited last week and is packing to move back to El Salvador where there is opportunity and health care for him. Why? Because he's been unemployed for over three months, with no health care and is concerned about the future and providing for his children with no work on the horizon. I'm not sure things ever will get better there. The jobs have left the country.

They are now in places like Chile and El Salvador and India and China. They aren't coming back. The one thing I learned during my law suit and after leaving Mexico, when I lost nearly everything including my hope, is that if you maintain that one thread of belief in yourself or someone else, you will recover. I went from losing our businesses, our home, every thing we owned except two boxes I got out the day before we left to having it all back again and then some. And along the way I learned that I have a great deal of resilience even if I didn't believe it at the time.

That's what your employee has that many wall street types lack. It makes or breaks a person. And I don't think you are some pretend CIA guy like what I've been dealing with. I think you are the real deal now, because I know that people do find rare occasions when they simply fall into something. It happens. A dear friend of mine from high school, a guy many thought was not the brightest, developed a small triangle that when placed in the corners of showers kept the water from leaking out. He became an instant millionaire overnight. Another friend of mine sold a best seller and became instantly wealthy. It happens. Even a law suit or lottery winnings can change a person's life.

And I think you are nuts to have lived in Cali, but it appears you found the best treasure of all there...your wife. That is the one thing you have that is worth more than all the deals you made.


You didn't misunderstand me, my dad and I bought everyone of those homes. We were paying around 300.00 per house for closing cost. My dad and I did all the upkeep on those homes, I would repaint, and redo all the insides and outside work. and my dad would fix all a/c and stoves ect. We have seen huge malls that would close down in that town because a black man would attack a white woman, and when this happens all the white women would be scared to go to that mall, once that happen the malls would slowly die to the point they couldn't pay the taxes on the place and two of them I know of where torn down. They would move further outside of town and build another one.

I'm not trying to brag about these homes, I was just writing about how a person falls into a job not knowing what you might do to earn a living. All these homes were bought back in the 1979 to around 84, we rented them all out back then with no problems at all, then once the whole area was black, most of our renters wanted to buy those homes and we atarted selling them off, I had picked up the equity when I bought them and then made money from the rent, then made a little more when they bought them from me. I took all that money and started buying trailer parks. I could buy a trailer for 3k set it up in my park for around 1,200. and rent it out for 125.00 per week which included power water and gas. These made me more money then the house ever could because the times had changed for one and rent was higher, plus I didn't pay any insurance on these trailers.

Today like lafora stated you could buy whole city blocks of homes, but the problem again as she stated you couldn't rent them out to anyone. back when I owned mine the blacks couldn't get a loan to buy them, but once they kept a job and lived in that home for 3 to 5 years, they could get a loan. This was back when our government was making loans to anyone even to people they knew couldn't afford them, which is one reason we are in the mess we are in now. I wouldn't even think about doing that today. I was just in the right spot at the right time.

Deals like that happen, even thou people might not believe it, We all know one person that made one billion dollars in one day. sounds nuts doesn't it, her name is martha stewart. when she put her company on the market thats how much she made.

I don't write here to put on some kind of mask and play cia man, or to act like someone that I am not. I have never wrote anything false in this forum. You and others might not agree with my view on things which is totally fine, but I would never write anything knowing it wasn't true.

many peoples views on things depends mainly on what they have done in their lives. how they have lived, what job they have held. To many of my friends back home they all called me nuts when They learned I was going to colombia, they threw a party at my house and said it would be the last time any of them would see me alive again. What horse shit, but to them that's how they thought. Most of them had never been out of that state, much less out of the country. One of my workers here pointed to a motor bike he wanted, I asked how much the man wanted for it, and my worker went wheewww a lot of money, I said whats a lot of money? he said 500.00 I bought it and he pays me 20.00 a month back on it. To him that was a lot of money, to me it wasn't. This is the same man that has never been outside of this valle, ever. he had only seen the city on tv. First time he went with me, he stood there looking up at the high rise condo buidlings unable to move. He lives in his grandmothers back yard in a home with his wife and two kids, the whole house is no bigger then my guest bedroom.

Now am I better then this man? Hell no I am NOT. In many ways I feel he is better then I. He is not greedy, he works and goes home and takes care of his family, with 200.00 a month that I pay him. He only buys what they need, and waste nothing. They are all healthy and happy, where many of us need three tv sets and two cars or we feel like we are not happy. We waste more and use up more things that serve no purpose at all. I have one whole room full of crap, and two 40ft shipping boxes outside full of crap. That at one time I just had to have. I have three cars, a boat, a four wheeler, a dirt bike, two scooters, and a golf cart. for what? The other day a friend of mine was talking about buying a harley, the guy next to me just bought one, and I found myself looking at some for sale on a site. Two things hit me, one was what they hell are you thinking, you don't need a bike, and the other thing that hit me was when I checked this site for motor bikes, they had all kinds of models and brand name bikes, I clicked on all harley's that are for sale in the u.s. and there were 37,000 listed. That should wake up anyone who thinks things are fine in the u.s and are getting better.

During a foreclosure market? I can believe it.

There are many no-money down deals to be had in that type of market and people are desperate and will accept nearly any offer just to get out from beneath a house. I purchased our first and second home with some deals similar to this. Our first home was purchased rent to own. We financed the second off the equity made on the first and landed a deal because it was a two year old home that a contractor had altered and then fell and been injured. The alterations he had done were tacky and wouldn't sell. Things like putting cedar diagonal paneling up on the staircase wall. Painting some odd colors. But he had also added a full basement, but never finished it. We hung wall board and finished it, repainted and removed all the tacky touches. We netted a huge bit of equity on that. So, from the two homes we were able to buy another home of a nice value. Real estate is a good money maker if you get the right deals. If Mark was buying in a depressed market, like in an area such as Detroit or post-industrial area job market crash, he could have easily done that. I could buy 400 homes right now in some areas near Detroit, where the homes go for even as little as a few hundred dollars. Of course, finding renters for them to earn income would be tough, and selling them? Forget it! But I could certainly purchase them. And there are areas of Texas too, that I might be able to pick up quite a few homes...near Brownsville for instance. I was told the homes there go for next to nothing. I could rent those to immigrants and make a profit.

I don't know about people running from blacks. I haven't ever seen white flight that left over 400 homes vacant. I'm not sure I ever want to. Seems like 400 homes with silly fools to me, but heck, if they were that ignorant then, I'd make money off of them too. Not only for being an ignorant racist, but because their ignorance could add to my wealth building too? I call that killing two birds with one stone.

Mark did and your dad really buy 400 houses

What a nice story.  Although I have a hard time believing you really bought all 400 houses you're talking about.  Or did I misunderstand that?

Stop using "We" when it comes to Nicaragua

I don't believe you are Nicaraguan at all. I'm beginning to think you are that ridiculous drunkard from Canada, who also pretended to be a police officer and lives in SJSD. You are equally as stupid for sure. But your bullshit is about the same too. Not to mention this silly vendetta. What I do know is that you are one of the biggest bullshit artists I've ever seen. You play the same weak accusation game, pretending to have information on people you don't even know and then back peddling when they make a fool out of you. Not many are stupid enough to do this, so I'm wondering if you are the drunkard from NL with the Arab father who claims he is from the U.K. and then says he's from Canada and wants to be a "Nica" so bad that he confuses himself where he is from.

Go have a drink. Drink a long, cool, tall one with nice bubbles and that hot aftertaste when it goes down your throat. Doesn't that sound delicious? Enjoy a Flora de Cana on me...and escape the tension and frustration of your life. Maybe it will even make your ugly wife look better.

