John Safford Jokes About Pedophilia in Central America

She was so sweet and innocent that I could not resist her. Since I was keeping it in the family was that wrong? Am I a pedophile? Are there any experts here on Pedophilia? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And I was 6 years old!


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Misinformation and rhetorical games


I’m not sure where you come up with your conclusion claiming that there are “some really far out stories about law enforcement and their roll in the USA”, but you might want to discover Operation Predator and the Homeland Security site, so you can see what I quoted. It was directly from their site - our U.S. policy about predators. Look it up.

The stories about the people who are engaging in this behavior have been quoted from their own comments in the Real Nicaragua, during a discussion I had there. Not sure what you read or where you got your information, but I know the conversation I was engaged in. Maybe you were reading another post?

Also it was gleaned from photos posted by Phil Hughes with a fifteen year old girl and his comments accompanying them. From the ages and situations directly from what these people told me, I used examples. They may have lied about their ages to me, puffed their stories a bit for whatever reasons, but I’m going on what these old fools said. I know the situations used in my discussion there, and I can’t imagine why someone would lie to make them self look like a pervert, but if these fools are your long time pals, maybe you can let us know if they suffer from a form of senility and maybe they can be excused for that. That might explain why someone would publicly broadcast such a hideous behavior and would certainly be something I could understand more than blatant pedophilia.

Also, I never said that my views on pedophilia reflect the law, nor do I insist they do. That’s your effort to change what I’m saying again in some rhetorical game you want to play with my posts. My views are a great deal more forgiving, being a liberal. The same as my views on putting pot smokers in prison differ from the harsh realities of U.S. law. The same as I feel that women who’ve been abused for years and suddenly murder their abusive husbands shouldn’t be imprisoned. Cory, there are any number of laws that I disagree with. But I believe we have laws for a reason, and that they are created to ensure that people’s rights and freedoms are not abused. Fortunately, our courts take many factors into consideration, when interpreting the INTENT of the law, just as I have. Which is why a young man who broke our laws in engaging with sex with a minor probably wouldn't be punished as harshly as a grandfather with many more years of knowledge would.

And no! I would not arrest two teenagers a few years apart in age for having consensual sex, even if one was over legal age and one was younger. Why? Because I realize that two human beings around that age may find a mutual attraction….notice I use the word “MUTUAL” Cory. And also that human development is not set in some numerical age stone. Nor, do I believe the intent of the law was created to simply punish teenagers making a mistake. And I don't like the idea of destroying young people's lives and placing them in our judicial system. For instance, a 17 year old and an 18 year old have sexual relations. Maybe the 17 year old is attracted to the 18 year old and lies about her age. Then we arrest the 18 year old and destroy his life? At 18 this boy is about at the same level of development as the 17 year old girl. Now an 18 year old that had relations with a 12 year old? DEFINITELY! I'd prosecute. So don't confuse what I'm saying, Cory. You are taking apples and comparing them to oranges in your analysis of what I say.

There should be a reasonableness along with intent for why laws are created. So no, Cory, I do not think all areas of the law make sense. For instance, in most parts of the world, domestic violence is unacceptable. In Arkansas, however, if you want to beat your wife, you can legally beat her but only once a month. If you beat her twice, you go to jail.

The law doesn’t agree with me, but I’m one of those liberals that is forgiving for many screw ups that kids make. As an adult, I know that kids can do things that ultimately can screw up their lives without fully realizing the effects, even in their twenties. Does it make what they do right? No. But I have a more forgiving nature for kids than adults. I think around middle age, you should have reached some stage of human development that you know what the consequences of your actions are. So yes, I do hold people of a certain age to a higher caliber of reasoning. Maybe you don’t.

We are different there. Whether you agree with my views that a younger man dating a teen aged girl a few years younger than him isn’t as hideous as an old geezer -who could be her grandfather, is irrelevant. The law clearly mandates what statutory rape is for U.S. citizens, both in Central America and in the U.S.

As for your analysis of humanity as “water rises to its own level,” that seems a bit naïve and a little too simple for my analysis of humanity. Human beings are a bit more complex than that, and social levels are often perceived in error.

For instance, a young man from a wealthy family may feel he is more worthy of social acceptance than a young man from a poverty stricken family. Take the case of Paris Hilton...she felt she shouldn't serve time for her DUI. Another person may view the young man from a wealthy family as a spoiled brat for feeling they are above the law. We all see the world differently. That simple analysis seems to judge victims on a level, and I don't feel we should be judging the victim with the perpetrator.

See how this stuff gets started?


My comment on this stuff being fiction was not to the fact that there are pedophiles in Nicaragua, I know of a few, both men and women over the years that are into younger opposite sex situations. My comment was the fact that what everyone is writing about in this thread is full of miss information, lies, personal accusation and some really far out stories about law enforcement and their roll in the USA. Some of it just made me laugh while other stuff wanted to make me cry, seeing that some individuals are so miss informed on subjects it hurts.

The stories about people who are engaging in this behavior have been turned around, ages and situations changed, I was just setting the facts straight. I know the individuals and the situations that were used in trying to make your point – unfortunately the facts were not correct.

Your comment “Saying that an 18 year old involved with a 14 year old is the same as a 50 year old involved with a 15 year old? What in the hell does a 50 year old man have in common with a 14 or 15 year old girl? Please share this with me! An 18 year old is close in age and may or may not have something in common with the young girl, so Cory’s comparison is laughable” Is one of the comments I will use to make my point.

I did not say that a 18yr old and a 14 yr old is the same as a 50 yr old and a 14 yr old. You see, this is how crap gets started. You have taken something I said and turned it around in one sentence and made it fiction!.

What I wrote was “A 30 something (not a 20 something) gets a teen pregos is better than a 50 something marring a 20 something (oh not in Lafoca’s description of a pedo) Well I guess by that means an 18 year old getting a 12 year old pregos would be even better????”

Now for what make me laugh. You are on a high horse right now about pedophiles correct? Well your own words just told me how much you know about the subject – well other than the ability to cut and past. You wrote “An 18 year old is close in age and may or may not have something in common with the young girl, so Cory’s comparison is laughable”

What I wrote IS the definition of a pedophile and your response was basically stating its OK because they may have a lot in common. Tell me what do you mean? Are you saying its ok for an adult to have sex with a minor, because you in your own words just said it.

If you are against something because it is against the law or against some moral code then be against it! Stop picking and choosing and making up stuff to fit your ideals.

This maybe one of the reasons why I really have not had many problems in Nicaragua over the past 25 years, I do not have grey areas.

