I Hope We Are No Longer Funding This Fraudulent Nicaraguan Propoganda

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Not the most honest person...no!

I caught her in a few lies too. One of which was so hilarious I nearly wet my pants laughing. But I have always allowed those who think they've bamboozled me to believe they've pulled one over. It's part of the reason I think she's a twit. But even twits don't deserve to be assaulted, Peter; even twits who would laugh at other people's misery.

It's odd, but I haven't seen too many happy Americans in Nicaragua. Even the ones who cocoon themselves away from the locals. They seem like a miserable lot, maybe wishing they had thought things out a bit more before moving there and struggling so, and I can understand why. They have an almost primordial need to punish themselves, as if they have convinced themselves that living the good life is a guilty behavior.

They string water hoses on roof lines for heating water, even when there are wayyyy more advanced forms of solar heating, and tons of containers arriving each day to bring them. They build kitchens around odd dimensions in rooms, wasting space, as if they never considered design and use in the construction of their homes, a lot like the hippies used to do in Santa Cruz. And they have enough money to do things right, but they insist on pushing forward with backwards ideas to challenge themselves.

They remind me of a gal I once knew who dated losers. She kept picking the worst men, because I believe she had some sense of guilt over her parent's money. So she chose the lowest form of Latinos she could find, referring to herself in the most vulgar terms because each of them demeaned her. It was a shame. She was pretty, and sweet, and had basic intelligence. But each loser she chose seemed to take more and more away from her, until she was left bitter. And this is what I see in Nicaragua.

Last night I took my husband to the hospital for an infection in his larynx. It was closing and he was having difficulty breathing. Had he been in Nicaragua, he might have died, because five doctors missed the disorder and diagnosed it as bronchitis. We went to a private hospital similar to the hospitals in the states, and a bright pulmonary specialist figured it out, gave him therapy and he is fine today. In places like El Salvador, you have those choices. Nicaragua has some fine medical experts, but the facilities from what my husband and his friends have told me, leave a lot to be desired. The equipment is not as advanced as it should be. The wait to see a doctor is lengthy in emergency situations. Even Kelley Anne Thomas explains her concerns. Why on earth would anyone subject themselves to that? Is THIS the supposed Latin experience they seek? If so, WHY? Is this some attempt at self denial that makes them feel they are one with my culture? I see this over and over and over, and I wonder about these folks and what mental processes they go through in life.

The ones who move there to help the communities...that, I understand! But most of these twits that write about Nicaragua seem to have confused it for a profit making, good life adventure. And now they see it isn't. DUHHHHHH!

I have YET to meet a Latino that wants to spend their life denying them self of basic pleasures. THANK GOD my husband isn't like that! I'd put him out of his misery if he were. It seems so fatalistic!

Or....maybe when you move somewhere dodging taxes, seeking prepubescent girls for dating material, running from poly-substance abuse issues, and trying to be the big fish in a small pond, that's what you end up with...who knows! I've never believed once that many of them are good standing citizens in the U.S., simply by their need to persecute others. The only people I've seen who are forgiving, are those who never experienced criminal behavior themselves. That tells a great deal. And their pseudonym choices do tell a great deal to a person who studies human nature. Can you EVER imagine calling yourself Key West Pirate, or Juanno? But then, Juanno's drinking issues might explain his name choices, not to mention the fact that the U.S. won't allow him to live there.


Income tax or VAT... not sure if the word profit is accurate.  I'm sorry, I don't have any sympathy for her.  When she claimed after 1 year in business that she had paid for her inventory to be shipped from the USA and after all expenses had been making a profit, I suspected she was a liar.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt and visited her business and confirmed it was impossible she had been honest.  I think she's a borderline personality, not uncommon in Nicaragua, that's what happens to people there.  They cease to have one single reality because it's impossible to live sanely and honestly there.  I thought a few years ago she would probably be leaving soon, but I was wrong: she's still there.  She'll probably end up in a ditch, which her employees who she treats so kindly will arrange, after which they will split the business 50% for them and 50% for the local thugs-in-charge.  She's too stubborn to admit she was wrong and leave behind the insanity she's now begun to consider normal.

Sad but expected in so many ways!

Ahhhh yes, Kelly Anne Thomas, the woman who would have squished me with her heel if she could have because she was so angry that I called The Key West Pirate’s wife a stepford wife; because she needed to placate and hold onto the puke with plastic surgery! The woman who has such a degree of hatred and bitterness inside of her, that she claims to have contracted my publisher and spoken to them, sent them a letter, or something ridiculous like that to “ensure I never get a publishing contract.” As if she has any say in that! Apparently, her vindictive behavior came back and haunted her by this sentence:

“My assailant got off on hitting women, or at least me. The men didn't touch Rob save for pointing a gun at Rob.” Yes, Kelly, you’ve sure figured out THAT scenario!

Honestly, I wouldn’t even wish this on Princess Kelly, even with all her venom directed at me because I'm negotiating a publishing contract! I won’t tell her what else I’m negotiating. It might send her over the top, but I do feel sorry for her and “Rob” for having this happen. Nobody deserves this!

While it’s true, I’m not much of a fan of the Kelly Anne Thomas variety, I think their naivety and isolation by hiding in an enclave of North Americans generates a bit of envy and wrath in the people that surround her. In Central America, envy and jealousy can be a deadly experience. We've lost a few friends over such types of hatred. While I’m sure her colorful bitterness and desperation to destroy anyone she feels envy over probably isn’t helpful in Latin America, certainly this isn’t the way to deal with it. Unfortunately, this is part of the culture that the Americans who stand away from the masses never get to know. But then, I read this:

“Every time something bad happens, we can find an excuse. "He is an asshole and deserved it," or "She was carrying way too much money to the beach."

