Cutting Through Internet Misinformation About Nicaragua By Pronicaragua And Other "Sources"

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There is a lot of misinformation floating around the internet about the countries in Central America.  I happen to know more about the misinformation related to Nicaragua than other countries, so I'm going to take a closer look here and present what I find.  At times I've expressed some caution about trusting the cleverly censored forums like nicaliving.  But it goes beyond just one website.  Wikipedia has the same lies, as do real estate websites, "non"governmental agency websites (unsurprisingly) and tour websites.  Here are a few examples:

Wikipedia Deception

The paragraph of lies below appeared in Nicaragua's Managua page (

Nicaragua Murder Rate 1990-2005 GraphNicaragua has been rated the safest country in Central America by various sources. Statistics and surveys by INTERPOL, the United Nations, INCAE, the Inter-American Human Rights Institute and the Police Forces in the Americas show that statistically, Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate in Central America and one of the lowest in Latin America.[39][40][41] In addition, Nicaragua has the lowest homicide rate in Central America. In 2007 the homicide rate was 14 per 100,000 people.[42]

The one and only thing that is true from the paragraph is the rough estimate of the reported homicide rate (see the graph at right which is NOT from wikipedia but from a separate UN report at  Feel free to do a little research on your own and you will see that both Costa Rica has a lower reported and real homicide rate.

Now take a close look at the references 39-41 from that wikipedia page:

39. "Safe and stunning" [ The World's best-kept retirement secret ]

40. ]

41. "Semester in Managua, Nicaragua at Universidad Centroamericana" 
Fairfield University.[ NONEXISTENT PAGE www fairfield edu/x16869.html ]

Well, #39 is an article written by International Living, which makes money selling false information and property in Nicaragua.  No surprise about all the lies in there.  I'm sure they had to pay to have that article published by the msn.  What blatant trash.

#40 Now is this a website whose objectivity we can really trust:  Go ahead and try to navigate to and see what you get - advertisements from Nicaragua Tourism and Hotel Investment Exchange!  Then look it up in the domain ownership database.  You'll find: J Pereira, ProNicaragua, Km 5 Carretera Masaya, 1/2 cuadra, oeste, Managua, Nicaragua.  Fine.  So let's skip right past the delusional "Nicaragua ranked 3er most globalized country in Latin America" from the front page to the "About Us" page.  

ProNicaragua is the Nicaraguan Investment Promotion Agency, established in 2002.  We are a not-for-profit, public-private institution whose mission is to generate economic growth and job creation in Nicaragua by attracting high-quality foreign direct investment.  We provide free support services to qualified investors seeking investment opportunities in our country.

In other words, it's a way for some people (private) to take investor money and government (public) money.  This is rich.  But it gets even better if you read their press releases: on that page you find this:

El año pasado, la Agencia de Promoción de Inversiones, ProNicaragua, con el apoyo del programa patrocinado por el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos, Millenium Challenge Corporation, en Nicaragua (, organizaron y diseñaron la celebración de un Foro de Inversiones, enfocado en las oportunidades de inversión emergentes en la industria hotelera de Nicaragua.

In other words, Pronicaragua has been receiving a lot of money from the MCC of the United States Government.  This money has been used, among other things, in writing fraudulent information on their pronicaragua website.  We've also had a user on this website, jdbriceno, who was trying to post misleading information on this website but then quit and hasn't been back.  I'm willing to bet that this "Diego jdbriceno" was being paid directly or indirectly by the MCC to misrepresent Nicargua in my claim about Nicargua's misuse of foreign aid.

#41?  This page doesn't even exist anymore, but it appears to have been propaganda written by a Nicaraguan University to advertise an exchange program for foreign students.

Now who do you think wrote the misleading information in wikipedia itself and put the links to the propaganda in the Managua page of Wikipedia?  I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

Tours Nicaragua

And don't think that the lies are just by Nicaraguans or that all the gringo-fraud is from nicaliving (thought that is a top spot for misinformation).  Probably well over half the websites with information about Nicaragua are propaganda.  Take a look, for instance, at  This is a company owned and run by a couple gringoes (Mike Newton and Richard Leonardi) and a Nicaraguan wife.  Just look at the "Country Information" page on their website. 

Many people are surprised to learn that the United Nations ranks Nicaragua as the second safest country in all of Latin America (behind Uruguay). Many of our customers have related to us that before their visit to Nicaragua they were shown concern by family or friends about safety issues in Nicaragua. Is the negative image of Nicaragua justified? Is it dangerous here?

