Jimmy Carter: Are You Waking Up?

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The Carter Center recently said, "We respectfully urge the Supreme Electoral Council as the maximum electoral authority to conduct, with full participation of political parties and national observation groups..."


Are they starting to wake up?

About two years ago I had posted the following on another Nicaragua-related forum:

I learned a few days before the election that there was a "no advertisement" period beginning a few days before election day. Then the day before election, I'm watching the novella, and here comes the big fat Sandinista head of the election commission. "The media reports that Alegre Montealegre has withdrawn from the race are untrue." This same announcement was played about five times during the novella. This was pure Karl Rove quality political brilliance.

It was no surprise to me that Ortega was recognized by the CSE as the winner. I predicted this eight months ago on another Nicaragua website.

It was a surprise when Jimmy Carter then also showed up on television to explain that he saw this as a legitimate election. I had hoped he'd be smart enough to no show his face here where he helped destroy a civilization, to give power back to same kook he gave it to last time. Here's his report in case you didn't catch the television broadcast:


Long before I went to Nicaragua, I had illusions about Jimmy Carter and Sandinistas dating back to my parents' statements that Jimmy was good and Reagan was bad. (Later, I once went to a bible school class taught by Jimmy Carter. I remember thinking, "That man is simpleminded.")

Jimmy Carter, you, who was duped thirty years ago by Daniel and his band of thieves, are back, and got duped by him again. You didn't learn, did you?

Daniel is a thief and has always been a thief. You go meet with the thief before the election? You meet with him again after the election? And you aren't even ashamed?

You state in your report that Venezuela made fertilizer available to low-income families. I remember in elementary school when the teacher explained that bribing people to vote for you with pencils wasn't moral. I remember the freeman's oath I took in order to vote in the US that stated in this spirit that I would vote based on what I believe was best for the country, not based on free pencils. How much of the fertilizer do you even think ended up with low-income people?

You do seem to acknowledge that only by being a savvy politician did Ortega manage to change the constitution in a way that made it easier for him to "win". You don't mention that its only his own judges that allow these changes to the constitution; the president of the country states they are illegal.

You didn't seem to notice that one of his opponents who stood in the way to his election unceremoniously died of natural causes (?) shortly after being threatened by the Ortegas?

It would have been much better if you'd said something closer to the truth:

Nicaragua is yet another example of how apparent "Democracies" can "elect" people who are unpopular, poor leaders. Like the United States, in Nicaragua, the winner of the election wins through controlling the branches of government that are responsible for elections, and through savvy bribing. Monitoring an election isn't a science, but rather a farce. Was the "election" of Ortega "legal"? Probably not. Was it provably illegal? Of course not; provability is subjective. What we learn in Nicaragua, like in the US, is that being in power allows one to determine one's own legal status. These "democratic" elections held worldwide may not be the worst system for determining leaders. They might simply allow a culture to show its true colors. The culture of Nicaragua, like that of the US, has huge cultural problems that have been getting worse since the late 70s; they two countries have declining standards of living and declining educational levels. Their leaders reflect their populus. Just like the saying, the one thing good about democracies is that the leaders are always the smartest - because no matter how stupid they are, the people were even stupider to have given them power. Lucky for former presidents who live in protected mansions, but let's have a moment of silence for the citizenry that is going to get what it deserves.


Here were two videos that someone on the other side added in a comment:




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