Little Red Pills

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I remember this one interesting time when a local farmer about sixty years of age had asked me for some medicine.  I don't remember exactly what the symptoms were, but I gave him two sudafed.

A few weeks later, he came and sat down at my side or waved me over to sit near him; I can't remember.  Something important was on his mind.

"You know, I want to talk to you about being a man."

I thought, "Jee, great, I'm gonna hear some great Nicaraguan story about being a man."

He said, "You know sometimes it's just really hard to get it up!?"   Then he looked at me apparently convinced I would have magic solution to this particular problem.

"I've heard about it," I said, "I know what you mean, I mean, it's happened to me."

"Uh-huh? And?"

"And?" I said.

"Well,  do you think you can help me out?  What can be done?  I know you've done a lot of reading and everything."

"Uh, well, I mean, I guess they say it can indicate some sense of a window into the being of the personality combination of the moment, a kind of litmus test of..." some kind of drivel, he obviously wasn't listening so I stopped talking to myself eventually.

He said quietly, "Well, I mean to say, do you have any more of those little red pills?"

"I can check," I said.  I found them, all four of them, and I gave him all of them.  "Usually people take this just for allergy."

"Yeah, that's right, just for allergy, kid, I'm with ye! Thanks for this moment of truth between two men, what a true good friend you are."

And he bounced off, hopped on his horse, and that was the last I saw of him that day.


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indeed, you're right, i just don't know

All I know is what he told me... good point... who knows what actually was in his mind, or what actually happened!  This same guy had actually recommended a worker to me one time, who I had then employed for a while until (like most others) he got caught with his hands too far in the proverbial cookie jar.  Only much later did I find out that the real reason for the recommendation was because that worker was the father of one of his mistresses.  Aha, so hence the enthusiastic recommendation.

Who took the pill

Maybe he just used the red pill to make the lady (hopefully) in question drowsy, giving him either time to "get ready" or the the excuse that she fell asleep and did not remember what happened?

la bruja

I remember one time I had this worker whose name was like Jesus Domingo.  It was actually a different name, but he and his family were evangelicals like quite a lot of Nicas, and he definitely attended church regularly.  I valued his service very much because although not about to rat on his coworkers, I was fairly sure that he would not steal anything himself on his own.  Well later on one of his buddies was on watch when something was stolen.  And my faithful Jesus Domingo tells me, "There was this one time in the town when this backpack was stolen, and we couldn't figure out who stole it, and then there was this one special person who was able to see these kinds of things and" at which point I saw that his one true faith was tempered by his Nicaraguan knowledge of witches and tuned out of the rest of the suggestion.  Brujos are revered there, whether it's for making other people fall in love, get sick, get well, etc, - to some extent I think throughout Latin America. I think Ortega's wife Murillo is said to be very into this esoteric witch deal.  I guess, in other words, maybe that's exactly what's in there, at least sometimes, a blue pill can be conjured up by an authority even out of a red pill.

 So are you trying to tell us

 So are you trying to tell us that you may have solved the mystery of what is in the little blue pill? It's really just a red pill!

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