[...] According to Interpol in 2001, crime rate per 100,000 was 9,927 for England, 7,736 for Germany, 4,161 for the USA and 1,750 for Nicaragua. According to Interpol Nicaragua is home to less than half the crime of the USA and a quarter of the crime in England or Germany. Murder rates are a good measure for a country's level of violent crime as murders rarely go unreported. The world's homicide rate is currently estimated at 8.86 per 100,000. Latin America is quite a bit rougher, with an average of 22.9 murders per 100,000 in the region. Most neighbor countries of Nicaragua in Central America are on the upper end of the world's scale, exactly where the world might expect Nicaragua would be located. Countries like El Salvador at 117 per 100,000, Guatemala at 45 per 100,000 and Honduras at 41 per 100,000. In North America, the US murder rate is 7.1 per 100,000, yet its cities weigh in at 14.8 per 100,000 for Los Angeles, 21.9 for Chicago, 31.7 for Atlanta, with Washington, D.C. at 41.8 and New Orleans at 43.3. Costa Rica is at 7.2, the same as the US nationwide and significantly safer than most other Central American republics. But what about Nicaragua? Nicaragua suffers only 3.4 per 100,000, making it the least violent country in Central America and one of the safest in the entire hemisphere.

What a bunch of lies.  This is such festering propoganda that I am not even going to waste my time on it.  I wouldn't mind if the website said something like, "Despite Nicargua being dangerous, our tours are safe.  Over 10 years, we have developed relationships with a talented and well-compensated staff, and we have never had even one incident in our tours" (assuming that is true).  But to put lies on the website and misrepresent Nicaragua?  That is wishful thinking, fraud, and categorically a dishonest business practice.  Fits right in with Nicaragua.



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Overexaggerated Problems

Cory: You should be aware that your "problems" are a logical fallacy. I see no way how people are bothering you by stopping by and wishing you a "hello." They're not getting under your skin. They're being friendly. If you have a problem, just close your blasted door. Or lock yourself up as you would here in the United States. Not a big deal. As for this posting, TeleSUR in November, noted that Nicaragua's public policy for crime prevention and intervention are the reason why Nicaragua has been rated as the safest country in Central America. I have seen the statistics provided on this website, and not all of them are statistically significant after cross examining the data with chi squared or perason's variable tests. Feel free to youtube the video "Nicaragua seguro." It pops up as an official report from one of the best news groups in Latin America. It doesn't help that a Costa Rican flag is associated with this webpage. Costa Rica hasn't taken too fancy Nicaragua's recent economic surge and its lucrative costs that lure tourists away from overzealous spending at overpriced resorts. Comparative advantage is truly an amazing thing...

Safe in Nicaragua

When I lived in NYC USA for 13 years, got 'mugged' about 5 times, lived years in El Salvador and Guatemala, never got 'mugged', once a so called local 'friend' claimed I wed him money and took my cell phone, etc. Life in the tropics, take precautions everywhere you go and keep a low profile, find an area where the crime rate is low at least and when in the large cities take the usual big city precautions, recently late night in San Jose I took a taxi seven blocks, spend $3 and maybe save my life.


I purchased my home 8 years ago, farm 6 years ago then expanded my farm by 200% 2 years ago. We are tiring to expand again but the neighbors are reluctant to sale their land.

I have had nothing but problems. Everyone comes by to purchase what I have even if I do not have anything at the time (veggies) and my house - my god - I open my doors and people walk by asking me how I am doing and wish me a good day all the time. You know after time you really get tired of people asking you how you are doing. Maybe someone who is more jaded could put up with this type of behavior. You really have to watch out for these Nica people they get under your skin.

anybody with money to lose

Hi David, Welcome to the site.  Although I disagree with your naive optimism ("you can not steal land in Nicaragua") you are welcome to express that type of idea here if you wish.  Sorry to hear that you are now an owner in Remax Nicaragua.  I'm afraid anyone who buys in Nicaragua (whether Real Estate or Business) is buying into the greater fool theory.  Good luck finding someone to take you out of your invesment later.  But I assume you have money to lose, otherwise you would not have allowed yourself to fall for the pitch that you heard.

Mountain Home available for rent, Beach house for sale in Nicara

By the way the mountain house is near where oil has been discovered in Nicaragua, Beach home is near to an upscale Beach Resort, teh area is being developed........Available now,is rental of anew

Submitted by elsalwizard on July 25, 2011 - 6:33pm.