I remember back when this subject came up in Nicaliving and I was lam basted for my views.

It was asked if it is OK for a man in his 30’s to have sex with and get pregnant a 16 year old. My response was, It’s against the law in the USA and same in Nicaragua so it is wrong. (there were some other scenarios as well but none were illegal, maybe just immoral.

The response was that I was very naive to life in Nicaragua and my opinion does not count. At that time I had about 23 years living in, traveling back and forth and married to a Nica. The Moderator who told me this had 5 years experience.

Be it a 30 something and a teen, a 50 something and a 20 something or even a 40 year old and a 35 year old – water rises to its own level.

good idea

I have renamed this post from "I had sex with my cousin - was that bad?" to "John Safford Jokes About Pedophilia in Central America"

Peter, I will write a page on this

My information about the people on those sites came from the admissions. There were quite a few who admitted to this when I posted a similar thread on this subject. Honestly, before they came out and told me, I had no idea that site had so many. I assumed it was what I was told...a site for a few who became disenchanted with FYL's ridiculous Sandinista rants, and others who followed them there to continue to watch the drama, much like El Gordo has followed me here.

There wer also a few very respectable people who sent me emails, as concerned about this as I was commending me for bringing the subject up. And they remained quiet for the most part, as I was attacked for posting this type of information, without any accusations. The accusations came after a few there felt this was something to brag about, and I took them to task. For that, I was told to "f off" and other assorted behaviors that broke the rules of the forum. At first, I ignored them, dd not respond to their childishness, and simply posted facts. But I did engage with one who was quite blatant about his pride over molesting young girls in Nicaragua. And of course a Nicaraguan pervert responded, justifying his perversions by announcing that he was Nicaraguan, so of course, that made sexual molestation a fine thing. I responded to him too, without using the profanity they both directed at me.

I have no issue with two people of any age making a decision to join together, as long as it is mutually consensual. I do not see a man or woman for that matter, who targets children 40 years younger, and still developing genitilia as a consensual relationship. To consent, a person needs a level of maturity. They need the ability to reason and make decisions; the decisions shouldn't be poverty-based or under a power structure where one partner is using their money to seduce the child.

If a 50 year old man wants to marry a 20 year old long as they both are happy...go for it! The same for a 50 year old woman marrying a 20 year old man. I'm not the age police. But when a 50 year old man has the stupidity or gall to believe he has ANYTHING in common with a 14 year old girl in puberty, I take exception!

For the life of me, I can't begin to imagine why ANYONE would take exception to a person looking out for the interest of a young child. I would protect that child if the child was in the U.S., Africa, China, or Latin America. A child is our most precious resource and if we go around destroying their psyche, ruining their ability to lead healthy lives, and demonstrating the worst low brow uncivilized behavior to them, then what's next? Do we approve murder? Find gangbangers who extort money acceptable? Allow men to slash each other's throats?

Thank you Peter, and I will create a blog, and if you wish to remove this ugly title and place this discussion under a title that has a level of maturity to it, that addresses this issue, I won't bother people's other conversations with this matter.

Hi Cory,

Hi Cory,

Greetings.  Hope you are doing well.  I tend to agree with LaFoca's comments that these are important issues to consider in terms of understanding Latin culture in and of itself as well as the role of expats in Latin countries.  Maybe you are right that LaFoca is jumping to conclusions that there are many members of Nicaragua sites who date or marry girls under 15 or under 16 or under 18.  I haven't met many of the people on those websites in person so I don't know the statistics; as far as I know, she hasn't me them either so I'm not sure how she is so convinced of the statistics but maybe we should ask her directly about that.  I have met you, and I am quite convinced that you are an honest and righteous man; LaFoca, Cory is a good guy, I know it, you'd like him in person and be impressed with his hard work and family.  

LaFoca, you seem to have a lot of information on the topic, so if you ever feel inclined to write a resource page covering the US and local laws with links to the actual laws, I don't think we have that yet on this site.


Laws for U.S. citizens traveling...

Predators Face Severe Penalties

Several laws increase the probability that sexual predators who harm children will suffer severe consequences, including the Mann Act, the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Act of 1994, the PROTECT Act of 2003 and the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006. FEDERAL LAW BARS U.S. RESIDENTS FROM ENGAGING IN SEXUAL OR PORNOGRAPHIC ACTIVITIES ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITH A CHILD UNDER 18. (For those who question the legalities of U.S. residents choosing to involve themselves with children, this is the law! And since many on Nicaliving and the Real Nicaragua claim they feel laws should be followed, it might be wise if they familiarized themselves with THIS law!) ICE is working with law enforcement agencies and advocacy groups around the globe to investigate crimes of this nature. Those convicted in the U.S. face significant penalties:

* Possession, manufacture, distribution of child pornography: Maximum 30 years in prison
* Child sex tourist, child sex tour operator, or participant in these crimes: Maximum 30 years in prison
* Sex trafficking of children for prostitution: Maximum life sentence

How You Can Help

Report suspicious activity to ICE by telephone or e-mail: 1-866-DHS-2ICE or

Report suspected child sexual exploitation or missing children to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) 1-800-843-5678 or

Uhmmm Cory?

Who said a 50 something marrying a TWENTY something? A 50 YEAR OLD DATING AND MARRYING GIRLS UNDER 15 was what I wrote! Please don't try to change the context of this discussion, because it's not about old men marrying young women.

And what this has to do with the mission of this site? When ex pats bring their disgusting criminal behavior to other countries, it affects everyone. How? Ever heard of the term "ugly American?" How do you think was coined?

As travelers we should be stewards of ethical and decent behavior. We are often the first glimpse for others into our country of origin. And when we look the other way when our countrymen break laws like this and minimize the children of other nations, we are doing the same thing as a mother hiding her murderous fugitive son. The death of a child's innocence, (and I'm talking about ALL the children these perverts molest) is even more tragic when complicated with financial adversity. It is the root that dies in the spirit of a nation, holding a developing nation back. When enough of its citizens are abused and destroyed this way the mental health of a nation is affected. And this has been evident in Central America for some time, especially in places like Costa Rica, where ex pat child molestation is rampant.

What galls me is that the same Americans and Canadians who watch shows like "To Catch a Predator" and go bonkers when its their daughter, turn their backs on little children preyed upon in countries like Nicaragua or Costa Rica. Why is that? Do Americans feel that these young Latin children aren't equal to their American sons and daughters? They don't deserve the same right to grow up without emotional devastation? They don't deserve the same thing our sons and daughters deserve? That sounds a bit like we are saying that the people of Central America aren't as human as we are and frankly, that is offensive to me. And I brand that as xenophobia in its finest definition!