Before you bullshit any further, you may want to read this:


Again, El Gordo...hilarious back peddling but

Asylum applicants don't have the documents to work, you moron, that's why they apply! Hence the application to get them. And people working illegally don't last long in Nicaragua where the Sandinistas are on every corner, with people reporting to them. That's why no asylum applicant would work illegally there, you idiot - especially when they had an American wife that can send them money to live.
And once again, you are wrong about Nicaragua. There is definite proof of the illegal activities of the Nicaraguan Immigration and it will be published in my book. Including, the fact that both my husband AND I know who Roger "Pablo" Morales is; and the only way we would know his name is if my husband had been held, illegally since there is a C4 agreement between four Central American countries, including Nicaragua and El Salvador. Which proves he shouldn't have been detained by immigration officials AT ALL! Nor should the thirty others have been held incommunicado...not from Somalia, Ethiopia, Cuba, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and a few other countries, who were released the same day as my husband after ACNUR did a photography session of Roger "Pablo" Morales's corruption practices. And the Venezueland doctor and lawyer arrested? They were arrested at the airport as they were leaving the country, and were VERY upset, so it's likely this won't be kept hidden by Ortega's goons much longer.
And here's another question. If you have this "scoop" on my husband, why can't you find any of your hilarious news articles with HIS photos and HIS detention; or even a person arrested under the lawbreaking claims you've attributed to him during the right time frame, when he was there? I would think a "big time drug runner and mob boss or gang member" like you imply he was would have his own seperate photography session and news articles, no? Isn't that how you say Nicaraguans deal with such people? Then dig these up! Show us what you are made of. You can't. Know why? Guess!
BTW, Morales only tells his detainees his name is "Pablo" not the Roger "Pablo" Morales. That took some research. We also have the names of his superiors, and the people who worked beneath him for publication, including photocopies of documents proving our case, from the King Quality Busline when my husband entered Nicaragua under the C4 Agreement and his corrupt agents stamped his bus ticket with his tourist visa instead of his passport, like everyone else on the bus that passed their documents forward. Now why would an honest immigration officer do something like that? Hmmmm? Are we to believe that immigration officers don't know the difference between a passport and a bus ticket, or where to stamp a tourist visa? These "honest" souls that they are?
But there is MUCH MORE! You'll have to wait for that to be released when my book comes out. We will have a good laugh! My husband's friends sent us documents while he was held that proved our case. Why do you think he was released, instead of handled like the story of the gang banger you posted? And we also have the names and telephone numbers of a few of the others who were detained at the Managua DGME, to back up our assertions, PLUS documents proving he was held. I don't go into something like this half cocked, little man. I don't rely on hilarious assertions and random magazine articles to make associations. I gather facts when I present a case.

You are a complete moron! You implied that gang member was my husband, trying to imply that some gang member arrested in September of 2009 was the same person through inferring associaton by country of origin and tattoos. And THAT was your opus magnum on us? THAT was your "insider information from classified files" on us? THAT was your "photo of my husband?" Stupid, you didn't even get the tats right or the location of them or what they are. I thought you had this insider scoop on us through having access to "our files," yet a gang member's newspaper arrest from September of 2009 was the best you came up with? ROFL

Even making references to my husband having tattoos and the gang member having them as well. You might as well have pulled up pictures of surfers with tattoos and made the same comparison, and hey! How about a few soccer players and NBA stars with tattoos as well. I think Dennis Rodman has a few facial tats. Maybe this is my husband, eh?


You are too hilarious. I owe you proof of nothing, and certainly don't have to justify me or my family to a pervert. You haven't even proven you are Nicaraguan...which I have some doubts about, except that you act as stupid as the idiots that worked at the Mangua DGME facility, who had a combined IQ of maybe 80; and know nothing of what "your" country has done legally or legislatively. You certainly know nothing about the laws there; OR, that they DO allow criminals asylum. As a matter of fact, you really don't know MUCH AT ALL ABOUT NICARAGUA.

And you've been proven that you don't have any contact with "international files" on anyone. You make me laugh. Your Walter Mitty dreams make great foundations for weak minded characters. But I have a feeling I'd be writing about the type of morally bankrupt person who screwed up his life, fled the law in the U.S. and moved to Nicaragua as a last ditch effort to resolve his pathetic life's story and probably is dodging his taxes. I am confident from your posts that you are the dirt beneath many people's shoes, that you have the bootlicking, "hey-buddy-you-got-a dollar" type of personality that creates that venom inside a man's soul when he's destroyed his life. For that, I pity you.

edited 6/30/10

Political Asylum has different requirements

but you would not know that would you?

Your husband was refused because of working here illegally and not meeting the requirements for asylum, including his background check.

No proof of any illegal activities on part of Nicaraguan immigration exists. If you have it provide it.

Please show me where I said

this is her husband. I said this is how we handle criminals. Please read what is written.

Also...for more laughs look at the date on that photo

13:44, September 06, 2009 My husband wasn't even deported from the U.S. until October of 2009, and he didn't arrive in Nicaragua until LATE November of 2009, which is documented in my posts on NL!

My husband walked into Managua Immigration in February 3rd of 2004, asking for asylum. He was released nine days later. And if my husband had those wild tattoos, then the photo Peter has from me, of us nine years before would demonstrate that. This guy's lips are even tattooed. El Gordo, you are a riot!

This crime boss was arrested in September of 2009, a month before my husband left the U.S. This poor guy with his "access to international files" must have slipped and fell on the wrong one, eh? ROFL This was too funny. I called bullshit early! I'm still calling him a bullshit artist. Where are you REALLY from, El Gordo? Tell us about your made up life! Se acabó! He's busted.

Oh! And El Gordo, just for the record, Nicaragua HAS been offering asylum to gang members who can prove they haven't been active for some time. And if you were Nicaraguan, you'd know that and might even complain about it, like our friends have been. I'll try to find the article on that too, so the world can see what a bullshit artist you are. And what do you know...here it is; or at least one of them:


Put some music on El Gordo, have a glass of wine and enjoy learning about Nicaragua.

Peter, do you still have the photo I sent you a long time ago

The one I sent you in your personal email of us? Look at that photo and look at what he puts here, "with his access to our files" and enjoy a good laugh! This fool doesn't even have access to Nicaraguan LEY 655, supposedly his own Refugee laws. Nor did he seem to know about them, which is hilarious, since he claims to be in touch with this stuff! Nor did he have any knowledge that his supposed country offers asylum to many criminal elements as long as they have leftist ties. He's a dumb ass wannabe and I'm SO GLAD HE POSTED THAT! As I said, tell the dumb ass that pretends he has the goods on you to produce and he'll hang himself every time.

Again, El Gordo...hilarious back peddling but

And you also know nothing about Nicaraguan Law. You may want to research your own LEY 655 and then laugh at what a fool you've made of yourself. Also, you may want to research how many FARC members from Colombia were granted asylum in your country, which anyone reputable with "access to international law enforcement files" would know...and how odd that you didn't. Want proof, dear?


Nicaragua has been offering asylum for some time to criminals, and it is one of the FEW countries doing so. That isn't tough to look up on the internet even, so shame on you for not doing your homework.

You really don't know that much about Nicaragua at all, do you sweety. Not much about the U.S. either. Nor about law enforcement and access to files. You also know nothing of Mexico or why decent people are fleeing that country but that just adds to the volume of knowledge you lack. That you don't even know your own laws in Nicaragua and I do is laughable.

Here's LEY 655 for you, honey, so you can see your president's position on asylum and granting it. Maybe you can get it interpreted into English for you. Because any Nicaraguan worth his salt would know this much, so I'm really wondering about you and if you are from Nicaragua originally. I always thought you might be until you posted this.

Ley 655
Ley de Protección a las Personas Refugiadas. Signed into law on 3/06/08


Read it and weep, you laughable old fool!

That you cut and pasted the verbiage from U.S. asylum? Hilarious! That you are so stupid that you don't know that laws are individually interpreted and even interpreted once they reach circuit courts? Priceless! That you have no understanding at all about basic concepts of law? Hilarious!

You should know when to stop so you don't make a buffoon out of yourself. You have removed your own masquerade by your continued posts proving you don't know anything about Nicaragua or the U.S., and yet you continue. THIS is EXACTLY why I would NEVER want you censored. Nobody can make a fool out of a fool better than himself!

I'm assuming you think the man in the photos is my husband. Even MORE hilarious! Peter, does that look like the photo I sent to you of us? Notice my husband's forehead in the photo and his hairline. ROFL My husband does have tattoos, but they aren't on his forehead. And he does cover them. I've never hidden that. But your "access to our files" has created an error. My husband is a MUCH better looking man than that and he is a lot beefier. I've also explained he does weightlifting, dear, so that should have been a clue.

My dear, if he were with MS13, I'd be damned scared here in El Salvador. Why? Because the police are rounding them up and putting them in prison. However, my husband is working and passed a background check. Amazing, eh? And I certainly wouldn't be jeopardizing our situation posting on the internet.

