If You Have a Baby in Panama, Can You Be Thrown Out of the Country for Overstay?

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I know that in Costa Rica, that if you have a baby in the country, they don't normally throw you out of the country for overstaying your 90 days.  What's the law in Panama?  Do you need to get residency anyway?  Or could you just have a baby and not worry about the formalities of residency? 


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wasn't leaving

We were not going through the airport or leaving. We live here fulltime. my lawyer,, and I do use that term while I laugh, told me I needed to go down and pay the fines before he could go on with my paperwork.


I am to the point that I just don't care anymore what they do.

that sounds different than costa rica

Thanks for the info.  When we were in C.R. found that it was possible to stay with a Tico baby - though technically not proper, none of the immigration officers at any offices or the airport batted an eyelash or asked for a dollar.  Did you have your child with you when you got the overstay fee?


I have one baby born here, and another on the way. but that still doesn't allow us to break the law.  you will still need to file all paperwork you need to get your visa.


to overstay your tourist visa, is not a big deal. all they want is the MONEY.. how much depends on how long you have overstayed. last fine I paid was 550.00.


I've been here for three years, and still no visa.

I have hired two lawyers and paid both to handle this for us, both have not done much of anything.

it not like I can't get one for some reason.


another problem is they have been backlogged for over a year and last month a lot of lawyers went down there and had a sit in.

the problem I see when I go down to the office of immigration is they might have 4 ladies working. and there is a tv set behind them, so they have to watch their soaps until the break then they will turn around and work on the paperwork.


other problem I see is that once they do start to work on it, someone will just walk up stand over you and ask them a question and they will stop working on your stuff and talk with them on their problem.  not much gets done.

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