Longo Mai's Finca Sonador in Costa Rica

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Six years ago when I visited the intentional community Ganas in Staten Island, I heard about Long Mai in France.  A few months later I was in France I visited Longo Mai, and I heard about their project Finca Sonador in Costa Rica.  So when I visited Costa Rica, I made it a point to visit Longo Mai's Finca Sonador.

Finca Sonador is an 800-hectare farm bought originally with funds from the French Community.  It's on the road from Perez Zeledon to Buenos Aires (you can ask the bus driver to drop you off at the entrance then walk in about one kilometer on a good dirt road).

I was only there for a few days.  I observed sugar cane harvest, and I stayed in a house owned by a family who had once been refugees from El Salvador.  Although there were a few people from the French Long Mai, basically the land had been donated to a new organization focused on providing homes for refugees from Central American countries in the late 70s and early 80s.  The families cannot sell their land, but they also have the right to stay there.

It's less than ten US dollars a day to do a homestay there.  I enjoyed my visit there.  You might enjoy spending some time there also.


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