Stick to little girls, you silly old man. You are too damned dumb to mingle with adults. About the only thing that makes me think you might be Nicaraguan is that you are so stupid that you think you can bullshit your way through this. That reminds me of that dumb ass, Roger "Pablo" Morales, the Director of DGME in Managua, who when I called him acted this dumb too. First he told me they had deported my husband and couldn't give a flight number. Then he changed his story and said he had been released to go to a cash machine. Then, when confronted with ACNUR, the Salvadoran Embassy, and his own Sandinistas, he shut the hell up and obeyed like a good boy! He tried to keep my husband's mini-netbook and cell phone and even had them in his personal desk drawer, until the better man from the Salvadoran Embassy demanded them. And my husband laughed in his face when he walked out of there, telling him he could keep his mosquito ridden country! I tied up his phones for two days calling the stupid s.o.b. and he couldn't even figure out how to deal with me. But the dumb son of a bitch DID know how to demand bribes from Somalians and Ethiopians at $1500 a piece. That they tried to cover? I'm sure it was a HUGE embarrassment for Daniel Ortega that over 30 immigrants were being held incommunicado. I'd shut it up too, if my LEY 655 didn't coincide with that. Isn't that what the gutless people in Nicaragua do? Cover?

God you people are dumb as hell! It sort of makes me proud that my country walks all over yours. I'm also glad you are there and can't get into the U.S. We don't need any more trash to enter. Immigration policies do serve one good purpose. They keep losers and liars like you where you belong.

that's the best you can do?

She called your bluff, Gordo!  All you have on her is a link to a picture of someone else from the same country as her husband?  That's like someone producing a link to a picture of a man in a gay bar captioned "Carlos" and suggesting it is proof that you violate your marital vows with other men. 

It seems like the only detective work of which you are capable is misinterpreting her own words.  If you had half the courage to share more about your own challenges in life I might have some respect for you, but aside from a suggestion to Mark about his block machine, all you've been able to do here is blow hot air.

For a person claiming to be so smart it is too bad

that LaFoca is incapable to comprehend the written word.

I wrote:"As someone who has access to international law enforcement files and information, I can tell you that these are not honest and law abiding people."

I did not say I was a police officer. That is her interpretation and like most of her assumptions this is incorrect. She has no clue, as usual, about who has access to law enforcement files. Many agencies can request these files if they are related to their work. You don't really think Nicaragua would let ex gang members into the country? People with criminal history are banned from entry, residency and asylum here and in the US. Since she is so versed in US and Niceraguan law, I am certain she is familiar with this:

If an alien seeking entry into the U.S. has a criminal record, this might make them inadmissible, depending on the crime they committed. Crimes that make a person inadmissible are:

* Crimes involving “moral turpitude”. This refers to crimes that are against the community standards of morals and justice, such as murder, theft and kidnapping. These also include crimes involving dishonesty such as fraud, perjury, tax evasion, etc.

* Crimes involving drug trafficking and violations of controlled substances.

* Conviction of multiple crimes can make a person inadmissible.

As for asylum:

Asylum- A Judge may grant asylum to those individuals who fear persecution in their country of origin. The persecution must be based on race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, or membership in a social group. Generally they must also make a showing that the persecution is not speculative and will definitely affect them.

Based on this, everyone can draw their own conclusion why this perfect husband and his mild mannered wife had to flee for their lives form Mexico and why he had to seek asylum in the land of milk and honey and eventually was refused asylum in the US.

Now what in the world would make anyone think Nicaragua would be glad to accept the people rejected by the USA? Why would or should we be taking in people found unworthy by the US due to their past behavior?

Here is how we in Nicaragua deal with gang members and drug runners http://english.people.com.cn/90001/90777/90852/6749352.html We don't give criminals asylum. Please pay attention to the tattoo on the forehead.

And LaFoca writes: Now for those of you who have never had to cover tattoos or facial discolorations, or even scars...this is inconsequential. But for us, this theatrical makeup is the only brand that completely covers my husband's tattoos..making him suddenly a "decent man" until we get them removed. http://central-america-forum.com/forum-topic/my-first-big-overblown-bitc... Surely this just a coincidence and he has no gang affiliation past or present whatsoever?

And certainly she must be aware many agencies involved in the internal security of their respective countries share and exchange information. Therefore many more people than she thinks have access to these files. That is one of the ways of combating crime, drug runners, the expansion of gangs and organized crime.

Peter, she can send you any photo she wishes, tell you any story she wants to tell you, but is it the truth? Or is it just another version twisted to suit her needs?

Where is her proof regarding the supposed illegalities by Nicaraguan Immigration Officers? She can not produce that because has fabricated the story. No mention in any news papers, no paper trail, no evidence, no story.

The circle is drawing tighter around them. USA - out, Mexico - out, Honduras - out, Nicaragua - out.

How does the song go? Oh yes now I remember: Its a small world after all!

Now I'll just sit back and wait for the wonderful fabrications she is sure to entertain us with.

Mark we are agreeing...over the hump now...LOL


Here is my view on education. It is NOT synoymous with intellect. Education is simply a vehicle that teaches you how to be an effective researcher. It does not gift you with intelligence. It does not validate you. It provides you with a foundation to build your career and life upon. I've known brilliant people who completely lacked formal education and envied them more than professors with profound education. And I've often done this in the writing world. For instance, I can think of one professor who teaches acting (taught Glenn Close even) who is one of the most simple and unthinking, insecure men I've ever met. He is weak in every area: the mind, the soul, the spirit, and his education has provided him with nothing of value. And I can think of a marvelous writer who barely had a grammar school education; but who wrote beautifully. Her words were like a song, and she became a best seller.

For me, its what is in the person's heart that matters and how they process what they see in life. I could give two shits about some CEO with a Harvard education, if he's a blight on society. I would MUCH rather sit down and rub shoulders with a man who used his hands all of his life and has a valuable story to tell than that CEO.

I worked from the time I was 14 too. I delivered eggs door to door, babysat and delivered newspapers. I worked and paid my way through school, as a single mother. I had many different jobs before I became a corporate writer, and you'll laugh but the one I look back on with the most affection was being a waitress. I am one of the few who loved doing that. Because I felt always like an entertainer on stage, making people's lives fun and serving them food and drink. I never liked corporations. They were too formal for me. I'm a free spirit.

It sounds like your father was a wonderful teacher and you were a good student. I wish I heard more father/son stories like that. Your life sounds wonderfully fulfilling. It is a nice tale of Americana. And if all family stories were as rich as yours we wouldn't have crime and hate and all the negativity in this world. Unfortunately we don't get that story all of the time.

I came from a two parent family who worked in the visual arts...mom was a model, pops an artist. Mom went back to school and got her education and pops got his. So education in our family was expected. I grew up anticipating becoming an attorney, but changed my route towards writing because it was my passion. I raised a son whose father abandoned us and raised him entirely alone and even got through college doing so. I supported us no matter what. But I learned what pitfalls women go through doing that. Then, I met my husband and my life changed when I saw how people treated someone I dearly loved and valued and I became an activist out of disgust. And I've never regretted any of the speeches I made, the demonstrations I marched in, not even the law suit I went through...and there were times during that suit that I wanted to quit. I'm not good at speaking the way an attorney expects me to; because I feel the truth should be spoken in your own words. But jurors arrive to trials with preconceived notions and I learned during that trial that if you want to win, you tell the truth - but carefully. You become a non-person in these trials, someone that doesn't inspire any feeling at all of negativity within the jurors. If they are right winged, you are a moderate. If they are left winged, you are a moderate too. If they are religious and you think all Christians are crackpots, you let them see an angelic smile every time the Lord is mentioned. Because these assholes will decide your fate, so you can't afford to upset even the one you pick out as the biggest piss ant on earth when he walks in and gives you vinegar nose after hearing the attorney's first remarks. They have your power in their hands. THAT was what I learned from our law suit. And that is why I NEVER want to go through another.

These days I write about my observations. And I've been fortunate enough to publish quite a few of them. And I've been fortunate enough to gain some notice for them. That's all a writer can ask for. We have had a good round of debate and I have learned to have respect for you. I feel we may have gotten off on a bad foot, two opinionated souls...but I'm glad to learn that we actually do think a bit alike. What you said about the way you feel about things...I completely agree with you. It's been fun debating.

I'm about to get down and dirty writing my next book; so I won't be online much. This one has more murder and mayhem than the others, so its going to be a fun write. Unlike the one I just published, which was a light political romantic suspense, this one is a suspense. I think it has potential, but I need some time.


Thank you, Peter

I do not stand behind things I am wrong about. If I think I am wrong, I will be the first to apologize. But the people who spend time dancing from site to site to censor opinion don't like to allow anyone to have one different from theirs.

Here is the difference between the troll and me. As much as he disgusts me, as much as I feel he is the dirt beneath my shoes, as much as I don't like what he claimed to have done, I would STILL defend his right to post here; because I hate censorship in any form, as a writer. I may not like what he has to say. I may fight him tooth and nail and make him look foolish, but I would never remove his right to post his opinion.