Can you even imagine someone like these sickos on the Real Nicaragua announcing in the U.S. they date girls 15 and under and justifying it in public in the U.S.? There would such a torrent of public rage unleashed; police would be called; people would be placed in prison. But here, this doesn't "meet the mission of this site?"

If the mission of this site isn't talking about the realities of Central America, then please explain to me what it is! Because THIS is a reality. And the American dismissal of sexual predators is a reality too. And as much as ex pats like to sugar coat their visits to Central America and cloak their bad behavior, we should be discussing this type of thing and cleaning up the garbage.

Otherwise, in turning our heads like gutless spectators, we are as guilty of enabling as the mother who hides her fugitive son.

So I think in "Making Sense of Living in Central America" this subject falls neatly under the mission of this site. Because when things like this DON'T make any sense, they should be discussed.

The fact that El Gordo created this disgusting thread with it's title should tell a great deal about his concern for children. People should be asking why he is so upset that I attempted to discuss this in another site without directing it at anyone. Why does the subject of arresting pedophiles infuriate Americans and Canadians in Central America? That's something that doesn't make any sense at all.

And "Cory" if you think this is "fiction" then can I direct you to the numerous children's rights advocates in Central America who have grave concerns about this? Because according to them, "The sexual exploitation of girls and boys, largely by American men, has reached alarming proportions in Central America, and they say the region is now a priority in their struggle against child prostitution and pornography."

Also they say, "A major reason for growth in the Central American child-sex trade, is that traditional destinations for such activity -- chiefly .Thailand and the Philippines - have blunted the sex tourism business over the last two years by enacting public awareness campaigns and stricter laws and enforcement measures."

I can see why so many are desperate to sweep this issue under the rug. After all, they might have to sell their nice homes and move somewhere else if enough people become concerned, no? Is that why so many use rhetorical language to minimize this?

Saying that an 18 year old involved with a 14 year old is the same as a 50 year old involved with a 15 year old? What in the hell does a 50 year old man have in common with a 14 or 15 year old girl? Please share this with me! An 18 year old is close in age and may or may not have something in common with the young girl, so Cory’s comparison is laughable.

But for those of you who enjoy minimizing, check out the aftermath, in these innocent children's drawings after being victimized:

Child sexual abuse, that is defined as sexual abuse that first occurs before age 15,” can have long-term negative health impacts including exposure to intimate partner violence in adulthood. Programs to prevent abuse and treat victims of child sexual abuse are needed in Central America. Marrying a child under the age of 15 is contributory to child abuse.

But one question comes to mind...If these old farts are so much in “love” then why don’t they wait to marry the school girl, when she reaches a mature age. Surely, if “love” is involved, it won’t die because the child matures to an age where she can make a reasonable decision.

But we all know the answer to that question. If they waited, these children probably would mature enough to make intelligent decisions for their future, which did not include a withered old man. So, if this subject makes you feel uncomfortable, here's your solution. Don't read it! Don't choose a thread labeled, "I had sex with my little cousin...." and choose subjects that give you a comfort level. Because I'm not the only activist working on this issue, and you may find that many Central Americans, like my husband, would find your assessment of what is relative for discussion a bit xenophobic. Because I can tell you, if HE ran into a man in his 50s with a 14 year old bride, HE would not keep his mouth shut! Nor would his mother, his uncles, his brothers, or anyone else in his family.


I find this very interesting reading, pure fiction but interesting. A lot of miss information seems to go a long way on these boards. I guess when you are trying to make a point where there is not point this is what one has to do.

A 30 something (not a 20 something) gets a teen pregos is better than a 50 something marring a 20 something (oh not in Lafoca’s description of a pedo) Well I guess by that means an 18 year old getting a 12 year old pregos would be even better????

Now can anyone tell be what the hell this has to do with the mission of the site???????

One thing that I have learned in my short life is that water seeks its own level, in ALL countries

Lets get back to the mission of the site

How to piss off a pedophile, Lesson 1...for El Gordo

El Gordo accused me of making "noise" that pissed off the forums at the "real" nicaragua and Nicaliving, getting me kicked off of one of those forums and choosing to leave another. I question his definition of noise. Here is what I did...

1. I posted facts about the damage done to young impoverished women from pedophiles who seek them in Central American Countries. That was my initial post in the Real Nicaragua, and a few sent me emails personally thanking me for bringing that issue to light.

2. I defined what a pedophile was for those who responded to that post unfavorably. They took issue which seems odd if it isn't a behavior one practices.

3. I responded to El Gordo and a few others who insisted they sought wives young enough to still be wearing Dora the Explorer panties and took them to task, when they were bragging about the little girls they chose for wives while being in their 50s and 60s, the same as anyone would do in the U.S. My values and belief system doesn't change based on my location, like the perverts.

4. After that, I posted fact after fact after fact, that made these perverts feel as uncomfortable as they should have, instead of celebrating their perversion or ignoring it. And I think this is a responsible thing to do when these sorts have bragged about illegal criminal behavior. I have done the same thing on gang sites and in other forums where criminal behavior is spoken about freely.

5. I told El Gordo and his friends who practice this type of sick social pathology that they are sick bastards and explained why they needed therapy.

6. I reminded them why marrying a child bride could be grounds for an arrest warrant by I.C.E and demonstrated cases where they made arrests.

7. I listed social conclusions of psychologists and other professionals about the damage this behavior does to these young girls and their lives.

Here is a great profile of a predator or pedophile, and the people who were upset by my posts took offense to this:

Child pedophiles do exhibit many of the same characteristics:
* Most pedophiles are over the age of 40
* Many pedophiles are single.
* Many pedophiles appear much more comfortable around children than around adults their own age.
* Some pedophiles actually have a sketchy work history.
* Pedophiles are typically fascinated with everything surrounding children, including their activities and habits.
* Pedophiles often have expensive child-like hobbies, such as exotic pets, model building, etc.
* Pedophiles often prefer spending time with prepubescent children.
* Pedophiles often try to find work around children. .

These are facts, not noise. That it makes these men uncomfortable? I say GREAT! Because moving to Central America to exploit little girls should never be a behavior that decent Americans accept or tolerate. This behavior should be reported to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, because they make arrests for these acts.