Available now,is rental of a mountain house some 18 km. out of Managua, 1000 meters altitude, living room, 3 bedrooms, yard, guard house, guard service shall be included in the rental which is 1000 USD a month, partially furnished, also for sale or long term rental a Beach house, near to Montelimar, can be developed into a hostal, as there are few rooms in teh area, beautiful beaches, low crime, safe, for budget travelers, 1 US acre of land and family is resident at gate for security, for photos and contact information directly to owner, no realtor, in Nicaragua, fluent in English, spent 42 years in USA, you of course shall be able to stay in one or both properties, the owner has transportation. for pI shall get a tiny commission, avoid hassles and misunderstandings, owner was born in Nicaragua and has clear title. saludos.

Reply to David Joyce slander

This is David Joyce. I am only responding to this because a client read it and decided I was dishonest from it. First of all you can not steal land in Nicaragua , not even the government. They have paid out the nose for the 80's. and don't want more problems with the IMF. Second I have the contracts signed by this womans mother and my name is not on any of them. I am now a owner in Remax but was not at the time this woman bought this property and I did not sell her the property Ellen Winter a remax agent did. 3rd the owners of Rancho Monterrey only asked that she move her motor home off of the property as she agreed to do in the CC&R's and Contract that she signed. She agreed to move them after 6 months. The owners gave her and her son permission to live there so they could get a building permit. 4th here is the meat of this. Google the name Lenore Matusiewicz and or her son David or tom Matusiewicz and see what comes up. They were arrested in Nicaragua for kidnapping his kids. He is still in prison and she just got out. When she got out we tried to contact her to see if she could move the motor home and from that we got all of this crap from her and I guess it is her daughter. I have all of the documents if anyone is interested in them just reply to this blog and I will forward them to you. They sent this crap to everyone in the Nicaraguan business world and also Remax international and I am still an agent. People who know me know that I don't operate like that. To tell you the truth I was surprized that anyone could conjure up a lot of crap and get it published on the internet and someone would take it seriously and it could damage a sale or a reputation. Inrcredible!!

Best to you

The text below is from a Nica Living 2006 posting, David Joyce obviously has been around Granada for a long time and has prestigious Granada area connections and lawyers, be sure you have clear title and all your paperwork in order before you sue, view their website They claim to use services of First American title for their clients...ask around Granada, get a good lawyer and cuidase, take care.

By the way, you can hit the ground running in Nicaragua by joining International Living and visiting them in Granada when you get there. They have excellent intelegence on the ground. Just remember, however, they have their hands in everyone's pocket and are only going to show you "their" developments (meaning the ones that have agreed to pay their 15% finder's fee). There are a lot of developments they won't talk about but it's still a great starting point. For other opportunities see David Joyce at the Granada Remax office or Claudia at Caldwell Banker.


Submitted by tropi on Thu, 2006/03/02 - 14:07.

Where do they think they are!

Mention to them that 4-5% is the customary going rate in Nicaragua (finders fee

filing a complaint against a nicaraguan real estate agent

I am trying to get information to try to find out how to file a complaint against David Joyce of REMAX in Nicaragua who sold land in Rancho Monterrey to my mother Lenore Matusiewicz at $55,000.00 only reporting $30,000.00. He and Christine and Thomas Kepping have bribed a judge to steal the land and motorhome back from my mother. I don't know if that is standard practice for REMAX. We also notified Ms Barbara Addy, customer relations with REMAX that if the motorhome or land in Nicaragua is touched that we will file a lawsuit. I also notifed an AMERICAN LAWYER and we already have a NICARAGUAN lawyer hired. I am sad to say that I we will NEVER use REMAX for any business again, nor will anyone we know. Please advise us who to file complaint with... Barbara Addy, QSC, CRB Customer Relations Specialist RE/MAX, LLC 5075 South Syracuse Street Denver, CO 80237-2712 800-525-7452 303-796-3610 WE HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT THERE HAVE BEEN MANY PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN BRIBED IN THIS ILLEGAL TRANSACTION AND THAT THERE IS ALREADY A BUYER FOR THE LAND THAT MY MOTHER OWNS......WE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THAT DAVID JOYCE AND CHRISTINE AND THOMAS KEPPING HAVE DONE THIS.....ALSO, SELLING LAND FOR $55,000 AND REPORTING MUCH LESS IS IRS TAX EVASION IN THE USA....I AM NOT SURE IF THAT IS TRUE ALSO IN NICARAGUA LENORE MATUSIEWICZ ( USA) 956-587-2675   THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, AMY GONZALEZ (USA) 609-247-3304 David Joyce RE/MAX COLONIAL PROPERTIES (R0700072) Each Office Independently Owned and Operated 109 Calle Libertad Granada, Nicaragua Email This Agent My Personal Web Site Listing Web Site Other Listing Web Site Title: Owner Year Licensed: 2006 Year Joined: 2006 Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Office Phone Main: 0115055523199 Fax: 0115055523199 Personal Phone Mobile: 0115058801283 Service Area Information Location: Granada Office Area(s): Granada Professional & Personal Distinctions Languages: English, Spanish Specialties Specialty: Residential Residential: Condominiums, New Construction, Residential Acreages