On the other hand, El Gordo has been instrumental with a few of his weak minded pals in censoring me and removing my right to post in forums. It didn't matter, because the people in those forums left me highly unimpressed. And he came here with that purpose, because he was successful on TRN and NL. He thought he could do it here too. And having gotten to know a bit of you, I knew it wasn't going to happen. Because I think you are a bit like me on the subject of censorship, and he doesn't realize that.

He can post all the lies he wants about me and my husband. I can prove him wrong every single time, because its obvious I'm much smarter than him. And this is the problem with people who censor others. They are fearful of them. No one ever censors the stupid, or the weak. They only censor people who are effective. Because they can't present an argument that can fight that person's views. And that is this person's issue. That he has taken it to three different forums, after I've left two with the same people and never gone back? It should tell everyone what he is about. I haven't ever gone back to TRN or NL. I have no use for these people. And I knew when I came here, they would follow, because they can't stand to allow others to have differing opinions.


hahahah I believe we do think the same on many things. But hey I love a good battle every now and then. But I bet my bbq chicken is better then yours???

I can see from your writings that your well educated, I on the other hand I'm not. A little college but I dumped it all to go to work. I never could get my head around what I wanted to do, so I couldn't see myself sitting in a class room learning things to apply for a job when I had no idea what that job might be. I guess for many of us you just fall into something one day and wake up 20 years later doing the same thing. I never stayed in one place for long. 5 to 6 years and I moved on to do something else. I had worked from a young age, and during one summer between cutting grass for people a man asked me if I wanted to paint his house. Well sure, anything back then for a buck and for a kid no more then 13 that was a great feeling to have spending money in your pocket. I painted that house, my dad came by and gave it the once over, pointed out a few things I missed and then the home owner came out and said fine job and paid me. Well the guy next door saw it and I guess his wife told him they couldn't be out done living next to a new painted home so he hired me to do his as well.

then all the sudden it seemed that the whole street was in on the deal, I had far more homes then I could handle. So that night my dad said well you took these jobs so now what? I grabbed a bunch of my friends and hired them to paint homes and I quickly learned that I could make money and not even touch the job myself. yes I made a little less but I had so many people working that I was rolling in the money. some of those kids I hired are still painting to this day.

I bought a trans am and paid cash for it. it was used 7k miles on it, but I believe I paid around 13k for it. now 16 and had a fine ride, I was out in this one area and there were signs for sale in almost every yard, which was weird to see every house for sale at one time, I told my dad about it and he said well lets go see whats going on there. It was a classic case of whites running because a few black families had moved in. My dad said son, every once in a while you step into something that you just know you've hit a homerun with, you just have to be able to see it. I didn't have a clue what pop was talking about, he grabbed a box of my cards and said you take that side of the street and I'll take the other. I said to do what ask them if they want me to paint their homes? he said no, buy em. I said which one? he said all of them.

I laughed knowing I didn't have that kind of money, after all I just blew a huge amount of my savings on that car. dad said just say what I tell you to say and go to the next home. We told them all we would buy their homes when their real estate contract ran out. Nothing down and we would pay the closing cost. I thought are you nuts? they are not just going to give me their homes, dad said o yes they will, they need to get out from under their home to be able to buy another one and they are so scared that with the black families moving in their homes will drop anyway and they all are running scared and want to move away.

well we hit every home 400 in all. That evening was family night out, where we all would go out to eat and then to see a movie or go bowling. when we got home that night the tape on the machine was full. Dad called his lawyer, and I went to the credit union the next day, I got a 5k signature loan and then I handed them the title for my car for another 5k. 10k in all, which was a lot of money in those days. Dad's lawyer cut me a deal on all the closing cost due to the amount he was going to handle. between dad and I we bought all but 30 of those homes.

As soon as the ink was dried I rented those homes out to the first person who had a job and cash. I believe is was 400 per month and my payments were around 200 or so. In the end I did buy the other 30 but I had to kick in some money of those. Any home that wasn't rented out I had to go by and cut the grass ect. I had bought a truck and a trailer and had a big yazhoo mower, before I bought the last homes I had cut one of the yards, had it looking really good too, the only problem was I didn't own it, the man and his wife pulled in the driveway and said great job but who are you? hahahaha

all those homes gave me the money to buy other things, trailer parks, liquor stores, lad mats, small mom and pop stores, warehouses ect. as long as the place could pay the bills that was all I wanted, any thing more I would have to buy somthing else, if not the tax man got it. some of the warehouses I didn't break even on, I bought stuff I didn't even want but had to.

My dad taught me a lot, I saw a bass boat I wanted and my dad said well there is good debt and bad debt, all these homes and stuff your buying is good debt, they earn enough to pay your notes and give you cash left over, that boat is a bad debt, it's not going to make you a penny and cost you each month. so I passed on the boat as well as anything else that didn't pay me to buy it. He is still alive at 74 years old and everyday that old man teaches me something new. I like the old saying that the older you get the smart your parents are, they were that smart all the time, your the one who grew up to understand that.

So I just fell into a job, not knowing or planning on it, it just happen to be there. That is how I was able to become a reserve officer, and later I was a vol. fire capt. in a small town. They had no fire dept and when a persons home caught on fire no one could help. so we all started one. I have always tried to help my fellow man when I could. I hope my good deeds will offset the bad ones. I always feel that whatever you do will come back on you good or bad. I once bought some fancy rims and tires from a guy, at the time I didn't know the guy had stole them, a buddy of mine told me he knew the guy and that's what he did. Three weeks later someone stole my whole truck, might have been the same guy. The police found it, stripped to the bone. I feel that was pay back.. lol.


It is a bit odd that El Gordo would think I would try to ban you from the board, when you've made more contributions of value than anyone else.  Maybe you and I disagree about some things, and maybe you might have written before careful proofreading in a few instances, but I also always remember that sometimes 'the person who has done nothing wrong, may have never done anything at all'

Amazingly enough, many people who never contribute anything proactively themselves often believe that they are contributing by their presence or ridicule, believing themselves equal contributors alongside those who make the effort to independently gather information, analyze, and present it.

Mark, YOU I believe

Your comments about serving as a police officer ring true to what I've heard. And your wife's age makes no difference to me. That has NEVER been an issue with me. My issue was always with men who wanted to exploit women that were not of age. I take that very personally, because I value children. My husband is younger than me too, so I'd be a hypocrite to judge a person for having a younger partner.

You appear to have a healthy view of relationships. I've told Peter even that age is not my issue. If two consenting adults choose to join and they have the maturity to make that decision, then God bless them and I hope they are happy. But if people want to exploit minors? They get on my shit list fast.

My husband and I have many friends who are and have been police officers. They have our utmost respect. And when they overstep the laws, they have no respect from me, because they should hold themselves to a higher standard. We seem to agree on this.

See? Once we get past our small differences in opinion, we actually think a bit alike.

Peter, you are correct

I've posted information about INTERPOL not so much for him, but because there is a trend on the internet for people to pretend to be the world's police and "have the scoop" on you, when they disagree with what you say. And having so many police officers as friends, it amuses me that people are this simple as to do this.

They don't understand the complications police officers deal with for their own safety and privacy, something they take incredibly serious; often because of the safety of family members. So I can't STAND liars that insist they are cops when they are anything but. Now...I will let it go. But I want every idiot out there who fabricates that he has some type of hilarious background on another "because he is a cop" to be on warning. It's BULLSHIT!

And I will do a print out next time, so my quotes can be verified. But I made no mistake on this one. On Mark, I may have and that was why I apologized.

let it go?

Maybe next time you want to use another person's words against them in a separate context, you should print it out?  In this case it appears that El Gordo states that you misunderstood his remarks, or else made them up or confused him with another person?  It appears that you've indeed called "El Gordo"'s bluff about his fabricated insider scoop on your life, so maybe you could leave his revelation of his character at that and remove the paraphrase that you earlier attributed to him?  Next time if you have printouts of statements made online, I think that would offer protection so that statements of that nature could be published.


I agree 100 percent with that statement. I was a reserve officer, we had to go to school for 5 months, three days a week. you were on the firing line 8 hours each sat. and in class the other two. we had test each week on the law, and then we had shooting test every sat. If you failed once you were sent packing. I have seen 100 men come in and 30 make it. You have a strong bond with these guys, and to see one wash out the last week of class is heartbreaking.