Why did I initiate this post? Because many of the aged pedophiles who admitted they had this disorder and openly bragged about marrying girls younger than 15, and often MUCH younger, seemed to justify their decisions with faulty assumptions about the legalities of molesting children in Central America. They assumed that doing something forbidden in their country of origin, which they clearly realized they would be imprisoned for, would be an acceptable behavior to inflict on impoverished little girls in a foreign country, and frankly, the racism behind that form of denial was offensive to me...both as a Latina and an American!

I have no problem with older men and younger women agreeing to consenting adult relationships. The difference in years is not important to me. I also would be hesitant about going after a man in his late teens or early twenties who became involved with a young girl who had not yet reached the age of reason, because there could be a case for late development and the attraction most likely would be a mutual one.

But when a 50 or 60 year old man lacks the emotional development to find a consenting adult for a partner, I take issue. Because he knows it is wrong, and he doesn't care.

Why? Because it isn't a mutual attraction at that point, it is statutory rape and control. No teen aged girl looks at a shriveled old fart and feels attraction. Hell! Even many of us 50 year old women are turned off by some of the bitter old wrinkled and poorly aged farts out there, and at 12 and 13 we DEFINITELY found nothing attractive about them. So it comes down to money, or prostitution really.

If the child is poor enough and the gringo has enough money to flash her way, she may turn her head. And if a man realizes he has this social disorder and moves to another country to inflict his pathology on children from a third world country, that adds another disgusting factor in the power play, which should add more time when arrested for the crime. Prostitution is illegal all over the world. Marrying the hooker, even if she is a pre-pubescent child suffering from a lack of self esteem, doesn't make it legal.

And that level of selfishness is offensive to me, when they can clearly seek women that the world and their country of origin, specifically, recognizes as legal age. Also, because many Central American men, like my husband, feel disgusted with these perverts; so it can be extremely dangerous for them, and they don't seem to realize this. Many years ago, while living in Mexico, there were three men with similar outlooks. I recall the conversations conducted behind these men's backs; and I recall how nice these same men appeared in front of these vile old men. And it wasn't long before one of the men was targeted and beaten quite severely, and headed home. Shortly after, the other two received a few threats and left. This is what morons like this never seem to realize. That as much as your neighbor may smile in your face, he could be feeling the same way any American father would feel if you molested his young daughter.

My posts initially were not directed at any one man. They were general in nature, however seeing the arrogant responses of quite a few perverts who admitted they practiced this behavior, I did address them individually. My question is this...if you aren't engaged in the crime, why become so angry over it? And I think we all know the answer.

What was very telling, was the level of anger directed at me for wanting to protect children; and I dare say that these same disgusting men wouldn't have spoken out that way inside the U.S.....telling me to "F" off when I hadn't even used profanity in dealing with them...becoming rabid with anger; nor would they have bragged that they had sex with young girls under 15. They would have kept it hidden, for fear of arrest. The fact that pedophiles feel this safe, and grow this angry when addressed, as El Gordo has demonstrated should tell Nicaragua, Costa Rica and other countries that they need to address this problem and follow the model of El Salvador, who is taking this issue very seriously.

El Gordo, NEVER come to El Salvador! Because we take child molestation VERY seriously here! And frankly, we don't want your sort here!

But then, I'm sure that's why you chose to inflict your behaviors on Nicaragua...because if Ortega can rape his own step daughter, then it is unlikely he will worry about the daughters of good citizens. And THAT my dear, is what set you on the course of following me with your hilarious rants to remove me. Now go check your blood pressure, dear, because you just woke up the beast again. ROFL

Ahhh shucks! Another one bit the dust!

But I think what is very telling is that THIS thread has 1203 reads. That says a great deal about the folks at Nicaliving and the other site where they mix and mingle. In other words, they always SAY they won't read another thing when I'm around and yet....

ROFL It reminds me of a toddler running in his room and telling mommy, "I hate you!"

My girl friend here...El Gordo, reminds me of the gay bars in Colonia Escalon. These are odd little places where a few machos go who really don't like being macho at all; and they are well hidden behind car washes and other odd off the wall shanty places, so that everything that El Salvador denies is neatly hidden, the same way this American butt cowboy hides behind the words, El Gordo.

I have a feeling he will be reading and re-entering as another personality, under a cult of personalities. He's too angry that you won't remove me, Peter; because his game is censorship and control, and when he doesn't get his way he pouts and takes his marbles to another sandbox. Poor S.O.B!

Talk about gang membership! These idiots belong to the same mentality of gangs as any 18th streeter or Mara Salvatrucha member. They value the same gutless principles, practice the same group think behavior, honor the same spineless leaders, and run off with the same tail between their legs as any mara member I've ever seen. Given the choice between a mara member and this spineless version, I confess, I have more respect for the mara member, because at least he admits he's a "low life" where this one feigns dignity. It's about the most humorous thing I've ever seen. He needs his buddies to "have his back" to feel like a big man, and how do they do this? They group up on women rendering an opinion and demonstrate the same dysfunctional rage as any tattooed sign-throwing gangbanger out there.

And when that doesn't work, he tries to level what he thinks will be the soul crusher. He comments on my writing, with a level of English skills that reflects his illiteracy, which is even more humorous.

Keep his business card, Peter. It may be something to pick your teeth with. And El Gordo...keep following me, babydoll! I WUV YOU! ROFL

those people are pretty pathetic

They come into the house uninvited, sniff around trying to find if someone left out any meat, call one's friends names, go through the trash and complain about the dietary implications and environmental implications as they spread the trash all over the floor, imply that we give a crap about them, and then walk out again leaving their business card.  Is there some name for this pathology?

Peter, why the fascination with my background?

You ask how I formed my opinion about that woman? Simply by reading her hateful verbal diarrhea here and on other sites. I won't dignify her with a reply to her rude and outrageous comments and attacks on someone she does not know.

The USA and Nicaragua probably made a wise choice by refusing her gangster husband entry and refuge. She seems forever harping about older men and younger women. If any part of her story is true, her "husband" would be substantially younger then she.

To me she, her story and her ranting and raving is irrelevant and repulsive. I refuse to waste my time on a wanna-be writer wishing to drum up publicity for a fiction novella she hopes to get published. She may be a journeyman wordsmith but she will never be considered a master by anyone but herself. In order to be a master at this craft, it requires more than technique. It requires love for writing and the willingness to put your hear into it. She falls short on both counts.

I wish you good luck Peter. I may decide to return and participate in you forum once sanity returns and gangster mama leaves.

You have my email address. Just let me know when that happens.

Good luck to you.

So my speculation was correct!

You did follow my posts at Nicaliving and therefore you ARE part of that substandard climate of malcontents! As if that wasn't obvious by your posts. Do any of you understand context or semantics, or are each of you so stagnated in your understanding of language that you exist in some vacuum of literal interpretation?