my take

Funny thing, I have been living in or traveling back and forth to Nicaragua since in 1983 and I have never been mugged, never been attacked by machete welding thugs, but I have encountered many locals who will steal the shirt off your back when you are sleeping.

A few months ago, on our recent trip to Nicaragua, we had some travel issues and had a choice of staying in Managua or flying to El Salvador and spending the night. We opted to stay in Managua due to the violence in El Salvador (perceived or real) My wife is a Nica and we are both very well traveled not just in Central America but Europe as well. El Salvador is NOT one of our travel destinations

Now I have personally seen the outcomes of a machete attack in Nicaragua, 12 in total in my tenure in Nicaragua, and to tell you the truth all have ended in death or cut up to the point where the individual is not recognizable, very gory and gruesome.

At the same time I have read information of two very famous machete attacks in Nicaragua, both came out with VERY minor scratches at most, Peter Christopher and Eric Volz. I have met one of them and to tell you the truth Eric is the biggest liar (well behind Eugene Hasenfus) I cannot believe Eric said he ran through a crowd of 20 people welding machetes wanting to kill him and came out without a scratch - it's like he was never in Nicaragua and was writing one of his stories for his publications (but then again he is a writer) correct?

Also I have never been cut up in bits with a Skill saw (but then again, as an adult I have never been involved with a 16 year old pregnant girl with a wife in the states.)

I guess it all comes down to treating people with respect (even if the local customs reflect differently) and keeping my business privet, not being stupid, you know like getting drunk and taking a taxi at 3 am to the house of the stripper I just met. Well I guess this is just some "Pointers" to keep ones arse out of trouble.

Safe in Nicaragua

I have lived in El Salvador for some 16 years, never been 'mugged', in Nicaragua the thieves are a bit more agressive than in El Salvador, I never got robbed but encountered drunken cops in Managua leading a tour in 2000 and a drunken cab driver at 4 am in Managua, other than that took the usual precautions, went around with a little bit of cash and photocopy of my passport, thats all except for a bag of snacks, since I do not drink I go to bed early and get up early, avoiding the 'vida nocturna'.

What a coincidence...

The little flag showing in this web page is Costarican... who HATES Nicaragua and want to stole its San Juan river. Nicragua is AWESOME... I've lived here for almost 25 years and I can assure you it IS one of the safest places in the WORLD.

Let it Go, Life is too short.

Cannot change others, cannot control the behavior of others, get on with life on life terms. "G-d or Higher Power or Great Spirit or No Spirit, Grant me TODAY the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (others, even close friends), courage to change the things I can (my own attitude) and the WISDOM* to know the difference." Knowledge ain't wisdom!!!! Every morning I wake up here in San Salvador with an attitide of gratitude, the rest of you on this thread PLEASE carry the resentments for me, because I assume you are "normies" and won't drink, get drunk and stay drunk, over nothing really, over someone else's horseshit. I'm on Vet's disability, I long ago sold my car and take buses, however since I'm now working, mostly volunteer in the development or rural cultural and eco tourism I always have a ride to the site and back, in our fellowship taht's called "FREEDOM FROM BONDAGE OF SELF" cuz if I get into stinkin' thinkin' and start listening to myself, I am in trouble. I have no wife, was divorced 1984 in States, no kids, she was from Europe and took birth control measures, no vehicle any more, no big deal.
La Foca is right however, this is no country to raise kids, and unless your company from abroad sends you here and puts you up in a gated community rent free, not worth the effort, El Salvador ok for hardy, singl e young people who may wish to teach English, volunteer, whatever for 6 months or a year, not for raising a family. A few years ago a US citizen ex pat was brought here to work by a wealthy Salvadoran, lived rent free, then one day, about a year later, for no real reason, he fired her. She started a small biz on her savings, married a Guatemalan/Salvadoran Doctor here, had a baby, now they are separated, she was doing 99% of the child raising while her husband was out with friends, surfing or whatever. Así es al vida.
I have my "Phil Hughes" too, a few in this country, basically losers, jackasses, who THINK I have Money, envidia. These people are Egomaniacs with an inferiority complex, have no job, no one will hire them, piss poor attitude and are whiners waiting for someone to offer tehm a job and the moon, as far as I am concerned, to quote my Dad, down east yankee from Maine "All a fart in a gale of wind" and the wonderful thing about the Internet is you have your "Delete" button. Saludos.