The city gave us 1.00 per year and 300.00 to apply for your gear. I did the job because I wanted to help people. I never targeted anyone based on the color of a persons skin, nor did I treat anyone with hate. These officers are like family, they are the only people who understand what you go through and what you deal with each night. They are the only ones who have your back and you trust them with your life.

I did the job for 6 years, and I turned in my gear and quit. Many reasons for this, but the main one was my last year on the job, I saw officers that were over stepping, well I can't say it that way and sugar coat it, I saw officers breaking the law. I should have been a man and arrested them. I could not thou. and that left me with only one thing to do, and that was to turn in my gear and quit.

police should be held to a higher court then the avg. person. A police officer who breaks the law and the public trust should get more jail time then the avg. person. I.A.B. is the only office that try's to ensure that officers don't break the law. But when other officers are called down to make a statement about it, most, no, all say I didn't see anything, or I wasn't on scene at that time. many even will lie about what did happen.

To my credit I have stepped in and said hey don't do that, it's not worth it and many times that would be enough to stop them from commiting a crime. I did have a hand in two officers losing their jobs, one was asking for sex to allow ladies out of a ticket, and another one was showing the drivers church pens that he belonged to, you give a few dollars for his church and he didn't write the ticket, and you got a cheap pen with his church info on it.

When my brother in law wanted to join the force they called me in to ask me about his back ground, and I told them he wasn't cut out to be a police man and he would end up handing the city a law suit for his actions. he was turned down when he applied. He was a huge man but the power of that gun and badge would go to his head and I knew he would abuse both.

I wore my badge with pride and honor and the few bads ones hurt us all. I know people hate police officers, heck even my dad didn't want me to join, but you are the first they call when they need help. the only other times you deal with one is if your speeding or your getting arrested for something. so both of those fuel the hate for you. I have never ever been told in roll call to write x amount of tickets. Most officers don't like to write them unless some fool is really don't something dumb. Now we did go out and have to set up radar in areas of town with 10 officers only writing tickets, but this was due to the fact that someone had called the mayor's office and complained about speeders near their homes. so we had no choice but to target that area.

Now If joe is breaking the law, then the feds will charge him with that and he will have to pay that price. I do not know what his approval rating is, but he has to be elected and He has won a few terms in that office.

Thank you for your kind words about my wife and I. My colombian wife that is...hahahahahahaahaha. I love her dearly, and she is my equal and in many ways better than I. she is young thou, 20 years younger, Thats a lot of years between us I know, and I understand that I won't be here much longer. But I feel that the life she has with me is far better then the one she would have had. Our children will be taken care of their whole lives and so shall she. My wife is very smart and she is very loving, our children and I come first in her life. I have to drag her to the mall and almost force her to buy things she might want or need. Latin women to me are just more loving, open and sexual. Not that american lady's are not that way as well, I just have felt more love from them.

esamor.com and mylatindream were two dating sites I once had, I handed them both to a friend of mine and told him to have at it. I didn't care to deal with many of the american men that came down there. I don't even know if he still is running them or not. Most of the men that did come down wanted a sex slave and a maid. some were good hearted but most I couldn't work with. I HATE any man who would ever date a woman younger then 18. These country's that allow that to happen need to have some kind of fine slapped on them, and the person who does that needs their B'S chopped off. Just the other day a buddy and I were sitting having a few drinks and this young lady comes up and starts talking with him,I got up and went inside to ask a local how old that lady was, he told me 17. when I came back outside she had given him her number and wanted to go out with him. when she went to the bathroom I leaned over and said she is 17. he said your kidding? nope. so when she came back to the table I asked her, her age, she said 22. I said well if you are show me your id. she refused so my friend handed her number back and asked her to leave. Trust me on this one, the jails down here are not a pretty place you want to call home for the next 5 years. I have been there a few times taking supplies to people who have nothing, and 20 mins is to long for me to be there, much less 5 years of that hell hole.. You want to talk about being held like a dog, joe's tent city is a hotel compared to that place.

This place didn't have running water for around three weeks, these men were getting rain water to drink and take a bath in. They get rice and bread that's it. anything else you need your family must bring it to you. 50 or so to a cell made for 10. they sleep with legs across each other on the floor. no tv, computer, pens, paper ect. The new president is making plans for a new jail thou, so I hope that it will ease these mens time some what. I care for some, but many I don't, just depends on what they did and why.

Look up the word, "SLANDER" you fake cop

Slander is a spoken communication or form of defamation of character done by gestures you idiot, a legal term that refers to a FALSEHOOD presented as true which could harm the reputation of a person or entity. Quoting someone on the internet is not slander. It's not even libelous, if the quote is true. Also, moron, a statement may not be considered libel if it is addressed to a small audience or individual.

Here are more facts about libel, for the pretend cop:

1. A statement must be false in order to be considered libel.
2. Libel must also be presented as a fact, not a quote of what they said.
3. Opinions are not considered libel even if they damage a person’s reputation.
4. Statements that are considered “fair comment and criticism” also do not qualify as libel.
5. An injurious statement must also be considered believable to be libel; if a statement is so outlandish that a reasonable person would not believe it, it is not considered libel.
6. Libel is when a person publishes material that could be harmful. And libel does not include quoting a person's own words.

Nothing I've posted is FALSE, so it is not libel and since it was not spoken it certainly isn't slander. I posted comments that you made in a forum, which were removed. I proved they were removed. There was nothing false about my post. It was factual and true and a quote from your own words, when you felt you were in your element. That you no longer feel good about saying that? Bravo! You've finally realized it isn't cute to talk about children that way! Maybe you've learned something!~

If you were in law enforcement, you would know the difference between slander and libel.

Now, for Peter's sake...stop trolling me, and I'll quit proving what a foolish man you are. You came here only after I did and the reason was you were pissed about our conversation at The Real Nicaragua site. You are a troll, have proven that here and now you are kissing Peter's ass. I'll ignore you too, but you post ANYTHING to or about ME and I'll take you down again! You aren't even competition for me with your lies and fake persona.

Peter, slander and fabrication is the style of LaFoca

There are plenty of slanderous statements concerning me remaining on this thread. Please ask her to remove them.

You wrote to her: "How about you post what negative reprisals you would like on another site that you control, that anyone can find? Would that work for you? Then you are accountable for the accuracy of those issues, not me? " I consider this good advice and a smart move on part of the admin of this site.

Since I mean you or this site no harm, I intend to ignore her and give her enough rope to hang herself. It is only a matter of time before she gets herself banned here like on all other sites dealing with Central America.

She will continue to lie and fabricate stories about people she does not know. I keep inviting her to produce proof of posts she claims I made. Of course she is unable to do so since they most likely never existed. If they did exist, they sure were not written by me.

Since she feels and claims she and her partner have nothing to fear, she should feel very secure at her present location. I wonder how long that will last?

MS-13 activities are being investigated across Central America and the US. Let her laugh it off and retort to her usual acid remarks. We'll see who loughs last.

I did not join here to fight with a mentally disturbed person. I was hoping for some pleasant conversation with adults. Being subjected to slander and lies was not on my wish-list.

Thank you for your efforts Peter.

I know you are not Little Corn Tom

And never implied you were. I demonstrated that your posts were removed on that thread along with Little Corn Tom's because you were trying to weasel out of what you said. And since that thread that you posted again demonstrates the Little Corn Tom's posts were removed by a reference to them and then no post, it proves my point that you knew those posts INCLUDING YOURS WITH THOSE STATEMENTS were removed. A delusional woman wouldn't have been able to prove that "detective."

And I've only been banned from two sites, where the same members hang out and censor any opinion that doesn't coincide with there opinions. Oddly enough, the same sights where you banned Peter too.

As for reporting you to the Nicaraguans whose own President is a rapist? Don't make me laugh! The country is so disgusting they allow child rape, including many Americans who come there to follow their "daddy-daughter fetishes." And that was what got you and your pals so riled up. That I called it what it was.

Now where is all the proof that you know who my husband is and this photo? You are so full of b.s. You removed your post not because Peter asked you, because Peter asked you many times to act like a civilized human being and you haven't. You removed it because I called your bluff and told you to lay your cards on the table and you and I knew you had no cards to put out. In short, you were bullshitting and we both knew it.

Again, man up and put your photos of my husband and all the "police records" you claim to have on us out for the public to see. I'm still waiting for this laughable "evidence" you claim to have as a "police man." This is the same bullshit claim you made on Nica Living, stupid and I made an ass out of you there when you claimed it. Don't you ever learn?