I create noise alright. I don't allow Plebeian mentalities to feign snobbery when they demonstrate an IQ that is as common as crab grass. I call bullshit when I see it. Right up in your face where you can't hide from it. And that tends to piss off the little people who feel they have to control the world.

The mere fact that your pals need to censor opinion at Nicaliving, instead of commenting on it or arguing it, tells the world what type of odorous site that is. People who have a sense of self, or "self respect" don't fear differing opinion. They welcome it, feel confident enough to debate it, and never run from it. So your dramatic exclamation of some sense of pride is a bit humorous, when you consider that it takes a group of you to debate a point in that site of moronic self promotion. And it becomes even more hilarious when one sees that when any one of you is left to defend himself as I did, you run from a site and take your marbles home to sulk.

My attacks are something you will never understand about Central America or Latinos in general, dear. We don't hold back our opinions in some politically correct form when others feel a need to demonstrate low brow thinking. And that challenges your core and shakes it, because you are one of those silly Americans who feels everyone will cow tow to your ignorance and accept it.

My posts reek of disgust, not hatred. They reek of disgust over a bunch of piss ants celebrating one another over some false bravado. You run off even the women who are compliant, like Gringrita with your group efforts to pat one another on the back, and that's sad, because for some reason she likes you old fools. To me, it is apparent you are a group of malcontents, who bolster one another because you lack the cojones to stand singularly.

How did I reach that conclusion? Your desperate efforts to turn me against a man I'd never even heard of...Peter. Anyone in life has seen weak groups performing that way. It isn't difficult to conclude what types operate in this fashion. Especially if you've been exposed to any level of psychology. The fact is that certain people hang around with people similar to them. They feel comfort in that group. That you defend the social misfits in two forums tells what your social preference is, because anyone with two brain cells would feel disgusted by the idiots at Nicaliving. What do we have there? A tax dodger, a drunkard, a real estate promoter with a narcissistic need to always have the last word. A few malleable females who won't tell you what they actually think of you, and a man who accuses young men of his own disgusting behavior. WOW! What a group!

I think you've found your element. And you've still said nothing at all about yourself, nothing about Central America, and nothing that defines you as anything but a lily livered dweeb who follows people around thinking he exercises some wand of control. So hear this, moron! You don't define other people's thoughts, posts, information, or anything of substance. Can't deal with it? Go home! You have demonstrated nothing of relevance in talking about Central America but criticism of one person. Is that the sum of your complete experience in Central America? If so, I pity you.

But if it is your ultimate goal to keep following all means, be my shadow, little man. Zig when I zag. Jump when I duck. Perform a rumba for us so we can have some form of humor here. I'm certainly up for a site jester. Be all you can be!

El Gordo

Because there is a weak fiber that runs through the group there, and I'm really not that interesting that others seem to hone in on me. And the fact that you have a unique bias that smells of that place and its weakness. What makes you think I feel I could intimidate you? Or that I care enough to? PLEASE!

you're welcome

I think I've read all LaFoca's posts on this site, and some of them on other sites.  I'm glad to hear a few more words about your background and how you formed your opinion of LaFoca.  Just for the record, it does appear that her insinuation was correct that you had first come across her writings at nicaliving?  

Have you taken a moment to look at the courage she has had to be open about her life with strangers?  We have read about her history in the U.S., Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador.  Do you have one fraction as much courage as she does to post personal information like that?

I respect her for that.

She also has a remarkable intuition and a desire to see just society.  I probably disagree with some of her specific proposals or analyses, but from what I have seen so far, she's not engaging in taking advantage of other people for her economic or egotistical gratification.

I respect her for that.

You claim that she creates noise with per posts, and who could disagree that there is turbulence and complexity in her writing that distracts from some of her core messages.  But as someone who has trained myself as a careful observer, I am still able to distill a lot of useful information from her posts.

If you're not able to, this might be an opportunity for you to learn something new both in terms of an ability to gather and analyze information even when that information provokes an emotional reaction in you, as well as from the specific details she reveals in her posts.

I look forward to seeing your first-hand, second-hand, and even third-hand reflections on Central America, and have great faith that you have the ability and desire to be a model of contributing to civil discourse, time permitting of course.


Thank you Peter for your reply!

The only respect, truly important, is self respect. Often other peoples perception are influenced by their perspective or their agenda. Therefore their real or imagined respect has little value for the most part. Respect for our partners, their respect and our respect for ourselves is really all that matters.

As for more about myself? Here it goes: I stumbled upon this site some time ago. Some time before the whale washed ashore at this forum. I enjoy reading about Central America in general and about Nicaragua specifically. (A lot of history there.) I follow the three main forums in order to receive the most balanced opinions and information possible. There is nothing unusual or spectacular about me. I'm just another person on a quest for information and knowledge about a small part of this planet.

Here is what I observed on all three forums. LaFoca arrives on the scene. Within 24 hours she initiates unprovoked attacks on some members she has no way of knowing. Soon discussions spiral out of control. Eventually she was banned from posting on the other two forums. In my opinion she is an purveyor of malcontent.

Peter, I don't know if you have the time to read all the posts here. Have you read her posts? All of them?

Her posts reek of hatred against members of the other sites. She certainly seems to hate everyone daring to stand up to her and to disagree with her libelous and hateful statements. How can she call people she has no way of knowing sexual deviates or worse? Is this how she earns your respect and permission to post? Is name calling your style and is it permissible in your opinion? If so I'll be very surprised.

Isn't it interesting how she now hates Nicaragua now? While her husband was seeking asylum, she had nothing but praise for the country? Now... there is nothing good about it. Maybe Nicaragua spared itself a lot of grief by rejecting her husband.

I am a person looking from the outside in and what I see is not pretty. Her posts create "noise". They do not provide information. It is information I come here for not verbal attacks on people on other sites or members here.

Central America, from what I know about it is a precious part of this world. Time permitting, I will be glad to participate in your discussions about it. It is difficult to hold a civilized discussion when people with a one track agenda take over the threads.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to voice my opinion.

I'm not sure


Perhaps you are right that LaFoca would be able to create the appearance of having her insights appreciated in some circles, if she chose to address only one simple issue at a time, rather than engaging at multiple levels as part of an ongoing conversation spanning time and several contextual settings.  But is her goal to create the appearance of having her insights appreciated among a broader audience of anonymous hacklers?  I'm not sure.

