Is it easy to form friendships this age of ones life in Central America ?

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I will be moving to Central America most probably to Nicaragua. I am in my early forties and am making this change solo..Is it easy to meet people/make friends once you move. How about meeting other gringos to date and get into a relationship. I guess one can hang out in bars and restaurants and meet other like minded folks but relationships are hard enough...what kinds of personality am I liekly to run into...or is the scene just as cold as other parts in the USA.

Is it easy to form friendships this age of ones life in a foreign country...




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Is it easy to form friendships, Central America


I live in Costa Rica full time.

It is easy to form friendships, if you speak Spanish.  Hanging in bar will not find you what you are looking for.  If you are a woman, it is very dangerous to hang in bars in Latin America.  It would be better to hang out at a school and teach English for free. 

I think there are safer countries to move to as well.

Did you read the posts from the "Nicaragua" section?

You can see a list of old posts relating to Nicaragua (some relating to scams) in the Nicaragua Forum.  To go there, click on Nicaragua (a blue link at the top of this topic).  To see a list of all topic categories (including not only Nicaragua, but also Business Practices, etc) - you can just click on "Forum Archives" which is at the top, in the horizontal menu on the picture.  Or you could just type in "scam" into the Search box at the upper left, select "Central America Forum Only", and read the resulting stories.

And feel free to register;)  It's easy!  Then you'll automatically get a notice when there are updates to topics where you have contributed.

Peter Christopher

Hey: Thanks for your


Thanks for your comments. Could you give some examples of these "scam types" I may run into.

I am a writer and an artist and looking to make a change.

Thanks to lisa as well for responding.



Dear Curious,

      My experience as a gringa alone in Central America has been a positive one. I agree with Peter that you get what you give but I also think people are a bit different here. I have been living in Costa Rica but have visited Panama and Nicaragua. I've met foreigners and expats everywhere I've been and they all are pretty friendly. I think more so than in North America. It takes a certain kind of person with a bit of a rebel inside to leave the sophistication of the States behind. The English speaking expats tend to bond and hang out together. They seem open and friendly, to me.

      But one word of warning, (I am assuming you are a woman) some of the single guys from the States are in Latin America because they are societal misfits. Now, I am not judging. I don't want to live there either. I live in the Caribbean, which I has been called the land of the wanted (as in wanted by the law) and the unwanted (by anyone else). Just be careful.

    Me, I like everybody, but Latin men enchant me. I can tell you all about them in my Costa Rica travel journals. I wrote a whole story about it called Drama, Romance and Latinos. ( I'm the one in the You Tube video Peter put up!)

Have fun and Buena Suerte!


Be cuatious, in Nicaragua

Now this  is only my opinion, and i ma not an authority, but ihave traveld to Nicargua and I would suggest somewhere likeLEON  area, Nicaragua can be a dangerious place. AND in my humble opinion as the Honduras thing evolves it is going to make the nicaraguan people think in the same way.  I kow what the media has said about the Honduras thing, but he truth I hav efound is the Supreme court of Honduras and the congress told the military to removie the murdering bandit.  It was not a military coup.  IAT was some of the poorest people in the hemishere standing up for Freedom , I have traveld COsta rica for 25 years, paid my dues there , opened a bar, lost my rear , came home and regrouping,

What was you line of work. I am planning to open an online magazine about latin america and need some freelance  reports.



Good Luck, some of the best people in the world live in Latin AMerica,  But there are some scammers that will make your head swim


It depends on the person, I'd say

I think it depends on you.  If that came easy for you in the states, same anywhere else.  If you have a hard time leaving the house, you'll have the same problem anywhere you go.  Did you check out Lisa's stories?  It's mostly Costa Rica, but there are some good ones.  She just sent me this funny video she made to advertise her site and stories (she's selling the mp3 version).

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