Meanwhile, too bad you live in Nicaragua, because the U.S. offers courses for wannabe cops like you; so you don't have to run around on the internet pretending to be in law enforcement. It's a pity when a man grows old and never reaches his highest aspiration and is only left with pretending in life.


editing comments

OK I'm glad it worked for you.  When possible, please leave a note in any comments that you edit, like (comment edited 6/28 by author to remove rude remark).  Thanks for removing your attacks.  El Gordo, are you satisfied now that LaFoca has removed any slander that you implied she had posted here?

Could this be the thread she wishes had disappeared?


or was it this one?

They were both easy to find if someone bothers to look.

I can't for the life of me see where anyone stated they had sex with prepubescent girls. But then I really didn't read all that nonsense.

If I had said that, I'd owe up to it.

I have never had sex with children. And of course I have never said that since I am not the person she thinks I am.

As you can see I have removed my accusations based on information available in law enforcement and INS files.. I expect that delusional woman to remove any accusations against me. I am not Little Corn Tom. My name is there for all to see on my profile and I will have to defend my name. Please let me know your decision.

I have no intention to bring this site into a fight that can only hurt it. I feel as admin you should take action in this case.

I have no idea who this person is she is speaking of. I know I am not he. But isn't it interesting how she can't find the alleged post yet she keeps right on with her libelous accusations.

Maybe now you can see why she has been banned from every site she has posted on until she ended up here? Her behavior speaks volumes. Maybe she really does have a mental health problem?

By the way, I invite her to report the person she thinks I am to any authority she wishes. If she is correct and the person actually said he had sex with minors, that person should be charged.

Thank you Peter

I'll give it a try. Thanks for the effort.

I did try it and it works great!

Out of respect for you, Peter

I will never mention his disgusting behavior again; but his hypocrisy in talking about MY country and OUR laws for immigrants, when he breaks the laws of his own country and human rights laws is disgusting. And he should keep his damned mouth shut about the U.S. because he knows nothing about the U.S. He is one of those control freak Nicaraguans, probably part of the sandinista cadre who tries to intimidate people with machetes and using Directors of DGME, before a bitch like me turns these jackasses in to World Human Rights Groups. This is why the world laughs at his country. Daniel Ortega and his people are probably the world's biggest unspoken joke! And he's "proud" to be from that shit hole. Hilarious! This is why we don't allow his type in the U.S.

Notice the reference to Little Corn Tom's post removed

Which you will also notice was deleted, proving my point that my posts and others were deleted. El Gordo knew this, which is why he asked for proof and won't fess up now. Also, notice the tone of the reactions to my statements about pedophiles should give you an idea of what transpired and why. Why would anyone personalize those comments if they weren't feeling a bit ashamed or guilty? If someone came into a forum talking about how bad hookers are, I certainly wouldn't personalize it, knowing I am not a hooker; but these fools got VERY agitated over nothing.

El Gordo...where's your proof about why we left Mexico? Where are those supposed photos of my husband? I guarantee you they will never surface! He doesn't have any such thing! And Peter, I believe I sent you a photo of my husband and I. So you know what we look like without pretending to have a phony assed police job. He also has NO IDEA of why we left Mexico other than general ridiculous speculation. Only you and I know this and one other. ROFL

And yes, he DID do what he said he did. Otherwise I would have apologized to him, like I did to Mark. But I will not apologize to this liar! EVER!

hard to see the past from here

It looks like you had a fight with a bunch of people who didn't want you in their fraternity, but (perhaps since it was deleted) as far as I know there's no mention by El gordo of having sex with prepubescent children, or bagging little girls.  El Gordo, did you do that?  Did you imply or state that you had done that?

Here is the site

Found the site. The Real Nicaraguan. And it was El Doc that sent me the emails telling me what an insecure bunch of twits there folks were and to be careful that posting facts on the site about pedophilia would get me removed, even if he was thrilled someone was finally doing so.

El Doc was right. Many of my posts without attacking a soul were removed and sent to some archive area where they are removed a week later. And so were El Gordo's and he knows this. They called it some name like "things we can't resolve" or some shit like that. And two of the other players, El Gordo's pals were Little Tom Corn, Some freak calling himself John Wayne, drlemcor, and Fisher Cigarman. Why I was removed? Because I answered a post by El Gordo, where he admitted he had relations with young girls and said "if he did that, then yes, I felt he was a pedophile." The rest of my posts were explaining facts about how pedophilia damages a culture and the victims of pedophilia, without swearing at these old fools, without calling them pedophiles, but when they admitted to it? Yes, I said I felt it was disgusting. And ALL OF THOSE POSTS were removed, which I thought told a great deal about the site and the people posting there. Why not leave them up and make me look like a bitch if I were wrong? Because a few of them admitted to things they weren't proud of. Here is the thread so you can see what type of person "El Gordo" and his pals are. I'm proud to post it, because it shows what happened and proves further that he's a liar.


And I'm STILL asking why these old farts got so worked up over me posting my disgust with pedophiles moving to Nicaragua? Because any decent man would have done what El Doc did and complimented me. Now you understand why this troll is following me around and lying about knowing one damned thing about my husband or I. Thanks for motivating me to find this, Peter. It proves my point about them!

Bet you wished you'd kept your mouth shut, now Troll! ROFL

Look at this post:

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Default Re: North Americans seeking "Daddy/Daughte" relationships in Nicaragua

Quote Originally Posted by FisherCigarman View Post
Relax mujermagnetica please!!!

Little Corn Tom is NOT Juanno,I can assure you that, thou LCT can and acts like a SOB(just like I do) Tom is a total different character.

BTW,welcome to TRN but Please DON"T mix the characters on the other site with this one,and if at all possible don't bring your fights from the other site to this one.

Enjoy your stay!!
Not a problem, and I assume you will tell the NL members to do the same when they respond to me as Tom did.

Notice that Little Tom Corn's post is not there before it. Why? It was removed with the others. He posts later, but before this post? Not there! Why?


Hi, I really don't know who is El Gordo, but he claims that his name listed in his profile is real.  That being the case, and since I personally haven't seen any evidence that he bags little girls or has sex with prepubescent children I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, not necessarily because I doubt your intuition LaFoca but because I'm liable as the owner of this website.  How about you post what negative reprisals you would like on another site that you control, that anyone can find?  Would that work for you?  Then you are accountable for the accuracy of those issues, not me?  

sorry try again

The default (and only normal) setting for drupal is to disallow any person from editing their own post after someone else has commented on it.  I had to hack the php code for the comment module, but you should now be able to edit any of your own comments even those that already have comments.  Peter

And if El Gordo had ACTUAL access to

international law enforcement folders, I would LOVE it if he would post them here. That way I can laugh at his lies. He is the biggest bullshit artist on the internet and living in la la land.



Watch this now, Peter. He won't have shit, as usual. Because he even lies about who he is. I know what is in the investigation folders of my husband and so do you. Let the slob try to prove his case. I WELCOME IT!

BTW, Troll, did you know that courts can access even posts that were removed in the case of law suits? So even though your pals removed your posts, if I sued your pathetic ass (if you had anything worth collecting which you do not) I could then request all the records and prove what you said about bagging little girls. Funny how you don't know this as a supposed law enforcement agent. I love your bullshit!

You asked about Domination in another post

Here's a prime example of why the world laughs at Nicaragua. This fool actually thinks he can brag about his perversions and garner an apology when decent human beings tell him he is disgusting for them. It doesn't surprise me at all from the only country on earth where the PRESIDENT RAPED HIS OWN STEPDAUGHTER. That is why Nicaragua is still and will always be a shit hole. When the population excuses el Presidente for raping his daughter, then you cannot expect much from the people of a culture like that. And El Gordo proves that.

El Gordo knows he had those comments removed

Which is why he is posturing right now. He knows the moderator had all of my comments and his responses removed when he had me removed from the site, so he is being a hypocrite. And he also knows there are no photos of my husband ANYWHERE on the internet with or without tattoos, so he's lying again. I have never posted photos of him, or any of my other family members because that is THEIR right to do, not mine. The only photo on the internet of any family member is my son's child, a person I'm proud of.

Also, he has no clue why we left Mexico, because it is not something I've broadcast; so he is lying. Peter knows the reason, because I shared it with him, as does one other person whom I will not reveal. He was a wonderful person that helped me a great deal and I value him too much to reveal his identity. El Gordo played these same power tripping games on the Nica site and that was when he made his comment about his preference for little girls. That he won't stand behind them now? Hilarious! I bet his buddies are laughing at him now for not having the cojones to stand for what he posted on that site before.