Nicaliving is a pile of Horseshit.

There is a good reason TRN was created, the writing has been on the wall for a long time. He let others build him a congregation, then he stole the pulpit.

I think maybe I once wrote something like that.

I cannot say I am a fan of Peter, but he did Nicaragua like most would and he got burned (chopped or however you want to put it). I believe what he says and some of it I can verify. He may have caused many of the problems himself, but most anyone with a North American state of mind would have done the same.

Sorry for the rambling, been enjoying the site for a while, and unable to sign on to NL for over 2 years, censorship, can you imagine it.

I was never able to understand why one of Peter's biggest fans suddenly threw him to the dogs.

Pedofile? Sandanista Sympathiser? Toni Solo? Lynux maybe made him Crazy? Who Knows.

I promise to register, until then it is not that difficult to figure out.

The REAL Nica

I think it is obvious that many who create web sites about Nicaragua have an economic agenda.

Real Estate agents want to sell inflated properties to unsuspecting foreigners, who arrive in Central America convinced they have to pay those prices for rentals and real estate, instead of trusting Nicaraguans. These people capitalize on the idea that "you can trust an American or Canadian" who is residing there, more than you can trust the locals. And the prices they charge are based on that. It's their branding tool and a damned shame, because many North Americans follow the yellow brick road and end up paying too much for properties, where people with Central American family members simply laugh at those escalated prices and find bargains.

The same goes for services. You'll hear North Americans saying, "Buy local!" They are promoting business growth, as well they need to. But the fact is that many Nicaraguans do not prefer to buy locally, and either do these expatriates in many cases. Instead, they send shipping containers to themselves laden with American priced goods. And sometimes they become distribution sources for other Americans and Canadians. So I have to agree this has a great deal to do with censorship on some of these sites aimed at drumming up business and offering some "good advice" on the side.

Unfortunately, even those who feel "marketing is evil" use these sites for just that purpose.

a little off topic

I guess we are going a little off topic here but so be it. While it's true I survived an attempted murder/assault by two Nicaraguan cowards with machetes who didn't have the cojones to confront me in daylight, it's quite unlikely that Phil Hughes had anything to do with it. I had never even heard that odd rumor before you mentioned it yesterday. If you can imagine it, Phil Hughes is a blustering but timid and unselfconfident fat man who I'm sure has to check wikipedia to know the difference between maiz and trigo. And while he may be a pervert in the eyes of some, in the time I knew him he did not appear to be anywhere near as overly perverted as some of the real pedophile sickos I've read about in the world. Could his obsession with me be a projection of repressed homosexuality or an expression of his inferiority complex that I was able to understand the Nicaraguan culture, which he has never been able to do? But that's really a digression. What's apropos is that he's been one of the many Sandinista apologists who sought to cover up the nastier realities of Nicaragua, and as such, he is as disgusting as the most despicable of the Nicaraguans, if not moreso because of the education and culture he was exposed to in the U.S that should have allowed him more perspective. What I was trying to convey in this article, however, wasn't as much Phil Hughes per se but to look at the broader context of Nicaraguan misinformation, and how it is related to the economic interests of those who have made their perspectives on Nicaragua available online. It's pretty obvious and unsurprising if you think about it, but when you see the bogus claims coming up again and again ("Nicaragua is the 2nd safest... blah blah blah") which is pure horsecrap, you also benefit from seeing it laid out clearly: the glowing statements about Nicaragua on the internet, including the lies about the safety and investment risk/reward context, are dominated by those who have the economic interest invested and attempt to spread misinformation, in hopes to cover up the realities so that they can fool innocent people into investing with them and/or "joining" their quixotic pyramid scheme quest.

As for Ken Kinzel, he would still probably be alive had Phil Hughes not censored posts I had made on his site that presented a more balanced perspective of the kinds of situations Mr. Kinzel was confronting.

I stand corrected by Peter Christopher

In the above post, I stated:

"And finally, enough people encouraged me to read about you (Peter Christopher) through personal emails where they believed Phil Hughes was behind some acts with a machete,"

While this is the rumor I heard from a few people from Nica Living, Peter Christopher has denied that Phil Hughes sent people with machetes his way. He insists these people had different motives. So, I want to make it clear that this was the rumor mill. But having read so many posts by Phil Hughes and about him, I was inclined to believe the rumors, much as people in Nica Liviing fell into a pattern of repeating rumors about me. Possibly, if there wasn't so MUCH out there questioning Phil Hughes character, these things wouldn't be so believable.