He was an asshole and deserved it? Kelly, dear, sweetheart, WOMAN! You are the biggest asshole I’ve met, and honeybun, I STILL don’t think you deserved what you experienced! How can you justify ANYTHING so bitterly? Why do you enjoy another person's misery like that? Maybe it’s your approach to life that brought out that “dark side” of the thief! You seem to have a dark side yourself, in your analysis of others! JEEZ Louis! You are cold and cruel saying someone deserves to be robbed or stabbed! I’ve been around violent crime my entire life and never used your odd “coping mechanism!” I've never justified criminal behavior...there is nothing justifiable in robbery or assault. It's vicious, chickenshit, and nothing that should generate excuses against victims.

She adds, “Sure I piss people off, but that's usually because they don't like my directness or economic and political opinions and prognostications.”

No honey, it’s because you are one of those magical nitwits who confuse your lack of comprehension in life, twisting it into arrogance like so many dumb human beings. Stupid dull people tend to piss off the world. But even though you are pathetic. you STILL didn’t deserve that!

“We pay more taxes than almost any business in town, despite that many businesses have greater sales than we do.” God BLESS the Sandinistas, eh? They bilk you and very likely robbed you too! But hey! Ain’t Nicaragua grand? And EIGHT BURGLARIES? Those damned Sandinistas and collaborators! They sure are a protective bunch, no? And this is a masterpiece! And HEY! I know I'd broadcast that my business was the most taxpaying profit making enterprise if I'd just been robbed and assaulted! Wouldn't we all?

“We are far less ostentatious than the majority of foreigners living here, … we own a bookstore,” Yup, that’s not ostentatious in a poverty stricken socialist country where people can look up your husband’s wealth building on the internet at all! This gal is BRILLIANT! ROFL

Now, for anyone looking to invest in Nicaragua…here’s the telling story from one who claims to love it there:

“but Nicaragua is facing an economic disaster. We have had a drought that has killed most of the corn and rice and much of the coffee crops in the country. The EU and Japan have cut off foreign aid. There isn't any aid available, anyhow given that we are in the beginning of a global depression. Tourism is way down, despite the lies propagated by government officials. Investment is down. There is almost no new construction. Jobs are decreasing right and left. Businesses are going under. The dollar is about to crash and tax revenues are down, and now we have a drought that will cause massive malnutrition. All these things indicate that violence will increase.”

Kelly Anne Thomas at least had the decency to be honest there! That’s exactly what we are hearing too, from NICARAGUANS! Wanna invest in that? I'm not sure I'd piss off the collaborators by putting down their officials, but we all approach things different ways, don't we.

This was priceless and sad all in the same post. Not priceless because poor silly Kelly got hurt or robbed, because that was tragic; but because she is so dull as to believe the police were not involved…in Nicaragua…where crime is solved in a heartbeat. Hate to tell you, Kelly, but if they had wanted to solve this big mystery, it would have been solved. Stop fooling yourself! THIS one evaded the cops and collaborators. AMAZING!

And she owns a store, but she isn’t a resident? How does that happen, LEGALLY?

“I don't have a gun because I don't have residency.”

Kelly, get residency somewhere safe, or where you don’t have to fear this type of thing. I don’t fear this in El Salvador, because I live behind a protected and guarded area to ensure this doesn't happen. You don’t have to live unsafe to live among the people. Even the people in Central America don’t live that way! Use your noggin and get somewhere safe, and if you want to hate the world, then in Latin America for God’s sake, keep your friggin' mouth shut!

Learn the culture when you move somewhere. A rookie in Nicaragua could have told you this was on the horizon. Why do you think we chose not to remain there, or return? Do you really think its that hard to get residency in that God forsaken country, especially after you've pinpointed the head of DGME as an extortionist? Especially if you offer to pay off the right people? Christ! Phil Hughes even knows that much! They were handing out asylum after our case there to keep mouths shut, for God's sake! My husband told them to keep their mosquito ridden country and put on his form, "I'll NEVER return and shoot me if I do, because I'll be that stupid!" Pissing off Roger Pablo Morales to the point he nearly had a stroke. They couldn't GET him out of the country fast enough after that! And he was laughing all the way! And I've been laughing ever since! You don't have to live third world to live in the third world, for Christ's sakes! You can have a bit of humility and still have a decent life.

slow to catch on

i am about  months late reading this gripping account of yet another crime against LaFoca's friend Kelly: http://www.therealnicaragua.com/vb/forums/showthread.php/8146-Home-Assault-San-Juan-del-sur  -- it sounds like she is one of those proverbial frogs who has become systematically acclimatized to the heinous conditions; sad story and very common.

And for the record

The U.S. is negotiating with Daniel Ortega, because he knows without the help of the U.S. his goose is fried. So that in return, the U.S. State Department publishes propaganda for him, in order to keep Ortega from completely turning his cold shoulder to us. What does Ortega gain from this? Millions!

The U.S. State Department had a news item that was squashed about the numerous illegal detentions of Somalians and many from around the world. They chose not to cover it in the April edition. At least one American was held at DGME incommunicado. Tells you about American politicos, no?

Nica 1930 immagration law:

Let's hope the Sandinistas never bring this law back:

Art. 4b) Not allowed into the country are foreigners who are suffering from mental disorder (oops, there goes half of SJDS) or are lunatics who have a dangerous hobby or vitiated by general paralysis and also covered in this subsection: the chronic alcoholics, (poor Juanno would have to leave) the ataxic, epileptics, idiots, (oh no!! There goes the rest of them) blind, and disabled or handicapped for work.

But seriously, it appears the following was never reviewed:





I find the rape case rather interesting. It shows how everybody is covering up this DGME official. While the family of the girl are all FSLN members, even FSLN is not supporting this family in their case!!

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