Perhaps, on the other hand, El Gordo, you would be able to garner some deserved respect if you shared with us more about yourself so that we understand 1) whether LaFoca's copnjecture is correct (not about your waist size as we presume that from your name, but about where you first read LaFoca's comments and whether you have seen the conversations she was part of at nicaliving)  and 2) something new and generative you can bring up about Central America so that we can all consider a fresh perspective regarding some topic.  But is your goal to garner some deserved respect?  I'm not sure.

55 lol and still feeling the need to lash out at everyone

Why would you automatically assume everyone disagreeing with your abrasive posts is from Nicaliving? Are you that fixated on that group? Why would you think a woman such a yourself could possibly intimidate me? Good luck, you'll need it.

If I could count all the miserable old wretches I've seen

who spent their lives flitting from bimbo to bimbo, convinced their youthful bachelor days moving into middle aged desperation were the envy of married couples; and who ended up haunted by their inability to touch down, form roots, and develop a meaningful union with a woman, I'd be able to feed many of those poverty stricken families they prey upon. Envy doesn't even begin to describe the frustration within these geezers with more baggage than Louis Vuitton.

They travel to get away from themselves, not to explore a new and exciting place. And when they learn that they can't escape the bitter uric scent of their existence, they strike out at anyone who demonstrates a breath of life. Like all bitter souls doomed to deal with themselves and hating it, they are convinced that if they can inflict one punch, suck the soul out of one person they envy, ruin one day, they'll still feel a pulse in a carotid artery that is otherwise filled with crud.

They are the same types of men who have paunches at their midriff, and spend a great deal of time telling women they are getting fat. The same type with flabby behinds and drooping genetilia dancing in nightclubs in tropical locations with arthritic movements, so silly in the head that they actually convince themselves that the 20-somethings watching them are admiring them instead of laughing at them as they make fools out of themselves trying to desperately cling to a youth that faded long ago. They listen to talk shows with other angry types, and identify with their messages. And they hang out with other angry fools, nursing their wounds together.

My dog has bacteria that has more appeal than these turds.


I think the people who are intent on posting their negative banter are full of envy; when they look back at their lives, what can they say, they presumably never had much time to be introspective or to learn about history and probably never even took the chance to be honest with another person and build a relationship, or make art, contribute meaningful insight to the advancement of humankind.  When they meet someone who is so alive that in comparison their cologne might be mistaken for formaldehyde, it's threatening to the grandiosity they've built around their persona.  Lacking the willingness to learn from the interaction or engage with their insecurity, they fight to protect their illusion.

At 55, God's gift to men? You are too funny!

But coming from one of the social turds at Nicaliving who spend all day ogling teen aged girls, I can see why an adult woman with a strong sense of self esteem would rattle you. After all, when you ground yourself in controlling those who have no defense, then life's "challenges" grow more and more tedious, don't they!

And that guy with the personality of a dead turtle? Seems MILES beyond the stodgy old farts I've seen discussing such stimulating subjects as "do you use anodized 3.5 grade steel screws to put your counter top down, or are they aluminum?" For some reason, these types of posts don't generate a need to know you old farts and add you to my "A" list of must haves for my next party.

Wow are all the posters here that insane and those two?

A woman thinking she is gods gift to men, and a guy with the personality of a dead turtle. What a winning combination!

Libel and lies:

You sound desperately frustrated, John P. Stafford. Chill out old man! Life won't end because you don't make a clown of yourself here with false allegations.

You certainly have NOT repeated anything I've read that Peter wrote about his life here or anywhere else. You repeated what OTHERS have presumed about him, most likely from confusion over reading some rather slanderous remarks based on their dislike for Peter. I'm assuming they made these because he won't subjugate himself to one very disturbed old man's ideals. You seem to have a deep seated frustration, maybe through your life's boredom; a need to spread libelous and malicious rumors about soneone you don't even know. And why are you defending a 60 year old man who has SAID he has a 15 year old for a "back up wife" over a young man who had a romantic relationship? That seems odd. At least to any THINKING person.

Peter's experiences, reflected in his own words certainly don't reflect what you've conjured up. Peter has never stated that "all Nicas are liars and thieves," where do you get that? Why is this bothering you so much. My question is why do you involve yourself in other people's affairs? And why do you make up this incredible b.s? Is there something THAT lacking in your life? Try to get yourself together. Take steps to create a satisfying life. Then you won't be so worried about shoving your nose into other people's affairs, like such a busybody. It doesn't become you, and well...with your other behaviors, it sort of robs you of any masculinity at all.

I worry about thick headed Americans like you living in Latin America, because you are the first to complain when Latin Americans attack you for getting into things that aren't your business; and you bring home fallacious stories when you run home after stirring up the pot and getting clocked for it. Always the victim, your type! ALWAYS! And please do the world a favor and stop with your "fake Spanish" subtitles. It's obvious there is NOTHING AT ALL Latin about you, and it comes off as sooooo pretentious!

Ja Ja Ja

You can't get enough of yourself can you?

peterchristopher posted:
""libelous insinuation""
I repeated the stuff you have posted about your life here and in Costa Rica and in the Philippines. - Is that Libel?
Ja Ja Ja

peterchristopher posted:
""I have exposed the truth about Nicaragua""
NO *YOU* have posted about *YOUR* experiences here!
For you *ALL* Nicas are liars and thieves!
And NO *YOU* have posted that *YOU* were a business failure here so you left Nicaragua!
Thus, Nicaragua is a bad place to own an honest business. Ja Ja Ja

Your business model:
You bought some unimproved trash land and called it "Abundance Farm"
You charged people to stay in your primitive accommodations while they worked for free to improve your property.

You and your new sweetheart like yourselves so much you have a lot in common.

The fact that he was so gutless to send this... a private message tells a great deal about this person. He didn't even have the nads to bring it before you for rebuttal. That is the worst kind of lilly livered behavior I've seen in what is supposed to be a "man." It makes me wonder if when a person threatens him, if he also hides behind women.

I will say this for his good friend, Kelly Ann Thomas...even though she needs to post her lies and innuendos in a well protected, biased, and highly censored forum -- she DOES put her venom out there in public, where it can be scrutinized and read and judged. She does not post it behind private messages. This gutless "man" doesn't even have the basic manhood to do that! He hides it behind a sniveling coward's approach, within the confines of a private message to a completely different person. A person who has nothing to do with you or your family. And he assumes that anyone with two brain cells can't see through the reasons that garbage was posted, after reading it and seeing all the support material.