As for the rest of them, their comments on Nica Living about the marriage of Marty and Ken Kinzel demonstrates their lack of character. Why would ANYONE make a widow's life more complicated by posting trash? And the answer is: an overwhelming need for some breath of life to spice up their mundane and miserable life.


Hi LaFoca,

Welcome to the site. Feel free to post here. You can reply to existing topics, or you can create a new topic with the "Create Content" link when you are logged-in. Unlike the other site you mention that censors and self-censors and harasses those who disagree with the owner's bizarre, self-serving claims about Nicaragua, is an open forum for those who care about the truth and engage in civil discourse about the realities of Central America.


Safety in Nicaragua

Well Hello Peter,

I have been told I am you, so I thought I'd take a look at your site. After reading your blog about FYL et al, I have concluded that Nicaragua probably IS a dangerous place. But it is not the Nicaraguans I fear, it is the unscrupulous North Americans at Nica Living. They seem to have such a pathology that I was wondering what the heck happened to them. And then they began to accuse me of being you. And finally, enough people encouraged me to read about you through personal emails where they believed Phil Hughes was behind some acts with a machete, and I decided I liked you a heck of a lot more than the people at Nica Living who had been libeling me, doing their best at character assassinations, and reaching levels of frustration I had never seen in trying to discover who I was. Why, you may ask? Because simply, I don't believe a thing they say. I believe "Juanno" is Sherif El Dibani, because his posts are written in the same poor grammarian style and with the same venom. And the way he came after me caused me to realize this moron is one sick cookie.

My husband is applying for asylum in Nicaragua after being deported from the U.S., and FYL "socialista extraordinaire" found this "boring" and "b.s." And so I asked myself what type of socialist thinking person thinks things like asylum are b.s? And being a humanitarian and a REAL socialist, I found his attitude odd, if not downright phony. What disturbed me further was the fact that he buys the complete ideology of socialism, where any self respecting person with a political ideology certainly questions a few areas. I know I do. His rants sound as if he's posing as a socialist to me, instead of actually thinking as one...and I had wondered if his over-the-top ideas in every area weren't a bit too pat for who he claimed to be. When he kept deleting my posts, right after I posted after him...sometimes questioning his ideas and sometimes agreeing with them, I wondered what his thing was. And his hormonal sidekick Nicareal seemed to be the linebacker who tackled anyone that attacked Sherif El Dibani, alias "Juanno." That seemed like odd behavior. But when I saw the photo of him with a barely legal teen, if legal at all, I realized it was my posts explaining my disgust over lecherous old coots who came to Central America to play touchy-feely with young girls that got his dander up. Because let me make no bones about this...I detest men who exploit children sexually! And I believe THAT is what alienated me from him, since much of our ideology seemed the same. That photo disgusted me, as both a mother and a grandmother, for so many reasons, even if she is barely legal. It defined what I was talking about over there, where disgusting men who wouldn't garner a second look in the U.S. move to Latin American countries to dangle money to young desperate girls and try to lure them in.

So I concluded there are more nuts over there than a Christmas stocking and moved on today. And I believe your story along with many others there who emailed me. So I am here. I'm sure I will bring Juanno's raging DTs to the point he will probably pop up here, chasing me. I want to apologize for that. He is a basket case. As for the rest, they are the weakest chain I've ever encountered, and if that is the danger in Nicaragua...a bunch of unstable North Americans, then I'm in agreement with you. Anyone who is so pea-green jealous that they send a machete your way is imbalanced.

Nice to finally meet you! And just think, it would have never happened had they not compared me to you!

safest countries in Latin America

I truely believe that....I never said it was perfect but we are still in diapers compared to all the other countries in Crime...been to Guatemala lately, finally its name speaks for itself. Sorry Peter I agree with this guy.


Costa Rica and Honduras !!!!


Looks like there are a few Nicaragua haters on here. Its not perfect , there are problems but it not anywhere near the mess South Central L.A. is, heck the cops will not even go there. I took a tour of that area. Our bus was shot at...!!!!!!

Yes , its better in the USA......maybe those folks that hate it here so much ....should !