He spread the same lies about us on that site and on Nica Living. He is angry because I did not condone his pedophile statements. I still don't condone his behavior. He is a disgusting person who has admitted his preferences and I called him on it. That he had the statements removed after he had me kicked off for posting facts about pedophilia in Nicaragua? Not surprising.

I welcome El Gordo to find one post ANYWHERE on the internet to substantiate his claims that we were drug runners./ I also welcome him to post his photos of my husband, and I will send Peter actual photos. As I said, Peter knows why we left Mexico, and so he's probably laughing at El Gordo's conclusions. Peter probably has the email I sent him explaining what happened when I introduced myself to him. ROFL

The troll, El Gordo, posts about his life, bragging that he was bagging little girls when he is with the safety of his pals and then lies that he didn't post it. I won't apologize for repeating what he said, whether or not it was archived and then removed a week later at that site where he and his friends control what is said. His gutless tactics are the champion of weak minds like his. I never in my LIFE will apologize to an admitted pedophile because they disgust me. And if his disgusting country allows him to behave that way, then GOD BLESS THEM for doing what they did so we didn't move there! I want no part of a country with perverts like him, who empower themselves at little girl's expense. I would spit on him and kick him in the balls for what he does to little girls. THAT is how little I respect him.

Peter, you know how these assholes work. If you want to defend them, I can't stop you. But I will never take back what I said about him, because it is the truth. If he really didn't feel molesting little girls was cool, then he shouldn't have posted it. Tell him to shove one of his cigars up his ass. I'm not playing his game. And I DID apologize to Mark, because that was the right thing to do. But this freak of nature? NEVER!

Editing Posts

I tried to edit my post as per your request Mr. Christopher. Unfortunately there seems to be no way for me to do it. Same as there is no way for me to post in my own blog or start my own thread. Could it be the permission settings need adjusting?

By all means feel free to remove anything you feel is improper, threatening or excessive. To involve you or this site in this matter was not my intention. As a matter of fact, I would prefer to have a discussion based on facts and about the original subject of this thread.

Too bad that does not seem possible.

not being taken to task? i brought it up and will deal with it

LaFoca, can you provide any actual statement made by El Gordo that substantiates what you claim he said?  If so, fine; if not, El Gordo's right, please remove the conjecture.  By the way, El Gordo, you might want to tone it down a little bit too, you can send some of your hints of retaliation via personal message right?  The way I have set up this site, any member can edit their comments, so you can fix this on your own.  (Unfortunately every time it will send an email message to others who have posted on the thread also, still working on that...)

Mr. Christopher you can see where it leads

It leads to slanderous accusations that are posted without being substantiated. It leads to LaFoca being able to post untruth without being taken to task for it. If she thinks she knows who I am, let her say so.
My profile is up to date and my identity is no secret. Let her post links to the supposed posts or shut up. If she wishes to be exposed for the liar she is, I have no problem doing so. Maybe I'll start with the [Removed as per request of site admin.]
I am Nicaraguan and proud of it. I am proud that my country refused entry to this murdering gang member from El Salvador and his live in partner. We don't want or need [Removed as per request of site admin.] in this country. As someone who has access to international law enforcement files and information, I can tell you that these are not honest and law abiding people. They are connected to some of the most [Removed as per request of site admin.]. All her posturing can not change that.
I have been polite and adhered to site rules. Don't you think others should be held to the same standards? If slander and lies and personal attacks are acceptable please advise.

Peter, our troll El Gordo

Admitted to some bad behaviors during my short time on another site. Not Nica Living, but the other site geared towards living in Nicaragua which I don't recall the name.

So yes, after his bragging there to his old fart buddies that he was less than honorable in his social conquests, It was one post in particular, where he was discussing his dating preferences that seemed to feel that the general consensus would be, "Yea buddy!" and I told him I felt he was disgusting for what he commented on. At which point he became irate and told me to" fuck off" breaking the site rules, but not being evicted.

You see, he's typical of anti-immigrant types, who feel all rules are for everyone but them, with their "follow the laws" bullshit, while they break every law they disagree with. They are also the first to whine when they are arrested and cry civil rights abuses. I've seen it with the murderess Shawna Forde and her hilarious wannabe military sidekick "Gunny" ( who helped murder a 7 year old Mexican American U.S. citizen and lied about his military experience) claiming he was a Marine, when he actually was an ex convict who wouldn't have qualified for the Marines with a conviction record.

These types are all the same. I wouldn't be surprised if El Gordo has an arrest recordin the U.S. and that is why he hides out in Nicaragua. Because the profile of these folks almost ALWAYS demonstrates the same behavior -- a need to control others because their lives are usually so out of control. They concern themselves with others not following laws, when many of them are ex convicts and the like. You see, law abiding citizens usually don't worry about other people's behavior unless it directly affects them. They leave that up to law officials. But law breakers! It's like the same proverbial whore stories who become the puritans after they change their lives; pretending to be damn near virginal, when they've been the biggest whores on the planet in their past lives. Or the ex pack a day smoker who hates smokers with a vengeance. Or the ex drug addict who is toughest of all on drug addicts. Those who have failed in life are the most judgmental.

I believe he was the one (although I'm not sure about this) who also said if his wife didn't act right, that he'd go out and bag a few more. So I gathered he had about as many morality issues as there are laws dealing with them.

Which makes another point...this guy who insists everyone else should follow laws, breaks them. The hypocrisy of that isn't too surprising, when you consider that most people who insist laws should be enforced are control freaks with issues of needing to dominate or control others.

This is why he has followed me here, because I laugh at his need for control, which renders him more a lack of control than anything else. Because one thing in psychology you learn is that the more you try to shove control down a person's throat, the more you lose control. And he's a prime example of this.

He is one that had me removed from that site without even breaking any of its rules, because as one doctor that posts there (and sent me emails thanking me for my position on the subject) said, the majority of the old farts there were living out male fantasies they couldn't when they were young for any number of reasons, at which I agreed. We emailed a few times with the doctor telling me to watch out because I was upsetting their male sensibilities by suggesting they were some of the most weak men I had ever encountered. That's why El Gordo has become my personal troll. I think he feels that all women are as simple as his princess of poverty wife, the only woman that would have him, because she was too young and poor to say no. And this is why I find him so amusing. By now, the young darling he married from the barrio has probably grown the size of a refrigerator with the same flat shape and has gained the ability to say no to him, so he's here to enhance our conversations because of his new frustrations in life. I think he's learned that those young Indio gals aren't exactly the cat's meow as they age, and that they can actually be quite bitchy with the old farts they end up controlling as if they had a personal rope through their nose ring. Why? Because those babes will cheat on an old fart like that in a hot New York second if they aren't getting enough money, and they hold that poor sucker by the balls that way. ROFL

That's why I applauded Mark for marrying the Colombian. Because he knows and I know what princesses of poverty end up becoming when they marry an one of those aging old farts who can't get normal women to give them a second look. It's called BITTER. And I've seen more old farts like El Gordo who end up miserable...and I think that is why El Gordo has graced us with his troll presence here. Did mama finally find a younger man, El Gordo?

edited to protect the troll on 6/29/10

Croatians, Russians, illegals come in all looks

I know at least five Russian illegals in Los Angeles and one Croatian. So racial profiling? Ridiculous! Most illegals do not look like what you want them to. They are quite varied. And targeting a complete culture to catch a few people you want? Wrong, wrong, WRONG! For one thing, that's how they arrest people like your wife, instead of people like gang members. And that is how over five U.S. citizens have ended up being deported. So sorry, but I can't agree with you on Arpaio's racial profiling practices. And I guarantee you don't want Arpaio arresting your wife for having a Colombian accent and placing her in a tent city, because to assholes like Arpaio, she's just another wetback that deserves it.

No, the reason they are getting so much bad press has to do with a lengthy history of Arizonan racially intolerant policies, such as not allowing Martin Luther King Day as a federal holiday, and now Arpaio's illegal actions breaking so many human rights laws that people are sickened by his Nazi tactics.