And I keep wondering why anyone with any sense of ethics would continue to try to hurt both your ex and your little girl in doing such a cruel thing to them. Because in my world, we don't hurt children or innocent woman that way. The way I was raised, we protect those who we believe are victimized. And if he sincerely believes that either of the women you have been involved with were victims (which I do not) then why would he add to their misery for the sake of idol and shrewish gossip? That tells me more about him, than anyone else.

no, frankly, I don't know

Hi John, I don't know you, and I didn't presume to know your intentions.  But now that you've made it clear that your goal was to create a maybe-socially-acceptable way to publicly accuse me of something you haven't even investigated yourself to learn the facts about, and which happens to be a libelous insinuation, I wonder whether, like many white pyramid scheme fraudsters in Nicaragua, you are attempting to sell something there and are threatened that I have exposed the truth about Nicaragua, which makes it harder for you to continue believing in the your (plural) own inaccurate portrayal of the arrival of a gentrified Nicaragua.  If you've got any integrity, take out an advertisement in a US paper making what claims you want to make about me, pay for it with a personal check drawn on your own account that holds your assets in a US institution.  Then we can pick a day and go to court and present our respective cases to a jury of our peers whether you are attempting to smear the reputation of a person and his family based on lies.  And if you really want kudos, get the rest of your aspiring journalist rumor-whisperers to similarly send in a personal check from their accounts that hold their funds in US institutions to pay for successive days of the advertisement.  Or are you a coward like Phil Hughes, Jon Berger, "BlackEagle", Sherif El Dibani, all you can do is hide behind a screen name in a foreign country?  If what you want to do is tarnish my reputation, try it like an educated, civil man, where you can be held accountable for what you say, not a teenage boy who leaves an anonymous note in the teacher's desk, that reads in cut out letters from newspapers, "Bobby said Sally said Moe said Curly said the F-word!"

Have you asked your pal Phil Hughes this lately?

After all, he IS around 80 and looking at FIFTEEN year old girls, no?

You don't play poker do you...I'm calling your bluff

Here they are, my dear! Uncensored, which is unique for YOUR side of the ethical world, no?

They began with you sending me the FIRST private message because you didn't have the nads to take this venom public. And I addressed you:

Feb 22 2010 - 2:05pm
Ha Ha Ha Young Lady - You are stepping on an important somebody's toes here big time but obviously you do not know it!
You don't get around much do you?
Guess who here has knocked up two young teenage girls (one Nica & one Philippine) and dumped the first one for the second one and is proud of it ?????
• Delete message

Feb 22 2010 - 2:19pm
Ha ha ha, I have done nothing of the sort. And Peter was in his 20's when he involved himself romantically with a young girl. BIG DIFFERENCE between what he did and an aging old coot of 60, who can't find anyone to give him the time of day. Peter and I have already discussed this. Your information is skewed. You should go talk to our favorites pedophiles, John Wayne and Phil Hughes! Now, THOSE TWO would be arrested if I turned them in to the U.S. Department of State, for statuatory rape, dear. There is a reason for that! People don't take kindly to dirty old farts with daddy/daughter fetishes they act upon, even if the teen aged girl's needs are strictly monetary.
Ask Peter how well we get along! He knows I don't approve of teen aged brides, but he also knows I don't think his 20 something year old experience is as disgusting as a wrinkled old goat who exploits little girls. Why? Because 20 year old boys have normal healthy romantic needs, where aging old goats need Viagra and disgust young girls. Capische, my poor unenlightened old rope of a man?
• Delete message

Feb 22 2010 - 3:42pm
Anyhow I am not here to defend anyone or knock anyone that you have been fighting with.
(never use a proposition to end a sentence with)
But young lady your facts are skewed about your hero but your mind? is made up so I won't waste time enlightening you.
That is a novel idea that it is OK for a 20 year old to be a pedophile, have a baby, and then desert both!
Do you like Peter's demonstrated hard core racism as well or have you not gotten around enough to know all about that?
I will tell you this - I have never heard of anyone who felt sorry for Peter when he was attacked. The general consensus is that he deserved it.
If you know the history of Kelly Ann Thomas and you are a decent person you would not be ranting so much about her.
I know her and she is a little outspoken (and sort of liberal) but nothing compared to you.
""THOSE TWO would be arrested if I turned them in to the U.S. Department of State, for statuatory rape, dear""
Why don't you try it and PROVE what a fool you are???
No it is much easier to rant like an idiot and NOT prove anything you spew.
When you make stupid statements like that you completely destroy your credibility.
We had a well known pedophile from the states here in SJDS for a while and he was shunned by everybody that knew about him.
But his situation is different than that of someone who marries a 16 year old as is also frequently done in the states.
And NO they do not go to jail!
That is not my style but to each his own.
And most folks are repulsed by promoters that offer young girls to tourists.
This is obviously wrong and illegal.
You have made a complete fool of yourself and your deep rooted mental problems are obvious.
I wish you well if you ever try to recover from your debilitating emotional state.
A closing thought is that you and Peter would make a nice compatible couple except you are much too old.
• Delete message

Feb 22 2010 - 4:30pm
Apparently, you ARE here to defend your friends and (yourself maybe?) Peter Christopher's name has been dragged through the mud by a 60 year old pedophile who most likely envies him because of his youth. Ten people emailed me about Peter, defending him for that reason, when I didn't care who he was. They were insistent about defending him, because they saw through Phil Hughes and his modeling sessions promoting his perversions with 15 year old girls. I don't think most people would view a 20 year old dating a 16 year old the same as a 60 year old, so I'm not sure what your point is. There is a four year age difference, not a 54 year age difference! A 20 year old is still maturing, while a 60 year old SHOULD have matured.
And Peter is as far from being a racist as you are from being a decent human being. He not only became one with the Latin culture, but he was interested enough to speak the language, blend in, and he was well liked by many.
Phil Hughes is (I'm told by many) an alleged tax evader who took mommy's money and moved to Nicaragua and sent that money to offshore accounts. He should be fearing this if the allegations are true:
He is paying of the Sandinistas to keep them from arresting him. He is everything vulgar and ugly with America and most people realize that. They see through the sites that glamorize him and kiss up to him. Anyone taking a simple look at the photos of Peter and those of Phil would realize the difference between a young man with romantic notions who got involved with a young woman, as opposed to an old pervert who posts photos all over the internet demonstrating what looks like a prepubescent marital site for old crows who can't even get it up any longer.
As for Kelly Ann Thomas, she is a pathetic woman who never realized her dreams...most likely because she married an oil man instead of believing in herself enough to pursue her own goals. Women that marry for money usually have a miserable life like hers, and she demonstrated this in her venom over my book publishing venture. She was so jealous it was hilarious had it not been so pitiful. If she hadn't been so mean to the widow of Ken Kinzel, I might even feel sorry for her, but apparently her bitter little life in Nicaragua has destroyed her human compassion for a widow. I have very little respect for bitter women like that!
And I hate to tell you, but the last pedophile in Mexico who married a 16 year old and was discovered by the U.S. Department of State was hauled off to jail under Operation Predator. He was a person who was shunned by the community and someone turned him in finally, right after they beat the crap out of him one night. But don't believe me. Read this:
THIS is what your pals have to look forward to and that just makes me smile, for some odd reason. Besides the fact that I know that as a community gets fed up with these sickos, they get organize a squad of citizens to beat the crap out of them before they turn them over to the cops.
You amuse me though, because your deep seated insecurity shows through every post. And the fact that you can't control me here must bug the shit out of you, no? And that pleases me more! That's why I will continue to post here and be read by all of you losers. It must KILL you inside, no? And if I wasn't married to my gorgeous husband, I would find Peter Christopher (if he were older) to be a delightful bachelor who I would find interesting. The fact that he has the balls to weather a weak minded group of perverts and frustrated biddies, who attacked his character (and a grieving widow's character) even makes him MORE appealing. Because I've always detested emotional wimps like you and your perverted pals. You'd REALLY hate me if you knew me in person, because I would spit right in your face and you couldn't do a thing about it. ROFL
• Delete message