I've lived in El Salvador all my life (22 years) and never been mugged because of the precautions I take all the time (it is a dangerous country).  But (stupidly) I bought the whole "Nicaragua is a safe country" thing and went without taking all the precautions I usually take here: the result was I was mugged at gunpoint and had some lights stolen off my my car (TWICE) in less then a week... and this is while sticking to the tourist areas.  So there is no such thing as a super safe Nicaragua... you can enjoy your stay but still have to be very alert and all..

crime in nicaragua

Having being born and raised in nicaragua for 23 years I could tell you the reality of nicaragua. For example in the 80s nica was the most violent place on earth,the 90s came and brougth more poverty than before, so how can anybody expect a place without dangers. Having said that we must close our ears to misinformation about my country. Nicaragua is the most violent place on earth forever, so do not go there my "beloved" gringos, stay put in the beautiful U.S.A. nicas should live of the land not of turist dollars, for your own sake.

welcome back

Hi Diego,

Welcome back.  Of course I did not suspend your account or that of anyone else in any way, except for one user who posted a bunch of spam links to porn sites, and I am sure that was not you.

Note that I did not say, "I have proof that Diego is payed indirectly with MCC funds" but simply stated it as my strong suspicion.


Paid by the MCC?

 I am jdbriceno or Diego, the person you claim is being paid by the MCC to post false information.

You say "We've also had a user on this website, jdbriceno, who was trying to post misleading information on this website but then quit and hasn't been back.  I'm willing to bet that this "Diego jdbriceno" was being paid directly or indirectly by the MCC to misrepresent Nicargua in my claim about Nicargua's misuse of foreign aid."

Why haven't I been back? Well because you blocked my account and would not allow me to log in. I have now created I now account in the hope that I am not blocked.  You say I have been paid to post misleading information, would you please clarify as to what misleading information I ever posted because as far as I know everything I posted was directly cited from the CIA world factbook. You also say you can bet that I am being paid or was paid by the MCC, could you please tell me where you got your information? Because it appears it is you who is posting misleading information on the website.




Look who Baltodano is:

"Ortega put retired general and former guerrilla commander Álvaro Baltodano Cantarero as president of the National Free Trade Zone Commission and executive secretary of the Free Trade Zone Corporation. Baltodano is one of Ortega’s most trusted men and was his national campaign chief during the 2001 election campaign. After retiring from the army in April 2000, Baltodano rejoined the FSLN as part of Cerna’s group. Soon after his third election defeat, Ortega commissioned Baltodano to attend to the groups, personalities and political allies in the FSLN’s Convergence alliance."

This guy has ties to LENIN CERNA.....ask any Nicaraguan who Lenin Cerna was...

I would not invest any money knowing this guy's ties.

Wikipedia? Not the place to go for facts, Son.

Agreed, but...

I agree that one has to exercise caution and common sense anywhere.  However, that discussion belongs in a different thread.  This forum topic is about whether online information about Nicaragua is misleading, and details some specific examples where I found misleading information online.  Do you have anything to add on this topic?

I invite you also to click "Create content" in the left user menu bar when you are logged in, then click "forum topic", and create a forum topic on the comparative safety of the U.S. vs. Nicaragua, or the similarities and differences between the kinds of self-preservation tactics a careful person will employ in different parts of the world.

Nicaragua safesty factor

Back in 1987,   I took a wrong turn of the interstate and ended up in Bronx, that is one of the five borough  NYC, it was around 6:00 p.m., was driving with my family and for the first time in my life, I was really scared especially because was travelling with my family.  Remember, the movie with Paul Newman, had been released around the same time.   Why do I mention this experience, because any where you go, be it Nicaragua or Costa Rica or Honduras or Panama, you have to exercise caution and common sense.


Fred's comments

I agree with Fred totally.. 

Are there plans to move Asia closer to the US or vice-versa?  That is the principal drawback for those of us with family or business interests in the US....


Nicaragua crime...

I am sure that you can still get mugged, robbed, burgularized, etc. in Nicaragua.... However, back in 2003, I met the head of immigration a the Nicaragua/CR border.... He analyzed and summarized the situation as follows:  There is virtually no crime in Nicaragua.  We sent all of the bad guys to Costa Rica as there is more money there for them to steal.  His name was Gustav Pedersen.... 