1. You don't keep human beings in a desert in a tent with 120 degree heat, where many end up hospitalized. It is considered inhumane. Americans are sickened by this.
2. You don't feed detainees rotted foods like green bologna, instead of nutritious food while you hold them. Americans are sickened by this too.
3. You don't force detainees to write letters to their relatives on degrading post cards. Another thing Americans feel disgusted over.
4. Sheriff Arpaio is not only being investigated by the FBI for what he does to detainees, he has also overstepped his Nazi jackboots into investigating U.S. born politicians who oppose his Nazi tactics. He has tried to jail protesters of U.S. citizenship for dissenting against his Nazi tactics. The man has broken just about every human rights law in his efforts to enforce "the rule of law" which he feels is applicable to everyone else but him. THAT is why he is being investigated by the FBI. And most Americans are disgusted with his misuse of power. It has gotten all over the nation for a reason. It is hypocritical and WRONG. Also, Americans know that the U.S. Department of Justice is also investigating this Nazi, because of the numerous civil rights abuses by his deputies when they enforce immigration laws.
Here's a nice article explaining why Arpaio is hated by those in Tuscon and throughout the nation.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/2009/05/22/200905...

And his rhetoric about being "good enough for our fighting men" doesn't cut ice. My son fought in Iraq, and he wasn't denied proper nutrition and housed in tent cities for years on end. He wasn't denied medical care when needed. He wasn't denied human rights or access to computers to talk to his loved ones. He wasn't robbed or harassed, so Sheriff Joe can bite me with his racist rhetoric. I'm offended for the same reason my parents were offended by Nazi tactics like this back in the 1940's in Germany. Because as human beings we don't reach that level of disgusting behavior. Members of my family on my father's side fought the Nazis' in WWII, and America lost many good people fighting this mentality. Its not only a disgrace to allow its worst elements to enter this country now, but a direct slap in the face to all who gave their lives fighting it back then. THAT is why I'm opposed.

Had it been my relative, I would have simply hired a cartel member to put a bullet in Joe's brain and that would have been that. I wouldn't have allowed his family the luxury of having him do this to others. He's damned lucky it wasn't my relative, because I can honestly say I would have taken it to that extreme with him. He's not exactly a difficult man to get to. He's been out there at many of the demonstrations I attended and he's a huge blowhard redneck, nothing more.

As for racial profiling in general, it's easy for a white cop who probably breaks the law drinking with his buddies and driving, like so many do (yes, I have many friends who are police officers and they were the WORST for doing that) to judge a black man or Hispanic man as having a propensity toward breaking more laws. I have to laugh at that. Should America wait outside of every cop bar and profile them, since most cops are also drunks who drive? Should we also profile them since many also beat their wives due to the stress they deal with in their positions? Because THAT is another profile. Or should we only arrest the bad ones that we catch doing that, and allow the others the respect they deserve?

And when you racial profile, you set it up so one race has more crimes than another, simply by targeting them; not because it is a reality. If you profile blond haired blue eyed kids smoking pot, you'll also make their arrest records and criminal histories skyrocket and you'll have a higher percentage of blond haired blue eyed kids with arrests than other white kids. Your logic about racial profiling is faulty for that reason. And it is racist to boot. This is why the federal laws have moved to stop the use of racial profiling, because by nature it creates untrue statistics that people like you quote and use. Should we do the same with police men?


It does mirror the federal law, joe is enforcing that law. the feds asked him to stop, he said no. they did pass and make racial profiling easier, that is true. But when most of the illegal people look like mexicans, your not going to be stopping a blonde haired blue eyed white boy now are you? here is the reason they are getting such bad publicity from most americans. Those americans don't have the problems in their back yard so it's easy to yell and point a finger over something that doesn't effect you. again 70 percent of the people who live in AZ approve of this law and what joe has been doing for years in that state. You yourself stated you hated the big compaines that were getting rich off of jails, well joe shut most of that down, saved the state millions of dollars, he put em all in tent cities, no a/c. and what happen? many american's yelled o that is not right, it's not even human, your treating these people like dogs, and joe said well if it's good enough for our fighting men and women it's good enough for people who have committed a crime, and all the sudden everyone shut up about it.

your on one side of this fence because it hit home with you, you want to cast aside the laws and claim everyone should be able to come to the u.s. and we are all racists if we don't allow that to happen.

racial profiling is some what bullshit. I was a police officer and when we worked the black side of town and set up speed traps, I would have a line of wreckers standing by, because 7 out of 10 cars that were stopped only for speeding, the driver had a warrant, or no drivers lic. so we locked them up and towed the car. when we worked the white side of town, I had no wreckers standing by and we would arrest 1 out of 10. so to someone who doesn't know better, and sits back sunday mourning and looks at the records, one could say we were racists because we arrested so many blacks compared to whites, but the truth is that the blacks had more warrants for their arrest already in the system and the whites did not. blacks commit more crimes then whites do.

overall I think we have bigger fish to fry then this thou, I mean we have a oil leak in the ocean floor that doesn't look like it can be stopped, and it has a pocket of gas sitting under it that is over 100k psi just waitng to come shooting up and make a wave that will wiped out most of the coast line and every soul living near it.

What am I missing?

I try to read all the posts, but I don't understand how it seems everyone else seems to have figured out the life story of each other without as far as I know ever having met, when I feel I still don't know squat.  LaFoca, you are definitely funny, but how do you know whether "El Gordo" is a pedophile, where did I miss that?  Are you just assuming that since he seemed to imply some local bloodline, or is this a continuation of a conversation from another place?  It seems we've gotten distracted now from your original topic, but as it's your thread and you don't seem to mind, I guess we can see wherever this thread might lead.

For the troll El Gordo

You are a riot with your selective interpretation of what Sheriff Arpaio and others love to call "the rule of law" as they each break every bit of it; and while your posts are always amusing especially what you perceive is my life; I have to say that the opinion of a man in his sixties, who seeks out young girls for sexual conquests, probably isn't high on my list of concerns. By the way, when you date these young girls, did you ever ask them if they could help you learn to spell? Because your rendition of the word "fairy" and it's spelling in the last post is as hilarious as your need to beef up your confidence with underaged girls as sexual conquests.

I think Peter and I understand things a bit more than you do. I won't ask you where you will go, because what I like about Peter is is that he is man enough to not need to censor your troll efforts. He is man enough to let them remain and let the world see just what type of trash you really are. And THAT I love about Peter, because he is a thinking man. While you are nothing more than an aging old fart who can't even get a women near his own age to give him a second look. Disgusting? Yes. But you've found your niche in the impoverished Indio girls with weight disorders and no confidence in Nicaragua. Bravo for you.

edited to spare the troll embarrassment on 6/29/10


It the bill that passed mirrored Federal law, they wouldn't have spent so much money promoting it. There is different language in that law, some of which makes racial profiling MUCH easier.

In short, it wasn't needed or necessary and its only purpose was to promote racial profiling...and that is why they have such bad publicity from most Americans and why they are working so hard on improving Arizona's image. IF your image is shiny clean, you don't need to fix it.

Poor delusional LaFoca. Did you go off your medication again?

Are you really reading and comprehension challenged? Or is it your venomous personality bubbling to the surface once again?

Are you really incapable of differentiating between Legal and Illegal immigrants? Let me repeat this once more for you: Americans have no problems with legal immigrants. The illegals are the problem. They broke the law and they should pay for that.

Now my undersized little Cougar, keep entertaining us with stories of your fictional law suit. I'm sure a person with you vivid imagination will have no problem coming up with more faerie tales.

And where will you go from here when Mr. Christopher has had enough of you? He sure has a lot more patience than TRN and NL.

Please don't bother to reply with your usual tirades. They are so predictable and boring by now.

The law that az passed

The law that az passed mirrors federal law. 70 percent aprove of that law some 23 percent do not. here is a link with all kinds of information on it. from illegals on food stamps, to the crime rate, to how many came into az. http://www.rense.com/general90/factsheet.htm

The rule of law and those who break it upholding the law.

The troll says:

" The only demonstration we have seen so far were by the illegals and their supporters."

You mean AMERICA? Their supporters are Americans, my dear, as difficult as that is for you to spit out of that nasty mouth of yours. But those people demonstrating? Those were average Americans...the same ones that felt disgusted when Arizona also decided not to join the rest of the country and implement Martin Luther King day, until the financial boycotts made therm realize that maybe they should join the rest of America and do the right thing, instead of the racist thing.

Then, the troll says:

"The pro law citizens don't need to demonstrate. They have the law on their side."

The pro racist side doesn't need to demonstrate, that is true. They have Arpaio's goon squad type of mentality on their side. In short, if Arpaio wants to break laws in that state, he has the right to do so, until the FBI finally has had enough and investigates his law breaking. But out of the other side of his mouth, he uses the Arizona law to break FEDERAL laws, and then insists he is a "law abiding" man following "the rule of law." It's the best hypocrisy and clown show America could witness.

But the fact is...Sheriff Joe Arpaio is STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION BY THE FBI FOR HIS LAWBREAKING! And somehow, that makes me smile.

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