Feb 22 2010 - 4:39pm
You may want to send your perverted pedophile friends these links too. ROFL
"Sexual predators cannot hide from ICE simply by traveling across borders to exploit, violate, and abuse children," said Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for ICE John Morton. "Working closely with our partners overseas, we will continue to identify people who travel for illicit purposes, and we will pursue justice for abused children no matter where they live."
And there are so many more, dear. It just does my heart PROUD! Bet it isn't too comforting to you, though, eh?
• Delete message

Feb 23 2010 - 11:09am
Hola "Desperate John,"
Apparently, John P. Stafford, you have issues with quite a few people around Nica Living and other places. Even the moderators there and the Nicas find you a bit odd and wonder why if you have no respect for the people of Nicaragua, you remain there. Not very bright to demonstrate that in a country like Nicaragua! People in Latin America don't fancy Anglos with your type of ignorant arrogance, and those of greater means may become highly offended and do something to remove your misery in life. I can assure you that you probably have never seen the type of violence that your type of naivety creates in places like that and it would probably have you pissing your pants if you realized how violent it can get. I'd tone down your arrogance and hostility a bit, if for no other reason, than for your own personal safety there.
And I can understand why you defend the gold digger (Kelly Ann Thomas) now. After all, you are almost neighbors, no? ROFL She should think a little more highly of herself than to settle for marrying for money...a real woman has the capacity to generate her own wealth, without having to marry for it like the Nicaraguan princesses of poverty! But I'm not going to wish her misery for her inability to prosper on her own. I hope one day she becomes la gran dama de SJDS, so she feels she has accomplished something instead of "llorar por culpa de la palabras adolescente" or crying the tears of her adolescent words she tosses all over the internet. The poor thing!
But you both should keep a lower profile, living where you do. I've been told poor Kelly was beaten pretty badly in a home invasion robbery. Does she realize the enemies she's made with her shrewish behavior online isn't wise in a country like Nicaragua where entire Latin families take offense to Anglos who butt their noses in where they don't belong? You Anglos assume that people in Latin America play by the same rules and may worry about your well being. Nobody there cares about your well being or safety. They expect each of you to act as if God has blessed you with some common sense, dear. And as much as Kelly hates and envies me, I wouldn't wish anything like what she already experienced there on anyone. No human being deserves that! Be safe and keep a low profile in Nicaragua. You aren't in Kansas, Dorothy!
Saludos, amigo malo Malísimo!

Feb 23 2010 - 2:09pm
Jesus Christ woman you are the most fucked up person I have ever seen post in any Nica forum!
I don't know any of the people you are talking about and I am not an old man that chases young girls.
I did NOT follow you anywhere - I responded to your pathetic post here!
Good by and good luck solving your personal mental problems!
• Delete message

Feb 23 2010 - 2:34pm
My dear, YOU were the one that contacted ME, NOT the other way around. So figure out who the sicko is from that! I know I have! Your message was not in the confines of the forum because you are too gutless to do so. THOSE are the facts, my mentally challenged friend. Now move on! You lost the battle.
• Delete message

Feb 23 2010 - 4:00pm
The reason I sent you a private message is that I did not want to see you embarrass yourself any further in the open forum but obviously I was wrong to worry about that.
Good luck in life!
• Delete message

Feb 23 2010 - 5:32pm
You weak little man! You sent me a private message because you are one of the spineless wimps that need people to defend you in forums, and you knew you wouldn't have that luxury here. You would have to do like me here, and stand on your own. And we both know you aren't man enough to do that in life. So you sent me a private message because you couldn't handle what people going against you as I did in 2 forums, and we BOTH know that!
You sent it because you didn't want Peter to see it. You are one of the most wimpy and spineless idiots I've ever met! And you make me so proud that I met a REAL man instead of a weak specimen like you. My biggest turn off is a wimp of a man who lacks the balls to stand up to public opinion without hand holding, and THAT describes you and your loser friends to a tee! Go get psychological help for your fears. That a woman is ten times braver than you should make you feel a sense of shame, but that you thought you'd address me with your lack of balls? Hilarious!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Peter! You know

Ha Ha Ha Ha Peter!
You know exactly why I made that facetious post.
Knocked up any more young little foreign girls lately and then dumped them???

Ha Ha Ha Ha ""Enraged"" Give

Ha Ha Ha Ha
""Enraged"" Give me permission to post the conversations we had and let the folks here see who is enraged.


Hi John,

Welcome.  However, I'm not sure why you post these apparently-rhetorical questions here; maybe this would be better as a diary entry or confession to the local Father?  I hope you don't mind if I move this from "Nicaragua" to "All Other Subjects".


You casual amusement over this subject says a great deal

But not as much as your personal emails to me to try to convince me that you are some type of real man. Honestly, from the venom in those towards someone who wasn't even posting to you, or who didn't even know you existed, I really wouldn't be surprised if the statement above was true.

Why would you become so enraged with a complete stranger, Mr. John P Safford? And what drives such a busybody to stir the proverbial pot and then feign dismay? Can I suggest some mental health prophylaxis for those angry private emails, dear?

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