Somehow, I think he is correct.


safety in latin america

i have seen the same pattern in many places in latin america. gringos swearing how safe colombia is for example. gringos tell me that ecuador is sooooo safe. in reality both countries are dangerous as hell. local latinos will confirm that. in colombia someone gets abducted every three minutes. and that is only the official statistics. columbia is in a civil war, all intercity streets close at night.  in ecuador every businessman i know, those are not rich people by western standards, does employ a personal bodyguard.

i only believe in facts and i listen to local people.

with regards to nicaragua i believe that managua is very dangerous. so is the north and the caribbean. other cities are quite safe. when i was in nicaragua i have visited every single major city and even some small. nicas and the police warned me everywhere not to go to certain areas because of crime.

in general, why should i be restricted from going here or there ? why should i be restricted from going out at night or from walking at night. why should i live in a place where i do not have the freedom to move anywhere, any time of the day? everyone i know became victim of a violent crime in costa rica(i know many people in costa rica). i got robbed by the police in managua. that was the first time in my life that i got robbed anywhere, after living in and travelling to more than 75 countries.  i am sick and tired of crime in latin america. even in the poorest asian countries i can walk anywhere at night without problems. asia rocks !


Hi, welcome, any evidence?

Hi, welcome and nice to meet you.

If you have any any evidence (anecdotal or systematic) comparing the relative accuracy of crime figures from Latin countries I'm interested to hear about it.


Christopher Peter wrote "What a bunch of lies.  This is such festering propoganda that I am not even going to waste my time on it". Chris why waste your time then??

No doubt, Nicaragua a one of the safest countries in Latin America, relatively safe.  However, many countries like Costa Rica or Puerto Rico's governments hide their crime rates in order to keep tourism high and business coming.  

I lived in Nicaragua for 4 years and never had any problems, I do plan to go back when I retire.

reply from Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers promptly and kindly wrote back:

Yes, I wrote that. I think it came out in 2005, but I don't remember the date. Nicaragua is still the safest country in Central America, but that's a relative statistic. It doesn't mean that there isn't crime here, but violent crime -- homicides included -- is much less here than in the rest of Central America.

nicaliving & other wiki reference article

I think many share your perspective.  Hence for three years nicaliving has bled almost all its contributors to therealnicaragua, nicaraguaforum, and now this site central-america-forum.


Back on the topic of wikipedia, I just found another absurd reference from the Managua article's "crime" section to this article - supposedly by Tim Rogers (supposedly original date of publication 2005):

I am about to write Tim Rogers at the email listed and inquire whether he actually wrote that and if so how he would characterize now what he wrote then.

I deleted the reference from wikipedia.

so true

i gave up reading nicaliving more than two years ago because it is soo boring. and it is censored like a stalinist police state.

that was the reason why i have founded the nicaraguaforum on yahoo where anything goes.

at the moment we have an open discussion going on about crime in nicaragua and turbas.


There is no interesting

There is no interesting /useful subject matter on nicaliving site.

It comes across as a "censored" site. It merely dabbles in "safe" subjects. Its boring and un informative.

A bunch of folks babbling all day long and offering no substance.

good bye nicaliving....

Hi - what's your measure

Hi JB, What are you comparing?  What's your measure?  What's your experience?


Nicaragua is EXTREMELY CORRUPT but

Nicaragua is way safer than Costa Rica - can't imagine anywhere in Central America safer - crime is actually punished in Nicaragua and under control but it's the cops you have to fear of robbing you.  I can promise you that El Salvador and Panama are more violent that Nicaragua too.


wikipedia history

It was also interesting to take a look at the wikipedia history for the Managua article.  I think I've parsed it correctly, though I'm no expert on Wikipedia.

On August 31 2007, the Crime section of the Managua page was created by an anonymous user from an IP address in Granada Hills, California, posting data from a government report relating certain crime incidents and the dangers of Managua.  (See for that new addition). 

This was immediately deleted by the Wikipedia "LaNicoya" who then replaced it  (lower in the article) with the propaganda I quoted above. (See for that new addition.)

If we trust "LaNicoya"s user page at wikipedia, "she" is half-Nicaraguan and if we trust the birthdate, "she" was 18 at the time of removing the accurate data about Nicaragua's crime and replacing it with propaganda.  So if that's all true, it appears I was probably incorrect about the hypothesis in the article that the author was funded by the MCC.  More likely funded directly by "her" highschool or college.  Still the same US taxpayer money going to post propaganda.  Of course, we don't actually know her motivations, or whether she is a she.  Make what you will of it.  Probably the best thing to do is "judge a bull by its work" as they say in Nicaragua, and look at what the user deleted and added.

Let's see whether she decides to revert he page  to her propaganda crime statement and lock it.  I think that wikipedia power members can do that.

not a bad suggestion

I did just edit the wikitravel and wikipedia Managua pages to fix the errors there.  We'll see whether those changes stick.


So why don't you fix the wikipedia page?

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